Seminars & Lectures

Seminars & Lectures

The Applied Ethics Institute

Welcome to the Colloquium Series page at the Applied Ethics Institute.

The Institute hosts a public lecture series that began in February 2013.

This page provides an updated listing of the public seminars and lectures being hosted at the Institute.  All members of the college community and public are encouraged to participate.

Information, abstracts, the videos of the lectures (where available) can be accessed by clicking on the relevant title below.


April 11 - Alexandra Plakias, Hamilton College
"What's Wrong with Moral Disgust? Lessons from Disagreement"

February 28 - Lisa Guenther, Queen's University
"The Living Death of Solitary Confinement and the Power of Collective Resistance"


November 29 - Jason Kawall, Colgate University
"Policy, Ethics, and the Environment: The Place of Character"

October 4 - C. Tabor Fisher, Le Moyne College
"Can We Talk?"

April 5 - Michael Kocsis, Queen's University
"What Should a U.S. President do About Humanitarian Military Intervention?"



November 30 - Serife Tekin, Daemen College
"Grief, Depression, and Justice in Mental Health Care"

October 26 - Ryan Muldoon, SUNY Buffalo
"The Paradox of Diversity"

April 13 - Nicole Hassoun, SUNY Binghamton
"Individual Responsibility for Promoting Global Health: The Case for a New Kind of Socially Conscious Consumption"

February 23 - Katherine A. Wayne, University of Ottawa
"Wasting Meat and Wasting Animals: What is Lost in Food Loss Discourse?"


October 6 - Jacqueline Davies, Queen's University
"Subjects and Objects of Exploitation: Social Justice and Prostitution Law Reform"

April 21 - Screening - Michael Moore
"Where to Invade Next"

February 18 - Jason Millar, Carleton University
"How to Relinquish Moral Control to Robots and Feel Good About It"


November 12 - Claudio Lopez-Guerra, CIDE & Princeton University
"Equal Subjects: Why Rulers Should Cast in Their Lot with the Ruled"

February 26 - Yolonda Y. Wilson, Howard University
"Second-Order Discrimination and Implicit Bias"


December 4 - Screening - Gerard R. Francis
No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka"

May 8 - Udo Schüklenk, Queen's University

"Why Legalizing Assisted Dying is a Good Idea"

March 6 - Adele Mercier, Queen's University

"Same-sex Marriage: Why it is a Requirement of Reasoning in a Secular Democracy"


December 5 - Timothy Hall, Oberlin College & Jack Weinstein, University of North Dakota
"In The Crosshairs: Private Gun Ownership"

October 17 - Jeff McMahan, Rutgers University
"Guns, Crime, and Self-Defense"

April 11 - Craig Duncan, Ithaca College

"No 'Internal Exiles': Human Dignity and Fair Equality of Opportunity"

February 28 - Randall Dipert, SUNY Buffalo

"The Ethics of War and the Ethics of Cyberwar"

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