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Exceptional Faculty

Work closely with Superheroes.

Photograph of Leslie Corbo

When you meet them, you’ll discover that Utica College faculty have super powers. Intellectually, they can leap tall buildings in a single bound. In the fields they teach, their practical, professional experience is as bulletproof as their academic credentials.

But their most awe-inspiring attribute is this: our faculty are very easy to know and fun to work with. Before long, you’ll see them as mentors and colleagues. They will amaze you not only with their knowledge and practical expertise but also their accessibility.

Most importantly, the faculty at Utica is dedicated to your success. They’re the most helpful superheroes you’ll ever meet.

11:1 Student-faculty ratio


Meet Our Faculty:

Dr. Thomas Crist

Dr. Thomas Crist, Physical Therapy

The head of Utica College’s annual forensic anthropology field school in Butrint, Albania, Dr. Crist helped identify victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and was recently named a Top Forensic Science Professor by forensicscollege.com.

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Dr. Jessica Thomas

Dr. Jessica Thomas, Biology

Professor Thomas’s ongoing work on cell biology is at the forefront of her field, with potential impact on the fight against cancer and other diseases.

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Dr. Gary Leising

Dr. Gary Leising, English

A published poet, Professor Leising has written two collections of his own work and in 2013 won the Brick Road Poetry Prize for his poem, “The Alp at the End of My Street”. His work has been featured on National Public Radio and in numerous literary journals.

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