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Academic Assessment Coordinating Committee

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Responsibility and Authority

The Academic Assessment Coordinating Committee oversees academic assessment within the Division of Academic Affairs at the program and institution level.  

The committee's responsibilities are as follows:
  • Review academic assessment processes. 
  • Review and approve program assessment plans.
  • Review and approve 5-year program reviews.
  • Review and approve departmental annual goal assessment reports.
  • Review all-college assessments of student learning conducted by Academic Affairs.
  • Generate semi-annual reports on the status of assessment.
  • Recommend changes in process and procedures to the Provost.  
The AACC has the authority to approve or not approve assessment reports and any accompanying documents and may require corrective action when necessary.  The AACC works with the Provost to determine specific actions.  


Membership shall consist of:
  • Three (3) faculty members from each school  
  • One librarian
  • The Dean of Assessment (Chair)
Ex Officio Members
  • The Associate Provost
  • The Associate Provost for Online Education
At least one faculty member from each school will be tenured. Faculty members of the committee (elected and appointed) serve 3-year terms with no term limits. All AACC members are voting members.  


The Committee will maintain electronic records on the College’s designated storage devices. Electronic records stored by the Committee on the College’s designated storage devices are the official records of the committee. Committee minutes will be kept separately from assessment documentation. Assessment documentation includes program reviews, assessment reports, and communications between departments and the Committee. Faculty and administrators will have access to the Committee minutes. Only Committee members and the Provost will have access to  assessment documentation. The Committee can give access to other individuals on an as-needed basis.

Records Retention

Committee minutes and related materials will be kept for a minimum of ten years and may be deleted after that period at the discretion of the committee. Assessment documentation (including program reviews, communications with programs, and reports) will become permanent records.

Web Site

The committee will maintain a web site with information about the committee, its membership, and other relevant documentation.

2017-2018 Reports
Fall 2017 Report to the Faculty Senate
Spring 2018 AACC Report

2017 - 2018


Meeting Agendas

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Institutional Effectiveness


Ann E. Damiano
Dean of Academic Assessment
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