Co-Curricular and Student Support Assessment

Co-Curricular and Student Support Assessment

Co-Curricular and Student Support Assessment 

Requirements and Expectations 

The College recognizes that learning often occurs outside the classroom in an athletic or co-curricular experience or by engaging with student support operations, such as the Learning Commons and the Center for Student Success. Therefore, co-curricular and student support units in Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Enrollment Management, and Athletics are required to identify student learning goals that are assessed on a regular basis. These departments include Athletics, Student Athlete Success, the Office of Student Living and College Engagement, the Health and Wellness Center Career and Professional Development, Student Conduct and Community Standards, Learning Services, the Center for Student Success, Opportunity Programs (HEOP and C-STEP), International Education, the Library and Learning Commons, TRiO, and Undergraduate Admissions.

Annual Assessment Report and 5-Year Program Review

The annual assessment report from each co-curricular and student support operation is due on June 30 of each year. This report should provide evidence of how well students are achieving the departments' learning goals and the extent to which the departments are meeting their operational goals. 

Annual reports are reviewed by the Co-Curricular Assessment Committee, using a rubric that aligns with institutional requirements and describes the criteria for effective assessment. An online course, "Assessment in Co-Curricular and Student Support Operations" (, provides detailed information about requirements, expectations, and effective assessment practices. 

Departments are further expected to participate in a 5-year program review that includes a self-study, an internal review, and a quality improvement plan. The program review provides each department with an opportunity to reflect on the services it offers, the challenges it faces, the strengths it demonstrates, and the aspirational plans it has for the future. The program review schedule has been established by the Institutional Effectiveness Committee. 

Specific expectations may be found in the Guide to Annual Assessment and Program Review: Co-Curricular and Non-Academic Departments. 

Co-Curricular Assessment Committee

Responsibility and Authority
The Co-Curricular Assessment Committee (Co-CA) is responsible for guiding and reviewing department-level assessment processes in the co-curricular units and student support operations. This committee is also responsible for measuring the institution’s compliance with relevant criteria related to MSCHE accreditation Standards IV and V.

The committee's specific responsibilities are as follows: 

1. To review and provide feedback on departmental assessment plans and annual goal reports;
2. To review and provide feedback on 5-year program reviews from co-curricular departments;
3. To assess the assessment processes in the co-curricular areas and provide a status report to the Institutional Effectiveness Committee; 
4. To recommend or coordinate professional development opportunities in assessment practices for co-curricular departments.

The Co-CA has the authority to track departmental compliance with institutional requirements and accreditation standards and report instances of non-compliance to the appropriate vice president. 
The membership of the Co-Curricular Assessment Committee consists of
  • 3 representatives from Student Life and Enrollment Management 
  • 1 representative from Athletics
  • The VP of Institutional Effectiveness/Dean of Assessment (chair)
The Dean of Students serves as an Ex Officio member.

Members are appointed by the supervisors to serve on the committee. Each member serves a two-year term with no term limits.  All Co-CA members are voting members.

2021-2022 Members
Ann Damiano (Chair)
Marissa Finch 
Susan Johnston
Karen Raquel Ferrer-Muniz
Kristin St. Hilaire

Record and Record Retention
The committee's agendas, minutes, and annual reports will be stored in the College's Google drive.  Assessment reports, program reviews, accreditation reports, scored rubrics, and other official records will be stored on the College's designated storage devices.  

Assessment documents are permanent records of the Utica College and will be retained accordingly.  Committee-related materials will be kept for a full accreditation cycle up to ten years. 

Co-Curricular Assessment Committee Handbook


2018 - 2019 Report from the Co-Curricular Assessment Committee
2019 - 2020 Report from the Co-Curricular Assessment Committee
2020 -2021 Report from the Co-Curricular Assessment Committee

Contact Us

Ann E. Damiano

Ann E. Damiano

Dean of Academic Assessment
127 White Hall
(315) 223-2568

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