The Applied Ethics Institute at Utica College

The Applied Ethics Institute

Welcome to the Applied Ethics Institute at Utica College.

The Applied Ethics Institute at Utica College was founded in 1986 and has been affiliated with Utica College since 1987. Under its current director, Christopher A. Riddle, the Institute promotes public discussion of contemporary ethical issues within the college, professional and civic groups, and the broader community. Its goal is to foster informed assessment of a broad range of ethical issues, including but not restricted to those related to healthcare, business and economics, science and technology, social justice and law, and the environment. The Institute works with students, faculty, professionals, and members of the public to sponsor conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures and media events.

The Institute hosts a colloquium series that consists of public lectures designed to promote rigorous and accessible engagement with topics that are of interest not only to academics, but the larger community.  The goal of these lectures is to foster an understanding of many of the ethical issues facing society today.

In addition to these lectures, the Institute forms working groups that produce policy research on various themes throughout the year.  The results of these meetings, as well as the published research, are made available to the public.

Finally, the Institute hosts conferences focusing on especially urgent ethical issues facing society.


The Applied Ethics Institute
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