Evidence of Student Learning and Student Success

Evidence of Student Learning and Student Success

Student Learning Assessments

Student performance in academic programs is assessed using multiple formative and summative measures. Results are reported annually through the University's clearly defined assessment process, a process focused on continuous, quality improvement. 
Institutional learning goals are directly assessed in general education course offerings and indirectly measured by institutional surveys. 

Institutional Learning Goals
  • Students will develop abilities foundational to a liberal arts education and professional study. 
  • Students will explore multiple disciplinary perspectives to understand the world. 
  • Students will actively engage antiracist and anti-bias practice toward an inclusive, diverse, and equitable community. 
Assessment Findings 
Direct Assessments
Written Communication: ENG 101 (Fall 2018)
Written Communication: ENG 101 & 102 (Spring 2019)
Written Communication: ENG 101 & 102/upper-level writing intensive courses (Fall 2019)
Critical Reasoning (2017-2018)
Literature, Art & Culture (Fall 2018)
Quantitative Literacy (2016-2017)

Indirect Assessments
2018 NSSE Results

HEDS First-Destination Survey: Undergraduate
HEDS First-Destination Survey: Graduate
Undergraduate Learning Outcomes: May 2021
Undergraduate Learning Outcomes: December 2021
Undergraduate Learning Outcomes: June 2022
Undergraduate Learning Outcomes: December 2022
NSSE: Perceived Educational Gains 2015, 2018, 2022
Undergraduate Learning Outcomes: June 2023

6-Year Graduation Rates 

Six-Year Graduation Rate

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