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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Utica College is proud of its commitment to diversity and inclusion, providing a unique opportunity for students to learn and grow in an environment welcoming to a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. Through a diverse college community, students can feel free to express themselves and their thoughts while gaining valuable exposure to different perspectives and ideas in positive ways.

Bias Incident Reporting

How we define Diversity

Utica College students

Our community of students, faculty and staff reflect a diversity of experiences, opinions, and cultural backgrounds shaped by biology, society, history, and choice. Our community includes members who are diverse by virtue of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, religious and/or spiritual affiliations, and socio-economic status, as well as the number of other ways in which who we are influences how we see the world.

Furthermore, we value and celebrate diversity, and this results in a commitment to multiculturalism. We believe that within the community of human persons, all cultures, perspectives, and beliefs about faith, ideals, taste and lifestyles are of equal value. Our diversity deepens our commitment to nurture a multicultural environment in which we engage with others and blend perspectives, to learn about diverse cultures, to explore who we are and where we come from and to accept one another without prejudice.

The Utica College Mission and Values Statement includes a commitment to fostering diversity in perspective, background, and experience within an environment that is dedicated to the freedom of expression and the open sharing of ideas.

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Utica College's Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, along with the DEI Collaborative and numerous student groups, offer the community numerous opportunities to engage, to discuss, and connect on important issues.

DEI Events

A guide curating items from the Utica College Library's collection about race and the Black experience in the United States. It serves only as an introduction to these issues, and is not an exhaustive resource.

Readings on Race and the Black Experience in the U.S.

The DEI Collaborative is engaged in ongoing work that increases the awareness and appreciation of diversity on campus and in society at large. Through the implementation of programs, activities, and events, we endeavor to build a sense of unity within and across cultures. Learn more about the committee by visiting their web site:

DEI Collaborative


    Race/Ethnicity - Undergraduate Students, Main Campus

    Race/EthnicityTotal Student Population
    Black Non-Hispanic273 (12.5%)
    White Non-Hispanic1424 (65.0%)
    Hispanic/Latino198 (9.0%)
    American Indian or Alaskan Native14 (.6%)
    Asian59 (2.7%)
    Pacific Islander2 (.09%)
    International64 (2.9%)
    Multiple Races71 (3.2%)
    Unknown85 (3.9%)

    Gender - Undergraduate Students, Main Campus

    GenderTotal Student Population
    Male1002 (45.8%)
    Female 1188 (54.2%)
    Total 2190

    *Fall 2015

    Race/Ethnicity - Faculty & Staff

    Race/EthnicityTotal Population
    Black Non Hispanic12 (2.8%)
    White Non Hispanic388 (91.3%)
    Hispanic/Latino7 (1.6%)
    American Indian or Alaskan Native2 (.5%)
    9 (2.1%)
    Pacific Islander0 (0%)
    3 (.7%)
    Multiple Races4 (.9%)
    Unknown0 (0%)

    The goal of the SafeZone program at Utica College is to increase our campus community’s knowledge, understanding, and awareness about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) issues.  This program aims to enhance our campus's sense of community while providing information and resources to individuals in order for them to create their own SafeZone, in which they can provide a supportive and welcoming environment to others.  The ultimate goal of this program is to create a supportive and safe UC environment for all individuals regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or gender expression.

    Individuals can become SafeZone certified by attending an upcoming SafeZone Certification Training Programs.  The 2-hour training gives participants the knowledge, resources, and skills to enable them to create their own safe space.  This safe space can be in an office, in a residence hall room, or anywhere they have a quiet, safe, and welcoming environment. These events are open to all members of the UC Community but are limited to 30 participants per event, so early sign up is encouraged.

    Interested in hosting a SafeZone Certification event for your department, organization, or group?  Please contact the SafeZone Trainer Committee at SafeZone@utica.edu to set up a training session.

    The Bias Response and Referral Network (BRRN) has been established as part of Utica College’s commitment to fostering an inclusive campus climate and supporting members of our community when bias-related incidents or hate crimes occur.

