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Utica College's campus store, operated by Follett.

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General Store Information

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The Utica College Campus Store is a one-stop-shop for all of your academic needs and more. As a trusted partner of Utica College, we bring together educational content, products, and technology to prepare the next generation of learners and educators.  Our store is open year round and our website is open 24/7! 

Forms of Payment

The campus store accepts a wide variety of payment types:

  • All major credit cards
  • Most debit cards
  • Cash
  • Check (Valid ID Required)
  • Store issued gift cards (Accepted both in store and online)
  • Financial Aid via Book Line of Credit (Accepted both in store and online when available from school)

Contact Us

Jeremy Cellini

Jeremy Cellini

Assistant Store Manager
(315) 792-3197

What We Offer

New & Used Textbooks: 

Textbooks can be expensive.  We work diligently with the campus to keep these costs as low as possible. With that in mind, we are able to offer the largest selection of used books possible.  We can achieve this with our advanced online order system described below.

Textbook Rental: 

Renting your textbooks is the most cost effective method available today.  The average savings is up to 80% of the new price of the book. Rented books can be written and highlighted in.  However, the books need to be brought back by the return deadline to avoid additional charges.  Students must be 18 years or older to rent (students under 18 will require a parent or legal guardian to rent the book(s) on their behalf).  For more detailed information, visit the 'Rental & Digital Books' page on our site or click here.

Digital Textbooks: 

For the tech savvy student, we offer a wide array of digital format textbooks. Most of these books are available through our Vitalsource™ format.  For more information on Vitalsource™, click here.  We will be happy to assist students that are interested in Vitalsource™ or any of the other digital formats that we offer.  Digital books will function on Windows and Apple iOS systems, as well as most tablets and smart phones.  For more detailed information, visit the 'Rental & Digital Books' page on our site or click here.

Online Order System: 

Our website links together all of the stores within Follett's network, including our large distribution center. This allows us to open the 'door to more' options for our students.  Books are no longer limited to the stock available in store, but rather includes the stock within our entire network!  This allows our students to reap the cost savings rewards.  Additionally, this system applies to our general merchandise  which is described in more detail below.

General Course Material Information:

There are several other items that students have questions about when it comes to course materials.  We will cover as many of these as possible on the FAQ page.  Here are a few of the major items that students want to know about:

  • When do books arrive at the store?  With the power of our online ordering system, there's a good chance that your book is available now. But, as we approach the first day of classes, our goal is to be fully in stock at least a month before classes begin.
  • When should I order my books?  We recommend that you order your books as soon as possible.  By ordering online and selecting 'in store pick-up,' your books will be available at the store and shipping is free!
  • How do I know what I need?  There is a federal law that states that the school must notify students of their required course material.  You can access this information right through BannerWeb.  This function allows you to see what you need and order it all in one move.  For more information on this process, go to the Resources page under 'Student Support' or click here.
Textbook Buyback: 

We buy textbooks every day of the year.  There are several factors that determine the value of the books.  Our goal is to give you as much money for your books as possible.  For more information about this process, go to the Textbook Buyback page under 'Student Support' or click here.

Return Policy: 

Textbook purchases (including rental and digital) can be returned within one week of the start of classes.  After that, returns are allowed within two business days.  All textbook returns must be accompanied by the original receipt.  Packages must be returned with all original components.  Textbook purchases for ground courses become non-returnable after the eighth week of classes.  Textbook purchases for online courses become non-returnable after the fifth week of classes.

Apparel & Gifts:

In store, we offer a wide array of clothing options ranging from Nike® & Columbia® to The League®, Champion®, and more. You'll find athletic gear and lounging gear such as sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts, and tank tops.  We have gifts for most occasions including a wide array of drinkware, auto accessories, and more!  Check out our website to explore these options!


In store, we offer several technology items including headphones and accessories (i.e. phone chargers, phone cases, etc.).  If you're looking for software and hardware like a laptop or tablet or even Beats By Dre™, ask any of our sales associates for more information.  All of this and much more can be found on our website!

The Door to More:

There is no limitation to what we can offer on our website.  We are constantly adding more items to our site for your convenience.  On our site, you will find everything we offer in store and more.  Exclusive to our website are supply items for your dorm & apartment, outdoor living, and sport accessories.  There are also several technology items such as laptops & tablets, storage drives, printers, TV's, audio accessories, digital cameras, and more.  For more information, check out our website!

Return Policy: 

Clothing and gift items can be returned to the store within 30 days of purchase.  The tags must still be attached to the item(s) and the original receipt is required.  Technology items (software and hardware) are not returnable if opened.  Unopened items are returnable within 10 business days of purchase.

Bookstore Advisory Committee:

We are in need of your feedback!  Every bit helps to improve our services.  Periodically throughout the school year, we host a bookstore advisory committee.  We bring together various campus offices as well as students to discuss the campus store operations.  If you are interested in participating, email us at

Employment Opportunities:

For students interested in having a job on campus, the campus store is always looking for help.  Click here to explore our job postings.

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