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Utica College Stance Statement

We present this statement with recognition of the social unrest around racial and social injustice and the pain and oppression that many historically disenfranchised groups have experienced and suffered from as a result of the perpetuation of institutionalized and systemic inequities.

A key component of Utica College’s mission is to foster a rich diversity of perspective, background, and experience in the context of an equitable, respectful, and inclusive environment. This endeavor is at the core of our academic mission, and it is reflected in all that we do as an institution of higher learning and in the many ways we interact with the broader society.

We the students, faculty, and staff of Utica College stand with all those who believe in equal justice and equal opportunity for all, and state unequivocally that no person’s civil liberties, rights, nor freedoms should ever be compromised due to the color of their skin, ethnic heritage, religious belief, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, ability, geography, political stance or any other aspect of their identity that influences how we see and experience the world. With this in mind, Utica College is committed to:

  • Playing a positive and constructive role in the national conversation on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and social justice;
  • Strongly supporting the right to engage in peaceful protest as a means of bringing about a more just and equitable society;
  • Condemning hatred and dehumanization in all of its forms; 
  • Confronting reprehensible and heinous behaviors or practices through the relentless pursuit of fact, knowledge, and education, with a willingness to engage society with firm and reasonable inquiry and discourse on the issues at hand.

These commitments, in concert with our Statement of Principles regarding expression on campus, reflect the values of our community and our vision for the future.

Furthermore, our commitment to standing against racism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, cis-hetero-sexism, transphobia, and all forms of bigotry and injustice is deeply woven into our mission, values, and history. As an institution of higher education, we have an important role to play in our nation’s progress toward a more perfect union.

While ensuring an equitable and inclusive community is everyone’s responsibility, it is the responsibility of Utica College to lead on the educational and professional development front; we lead by example through a rigorous pursuit of academic excellence, continuous education and training for members of our community on matters of social and racial justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and the intersectionality of intra-cultural competence, via practice and dialogue for elucidation of thought and viewpoints in order to evolve as the racial and social issues of our society evolve.


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