    When a bias-related incident or potential hate crime is reported, the BRRN coordinates responses to individuals and/or communities who have been affected by bias-related behaviors and potential hate crimes. The BRRN will be responsible for receiving reports of bias-related incidents, reaching out to the person filing the report and others as needed and formulating an appropriate response to impacted parties. If necessary, the BRRN will also refer make a referral to the appropriate investigatory person, team, or office. The BRRN provides support resources to impacted parties, promotes education and dialogue, and affirms the College’s commitment to equity and diversity, free speech, and academic freedom. 


    Utica College constantly strives to fulfill its mission of creating a community of learners on campus and beyond. By partnering with local school districts and businesses, the College has launched several programs to promote scholarship.

    Young Scholars Liberty Partnerships Program
    The Young Scholars Liberty Partnerships Program (YSLPP) is a multi-year program designed to motivate young students to stay in school, to earn a New York State Regents diploma, and to further their education beyond high school. During the academic year, close to 80 Utica College students tutor inner city youths each week. More than 200 young scholars study math, science and English language arts during the summer.

    Launched in 1993 by the College and the Utica City School District, the program is funded by the Liberty Partnerships Program of the New York State Education Department, the Utica City School District, and Utica College with grants from additional sources.

    Project SHINE
    Project SHINE is a national service-learning initiative currently existing at 19 colleges and universities in nine cities across the U.S. It links college students with refugees and immigrants seeking to learn English and navigate the complex path to U.S. citizenship. Utica College and Hamilton College partner with the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees (MVRCR), the BOCES Utica Access Site, Matt Apartments and the Mohawk Valley Latino Association (MVLA) to deliver Project SHINE services in central New York. Students participate as coaches in ESL (English as a Second Language) classrooms for two hours each week, working one on one or in small groups with the immigrants and refugees.

    SHINE gives students the opportunity to interact with the large refugee community in Utica, which is approximately 15% of the city's total population.

    America Reads Challenge/America Counts
    Administered through the Utica College Office of Student Employment, the America Reads Challenge and America Counts places Federal Work Study, major-related, and volunteer students in area elementary and junior high schools to help enhance skills in reading and math. Volunteers work up to 10 hours a week and learn valuable lessons helping others succeed.

    Breakfast Reading Club Program
    Founded by Utica College Associate Professor of Education Laura Dorow in 1995, the program is part of the Utica College-Kernan Elementary School Partnership. This program includes site-based courses, fieldwork and volunteering opportunities, and Utica College student teaching placements. Kernan School, an inner city elementary school in the Utica City School District, serves a large percentage of minority, low income, and English as a second language learners.

    Eugene Paul Nassar Ethnic Heritage Studies Center
    Courses, seminars and publications in ethnic studies especially on those populations residing in central New York are coordinated by the Ethnic Heritage Studies Center. Founded in 1981, the center also oversees the development of the Frank E. Gannett Memorial Library book collection in ethnic studies. It also has coordinated ethnic festivals honoring the larger ethnic populations in the Utica area with the Friends of the Library.

    Center For Historical Research
    Established during the spring semester 2000 the center, operated by the College's history department, provides resources and assistance to Utica College students, faculty, and members of the community in designing and implementing local and global history projects. The main objective of the center is to help students who are working on "The History Project," an annual publication on local history. For more information, contact John Swanson, (315) 792-3242.

    Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA)
    Members of Utica College's Accounting Society volunteer each spring semester to conduct the VITA program in cooperation with the Internal Revenue Service. The VITA program enables students to get hands-on experience in the preparation of income tax returns, while providing a valuable service to the community.

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    Readings on Race and the Black Experience in the United States

    Curated items from the Utica College Library's collection about race and the Black experience in the United States. Though not an exhaustive resource, this collection serves as an introduction to these issues.

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    BSU 50th Anniversary_0241 - Past and Present Members

    Pride and Power

    The Black Student Union Celebrates 50 Years at Utica College.

    2017 Unity Walk

    A Meaningful Mile

    On August 30, more than 500 members of the Utica College community came together for the first annual Unity Walk, a celebration of diversity and community on campus.

    Voice of Change - Ronald Spratling 71, Janice Miles 74, Oliver Perry 74

    Voices for Change

    As part of UC’s two-weeklong celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in January 2017, Ronald Spratling ’71, Janice Miles ’74, and Oliver Perry ’74, returned to campus—some for the first time since graduation—to reflect on one of the most pivotal eras in UC history.


