Assessment at Utica College
Assessment at Utica College

Assessing Student Learning

Principles of Good Assessment

Assessment is systematic inquiry in support of student learning. Good assessment provides insight into how well we are achieving the institutional and program-level goals and how well students are accomplishing the learning goals in their academic programs/majors.

  • Good assessment is governed by faculty. Faculty determine what learning should occur in each of their programs and at the institutional-level. They provide the opportunities for students to achieve this learning; select the means by which the learning will be measured; determine the outcomes, benchmarks, or targets; and own the analysis and interpretation of assessment findings.
  • Good assessment is well-planned and well-documented. It yields useful results that are specific enough to inform improved curriculum, pedagogy, and services.
  • Good assessment is student-centered, designed to cultivate lifelong learners prepared to fulfill the tenets of the Utica College mission. Assessment is something we do for students, not something done to students.

Effective Assessment Processes

Requirements and expectations regarding assessment at Utica College may be found in the following documents:

All assessment, whether it is institutional, programmatic, or course-level, begins with articulating clear goals and expectations: What do we want students to know or do at the end of this experience, and how do we know if they have achieved this learning?

Effective assessment processes use multiple methods to assess each individual goal. Direct methods should be used to assess student learning; indirect methods may be used to supplement, not replace, direct assessments. Results should be specific enough to indicate precisely where students are successful and where their performances are not meeting expectations. Assessment is most valuable when multiple stakeholders—faculty, students, and alumni or employers—discuss and interpret results.

Ideas about effective assessment practices may be accessed at "Assessment at Utica College" (, the institution's blog dedicated to sharing and exchanging ideas about assessment and pedagogy. 

Fall 2017 Faculty Survey of UC Assessment Processes

Full-time faculty were invited to complete a survey on the assessment culture at Utica College.  The purpose of this survey was to learn faculty perceptions about the College's assessment processes.  Further, the survey was designed to solicit faculty input on where further support and assistance might be needed to develop effective, sustainable processes.  To review the survey results, an executive summary is available.  

Presentations on Assessment

Student Learning in Athletics

Institutional Effectiveness


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