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Study Abroad

See the world and experience college study in another country!

Opportunities for Current Students

With programs in 23 countries in all parts of the globe, most offered in English, Utica College is your passport to study abroad opportunities, broadening your horizons and preparing you to take your place in the 21st century global economy.

Why Study Abroad?

Experiencing college study in another country broadens your horizons and prepares you for rewarding career opportunities in the global marketplace.  Utica College offers study abroad programs in over 20 countries in all parts of the globe. Courses in most programs are offered in English, although many programs also offer the opportunity to study in the language of the country.

Study abroad opportunities



Study abroad is open to all sophomore, junior, and senior students in good academic standing. Sophomores must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, while Juniors and Seniors must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5. Some programs require higher GPAs. Students can choose to study during the fall or spring semester of the academic year or over the summer. Study abroad during the final, graduation semester is discouraged, but may be possible under certain circumstances. Disciplinary history is also checked and considered when reviewing a student's application. 


Students in any major are eligible to study abroad, and may enroll in courses that fulfill their Core, major, minor or elective requirements. While some majors may be highly structured, study abroad is still possible with early planning.  Core requirements in the social sciences, general electives, and language courses are particularly suited to study abroad.  Students should work with their academic advisors to develop a plan of study that incorporates a semester or summer abroad into their degree program. Students should also meet with their Academic Advisor or Success Coach for assistance and approval in selecting classes to be taken while abroad.

Financial Aid

Students participating in an approved Utica College program are able to apply most financial aid and scholarship awards to the study abroad program costs.  Students studying abroad are  registered for 12 credits of FST380/490 during their time abroad.  Upon receipt of their study abroad transcript, the student's record will be updated to reflect the specific courses, grades and credits earned while abroad. Grades earned in study abroad programs are included in GPA calculations.

Study abroad at UC


Application Procedure

  • Once you have an idea of where you want to go or what you want to study, please book an appointment with a study abroad advisor at We can help you compare program costs, find courses related to your major, and explain your housing options while studying abroad. 
  • Once you've decided where to go, the first step is to fill out and submit the Utica College Application to Study Abroad. You will also need to ask a faculty or staff person to submit a recommendation for you.  We'll review it, check your GPA and discipline record, and give you an answer within two weeks. 
  • The next step is to apply to the study abroad program.  This procedure varies depending on the program, so check with your study abroad advisor on how to do this.  In any case, do not apply to a study abroad program before you've received your Utica College approval.  
  • The last step is to fill out the Permission to Study Abroad form with your academic advisor or success coach and submit it to the Office of International Education. You will receive a signed copy of this form back when you have been officially enrolled as a UC study abroad student.  

More Information

Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor
Print / Download Application Packet

(Note: UC login required. Application deadlines are March 1 for Summer and Fall; October 1 for Spring.)


Utica College offers a selection of faculty-led study abroad programs focused on specific disciplines. These are short-term  (typically 2 to 4 weeks) group experiences accompanied by one or more faculty members. 

Anthropology in Albania

Spanish Immersion in Ecuador

Occupational Therapy in the Dominican Republic

To apply for one of these experiences, use the form below:

Student Application

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