    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Utica College

    Resources for Expanding Awareness and Engagement

    Utica Ethnic Engine Logo Uee
    The Uee is your one-stop-shop for all Utica area ethnic places. Need a special food item? Looking for places of worship? Is there a particular hair style that only someone from your culture can do? The Uee can help!

    Think of the Uee as the ultimate search tool for all of your ethnic needs. We understand that the city of Utica can be difficult to navigate, let us help!

    Ethnic Clubs/Organizations in Utica

    Culture Name/Website Address/Map
    African AmericanMohawk Valley Frontiers ClubP.O. Box 712, Utica, NY 13503
    African AmericanNational Association for the Advancement of Colored PeopleP.O. Box 236, Utica, NY 13503
    Bhutanese-NepaliAssociation of Hindu Society of Utica, NYN/A
    Bhutanese-NepaliBhutanese-Nepali Folk CollectiveN/A
    BurmeseMulti-Ethnic Association of BurmaN/A
    BurmeseThe'inngu Vipassana Meditation Center1005 Miller Street, Utica
    BosnianBosnian Islamic Association of Utica306 Court Street, Utica
    HispanicMohawk Valley Latino Association309 Genesee Street, Utica
    IrishCraobh DuganN/A
    ItalianItalian Heritage Club of the Mohawk Valley644 Bleecker Street, Utica
    MulticulturalMidtown Utica Community Center40 Faxton Street, Utica
    MulticulturalMohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees309 Genesee Street, Utica
    MulticulturalMuslim Community Association of the Mohawk Valley1631 Kemble Street, Utica
    MulticulturalRefugees Starting Over in Utica, NYN/A
    JewishJewish Community Federation of the Mohawk Valley2310 Oneida Street, Utica
    PolishLittle Poland-Polish Community Home810 Columbia Street, Utica
    Somali-BantuMohawk Valley Somali-Bantu Community Association615 Elizabeth Street, Utica


    Ethnic Cafes/Restaurants in Utica

    Culture Name/Website Address/Map
    American/Italian/PolishTiny's Grill1014 State Street, Utica
    Asian FusionA7 Asian Restaurant1034 Mohawk Street, Utica
    Asian FusionThe Lotus Garden Noodle and Sushi House1011 King Street, Utica
    Asian FusionSunny Restaurant530 Albany Street Utica
    BosnianDanijela's Kitchen6 Bank Place, Utica
    BosnianEuropa Food Bar and Restaurant705 Albany Street, Utica
    BosnianRuznic Market and Restaurant801 Albany Street, Utica
    BosnianTNB Bakery901 Albany Street, Utica
    ChineseBeijing House1506 Genesee Street, Utica
    ChineseChina Wok2001 Genesee Street, Utica
    ChineseGood Friend Chinese Restaurant50 Auert Avenue, Utica
    ChineseGrand Harmony 1809 Genesee Street, Utica
    ChineseNo. 1 Chinese Restaurant1122 Mohawk Street, Utica
    ChinesePanda House Chinese Restaurant248 Genesee Street, Utica
    Chinese/JapaneseSakura Sushi Bar 1143 Mohawk Street, Utica
    DominicanEl Barajo Restaurant672 Bleecker Street, Utica
    DominicanJoel's Spanish Food1225 Park Avenue, Utica
    DominicanMi Casa1315 Genesee Street, Utica
    EuropeanUtica Bread106 Genesee Street, Utica
    GreekAcropolis Greek Restaurant621 James Street, Utica
    GreekSymeon's4941 Commercial Drive, Yorkville
    Greek/TurkishCafe Hummus1155 Mohawk Street, Utica
    IndianMinar Fine Indian Cuisine609 French Road, New Hartford
    IndianTaj Mahal Indian Halal Restaurant60 Genesee Street, New Hartford
    IrishThe Celtic Harp805 Varick Street, Utica
    IraqiHummus and Tabbouleh675 Bleecker Street, Utica
    ItalianAlee's Restaurant247 Elizabeth Street, Utica
    ItalianAmbasador Restaurant537 Albany Street, Utica
    ItalianAncora!261 Genesee Street, Utica
    ItalianAqua Vino Restaurant and Banquets16 Harbor Lock Road, Utica
    ItalianBella Regina239 Genesee Street, Utica
    ItalianCafe Caruso707 Bleecker Street, Utica
    ItalianCafe Daniele1556 Mohawk Street, Utica
    ItalianChesterfield Restaurant1713 Bleecker Street, Utica
    ItalianDelmonico's Italian Steakhouse147 North Genesee Street, Utica
    ItalianDesserts Beyond the Ordinary24 Bank Place, Utica
    ItalianFlorentine Pastry Shop667 Bleecker Street, Utica
    ItalianJoe's Restaurant927 Jay Street, Utica
    ItalianJoey's Restaurant307 Mohawk Street, Utica
    ItalianRaspberries of Utica2634 Genesee Street, Utica
    ItalianRosa's Trattoria Italian Bakery and Deli2644 Genesee Street, Utica
    ItalianSammy and Annie Foods717 Bleecker Street, Utica
    ItalianVentura's Restaurant787 Lansing Street, Utica
    JamaicanCome into Jamaica1224 Steuben Street, Utica
    JamaicanGuess House of Wings1207 Park Avenue, Utica
    JapaneseMitsuba17 Ellinwood Drive, New Hartford

