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What it Means to Be a Coach                                                

Images from the 2005-2006 Project SHINE Scrap Book  




 Service and Dedication



"I was very excited to see my help going somewhere.  I really feel important and its a great feeling."

 UC SHINE Coach  Spring 06

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Service Learning



"The connection that we made was reviewing sun protection and w
hat can happen to your skin when it has had too much sun. the students had already learned about this at the health fair, but they still had questions about things they didn't understand. "



UC Shine Coach Spring 06




larger image SHINE Scrapbook 2005-2006





Thank You




"We are very thankful for the big job you did for us. We know we are going to miss you guys but we can't forget you guys for what you did and your patience with us."


A letter written to a UC Coach from the Learners at MVRCR Spring 06

 SHINE Scrapbook 2005-2006larger image 



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