Assessment at Utica College

Assessment Processes at Utica College

Course and Program Level Assessment

All academic programs and departments are responsible for assessing student learning and operational effectiveness on an annual basis. Administrative units dedicated to student services and support are likewise required to submit an annual report on student learning goals.

Course-level assessment

Course-level learning goals are expected to be clearly articulated in each syllabus and congruent with program-level learning goals. Current curriculum maps, required for each program, show the degree to which courses in the major support the program-level learning goals. Syllabi should also include information about how the learning will be assessed, when the assessments will occur, and how much each assessment is worth towards the final grade. School deans and/or program directors and chairpersons review syllabi to ensure compliance with this expectation.

Course-level assessments may inform the development of new courses, the elimination of courses, or substantial revisions to a course. Such changes are managed through the Curriculum Committee.

Program-level assessment

Program-level student learning goals are posted on every academic program web page. These goals are regularly assessed based on the program’s assessment plan. All goals should be assessed at least once in a 5-year review cycle, but best practice recommends assessing each goal twice during the review cycle.

All programs must complete an annual program goal report on student learning assessment. These reports are due to the respective school dean no later than August 15. Reports should specify which goals were assessed, what the assessment methods were, how the results were analyzed, what the results are, and what actions or improvements will be implemented based on the assessment results. It is expected that the majority of faculty in a program will participate in the assessment process, from administering the assessments to interpreting the results and generating an action plan. Efforts should be made to include adjunct faculty in the process. When warranted, results should be shared with other stakeholders, such as students or alumni.

The school dean, upon receiving the assessment reports, will meet with the programs/departments to discuss the assessment results and action plans. Likewise, the Dean of Assessment will serve as a resource to faculty, reviewing assessment processes and making recommendations to ensure sustainability and usefulness.

Once the school dean is satisfied with the annual program assessment report, he or she will submit a copy electronically to The report will be reviewed by the Academic Assessment Coordinating Committee (AACC) who will determine the extent to which the program is in compliance with institutional requirements and accreditation standards. The criteria being used by the AACC are clearly articulated, and reviews will be shared with the departmental faculty.

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