    120 Genesee Street, New Hartford

    LebaneseKaram's Middle East Bakery and Restaurant137 Campbell Avenue, Yorkville
    LebaneseMassoud's Cafe8 Bank Place, Utica
    LebanesePhoenician Restaurant 623 French Road, New Hartford
    LebaneseZeina's Cafe607 Varick Street, Utica
    VietnameseBac Lieu683 Bleecker Street, Utica
    VietnamesePho Ever Noodles8469 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford
    VietnamesePho Mekong House of Noodles601 John Street, Utica


    Ethnic Markets/Shops in Utica

    AfricanAfrican Halal Market1155 Mohawk Street, Utica
    AsianAsian Food Market1581 Neilson Street, Utica
    Belarusian/Eastern EuropeanEuropean Food Store859 Bleecker Street, Utica
    Belarusian/Eastern EuropeanSenshine Market600 Culver Avenue, Utica
    BosnianInternational Grocery Europa Market1024 Webster Avenue, Utica
    BosnianRuznic Market and Restaurant801 Albany Street, Utica
    BurmeseVashti's Boutique635 Blandina Street, Utica
    BurmeseMin Htet Win Oriental Market115 South Street, Utica
    BurmeseRoema Asian Grocery and Market335 South Street, Utica
    BurmeseGolden Burma Halal Meat Market1173 McQuade Avenue, Utica
    CambodianLucky Mey’s Market1633 Oneida Street, Utica
    EuropeanUtica Bread106 Genesee Street, Utica
    HispanicHannaford Supermarket
    Very extensive selection of Goya products
    1122 Mohawk Street, Utica
    ItalianAvico Spice Distributors729 Broad Street, Utica
    ItalianBig O Bakery775 Bleecker Street, Utica
    ItalianGiuseppe Bakery506 Mohawk Street, Utica
    ItalianLittle Italy Imports1150 McQuade Avenue, Utica
    ItalianMaria’s Pasta Shop2520 Oneida Street, Utica
    ItalianNapoli’s Italian Bakery and Deli412 Culver Avenue, Utica
    ItalianRoma’s Sausage and Deli2029 Bleecker Street, Utica
    ItalianSammy and Annie Foods717 Bleecker Street, Utica
    KenyanMajeni Grocery Store600 Culver Avenue, Utica
    PolishPulaski Meat Market1201 Lenox Avenue, Utica
    PolishHapanowicz Brothers Meat Market19 Clinton Street, New York Mills
    RussianRoyal Imports1201 Albany Street, Utica
    SomalianHalal Food Market1138 Steuben Street, Utica
    VietnameseNguyen Phat Oriental Store643 Bleecker Street, Utica


    Places of Worship in Utica

    (ranked alphabetically)

    Click here for an overall guide on places of worship in Utica, NY

    DEI Collaborative's Recommended Web Links

    American Association of Colleges and Universities

    Since 1971 AAC&U has developed initiatives that bring together faculty and institutions of higher learning to provide national leadership that advances diversity and equity in higher education, and the best educational practices for an increasingly diverse population.  AAC&U understands diversity and equity as fundamental goals of higher education and as resources for learning that are valuable for all students, vital to democracy and a democratic workforce and to the global position and wellbeing of the United States.


