Assessment - Five-Year Program Review

Assessment - Five-Year Program Review

Five-Year Program Review


The program review process affords faculty the opportunity to

  • Reflect on assessment findings gathered during a 5-year review period;
  • Engage in candid and deliberate discussions related to the past, present, and future of the program;
  • Consider novel ways to narrate the department's story to a new generation of learners; and 
  • Re-envision ways the program supports Utica College’s mission.  
Academic programs are required to complete a self-study as part of the 5-year program review process. Departments scheduled for 5-year reviews should have the self-study completed by October 15 of the academic year when it is due. The report may be initially reviewed by the respective School Dean and then by the Academic Assessment Coordinating Committee.  The process concludes with the departmental faculty meeting with the Provost to discuss the self-study's findings and the program's goals. 

Policies, processes, and procedures related to the 5-year program review may be found in the Academic Assessment Coordinating Committee’s Handbook.  The Reader Guide Rubric used by AACC when reviewing the self-study reports is available here.  

Some academic departments include more than one registered program. If a department would like to consolidate the program review process and include more than one program in the department, notification should be given to the Dean of Academic Assessment, who serves as the chair of the Academic Assessment Coordinating Committee. This request should be submitted the spring prior to the deadline for submission.

For programs that have specialized accreditors, the accreditation report typically replaces the self-study. However, the College may require the program to engage in additional analyses of data, particularly with respect to enrollment trends and economic forecasts. Copies of the program’s accreditation report(s) and annual updates should be uploaded into the department’s document repository in the TaskStream workspace. Program faculty are expected to meet with the Provost to discuss the accreditation report, visiting team's report, program goals, and resource needs.

A 5-year program review schedule is established by the AACC and is appended to the AACC Handbook: 2019-2020. 

Program Review Outline:  2020 - 2021

Sample Program Reviews
Post-Professional Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy
Psychology-Child Life

Faculty Focus Group:  Assessing the Program Review Process

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