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High School Bridge Program

The Utica College High School Bridge program has created a unique value proposition for students, high schools, and partners that is built on a foundation of academic excellence, mentoring, and internship opportunities.

The program gives students the opportunity, through a combination of AP and Bridge program courses, to complete 1 year of college credit before coming to Utica College.  

The program allows for students at partner institutions to take:

  • Up to one course a semester from a prescribed list of courses as a junior, or two courses a semester, as a senior.
  • Students applying to Utica College, and indicating an intention to matriculate, will be granted a Utica College student mentor in their senior year of high school.
  • Bridge students will also be introduced to a group of healthcare, non-profit, and corporate partners that will be included in the internship and talent development component of their academic programs.
  • Bridge students who attend Utica College will also have the opportunity to apply for an alumni mentor.
  • The Bridge program is carefully designed to encourage diversity and promote activities and opportunities that create inclusiveness.

The program will focus on the following programs:

  • Business Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Healthcare Management
  • Education

Approved High School Bridge Courses:

  • BUS 123: Data Application for Business
  • CYB 107: Computer Hardware and Peripherals
  • CYB 101: Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • CYB 205: Software Foundations for Cybersecurity
  • CRJ 103: Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • ECN 141: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • EDU 111: Introduction to Teaching
  • FIN 103: Personal Finance
  • HLS 103: Introduction to Health and Health Related Professions
  • MGT 101: Introduction to Contemporary Management
  • MKT 211: Principles of Marketing
  • SOC 151: Introduction to Sociology
  • THE 115 Intro to Theater
  • THE 136 Elements of Acting

*Please note this list will include other approved courses in the future.

1.    Internships
Bridge students will be eligible for an internship if they matriculate to Utica College with our key corporate, non-profit and healthcare partners.  Internships will give advanced students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, to test out various local employers, and to develop relationships that may lead to future employment.

2.    Mentorship
All students in the High School Bridge program will be assigned a student mentor in  their senior year.  Student mentors will come from Utica College athletic teams, student organizations and from throughout the College  Bridge students who matriculate to Utica College will have the opportunity to apply for an alumni mentor who can assist with career advice. 

3.    Employment
Students in the Bridge program will also have the opportunity to meet with the Utica College Bridge program corporate, non-profit and healthcare partners prior to enrollment at UC, and begin to understand various career tracks.  During the program, specific talent development events will be held.

 Students in the Bridge program will receive a reduced tuition fee of $99 a credit hour or $297 for a 3-credit course.  

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