    Americans with Disabilities Act

    The U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division provides information about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


    College Guide for LGBTQ Students (bestcolleges.com)

    Bestcolleges.com features resources designed to inform LGBTQ prospective students about LGTBQ-friendly campuses.


    Campus Pride

    Campus Pride serves LGBT and ally student leaders and campus organizations in the areas of leadership development, support programs and services to create safer, more inclusive LGBT-friendly colleges and universities. It exists to develop, support and give “voice and action” in building future LGBT and ally student leaders.  Campus Pride envisions campuses and a society free of anti-LGBT prejudice, bigotry and hate. It works to develop student leaders, campus networks, and future actions to create such positive change.


    Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals

    The combined vision and mission of the Consortium is to achieve higher education environments in which lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni have equity in every respect. Our goals are to support colleagues and develop curriculum to professionally enhance this work; to seek climate improvement on campuses; and to advocate for policy change, program development, and establishment of LGBT Office/Centers.


    Diversity Inc.

    Diversity Inc is the leading publication on diversity and business.  Its mission is to bring education and clarity to the business benefits of diversity.


    Higher Education Recruitment Consortium

    Diversity is integral to institutional excellence. HERC understands the need to remove barriers to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of talented faculty and staff from historically excluded and underrepresented populations. HERC maintains a list of higher education and related publications, websites, associations, organizations, and professional societies that serve diverse constituents and publish diverse content.  


    Human Rights Campaign
    As the largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans, the Human Rights Campaign represents a force of more than 1.5 million members and supporters nationwide — all committed to making HRC's vision a reality.  Founded in 1980, HRC advocates on behalf of LGBT Americans, mobilizes grassroots actions in diverse communities, invests strategically to elect fair-minded individuals to office and educates the public about LGBT issues.

    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

    The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination.  The vision of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure a society in which all individuals have equal rights without discrimination based on race.

    Noah Wagoner

    Noah is a transgender male who will shift our understanding of gender.  During his TEDx Flour City Talk, "What's Left? Our Rights." he'll share his personal journey to help us empathize with how something so basic as identity can be challenged daily.  Also view his YouTube video, made while he was a student at Nazareth College.


    The YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.  Throughout our history, the YWCA has been in the forefront of most major movements in the United States as a pioneer in race relations, labor union representation, and the empowerment of women.

    Need information on a particular holiday found across the world? Want to find out when to celebrate?  The Earth Calendar is a non-profit website to which individuals submit information about the world's holidays and celebrations. 


    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Operational Plan

    • Goal 1: Improve the retention and degree completion rates of underrepresented or marginalized student groups to ensure equitable outcomes.
    • Goal 2: Increase recruitment, hiring, and retention of faculty & staff, particularly those from underrepresented groups.
    • Goal 1: Create a sustainable infrastructure that supports an equitable and inclusive living, learning and working community.
    • Goal 2: Establish collaborative relationships among and between student groups and resources in the Utica College and greater Utica community to enhance educational, professional and social opportunities and experiences.
    • Goal 3: Develop formal, ongoing training programs for students and employees around diversity, equity and inclusion.
    • Goal 1: Develop curriculum exploring diverse perspectives within and across disciplines.
    • Goal 2: Develop and refine first-year experience and diversity-related core requirements.
    • Goal 3: Include diversity, equity and inclusion goals in administrative program reviews, academic program reviews, and individual performance reviews.
    • Goal 4: Incorporate high impact educational practices across the College to create an equitable and inclusive learning environment that supports underrepresented, marginalized and high-risk student groups.
    • Goal 1: Develop more effective distribution strategy specifically in terms of intentional messaging around diversity, equity and inclusion.
    • Goal 2: Develop effective avenues of communication between faculty, staff, students, alumni, administration and other constituencies related to issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.
    • Goal 3: Develop resources and processes to effectively report and address bias and equity-related concerns.
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