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Coaching sign-up

OPENS January 26th, 2011!!!

The Closing Date is January 27th, 2011

(If you do not sign up before this time you will have to directly contact SHINE staff for assistance.)


How to Sign up: 

Project SHINE registration is happening NOW!!

Here's how to sign up!!!!

1. Go to
2. Click "click here" to create a student user account which
    is found above the grey box.
3. Enter your information and click submit. (It should use
    your email as your user name.)
4. Enter the password shinesurvey and click submit.
5. Choose your time slot and location.

 The Student Administrators for Project SHINE, Kimberly Perth and Meagan Manuele, will be available to answer any questions or help coaches with the registration process before orientation and throughout the semester at


A) If you have trouble finding a time that works for you please contact SHINE staff BEFORE orientation.   Project SHINE is willing to work with students so they can still participate in the program. 

B) You are responsible for showing up at your specified time slot.  If you need to change your time after SHINE coaching has already begun, please contact SHINE Staff. 

2.) Attend Training

You MUST attend the Project SHINE training and orientation.

The Orientation session will be held on Wednesday January 26, 2011
1:00 to 3:00pm
Faculty Center 101

At training you will learn about Utica’s refugee population, the naturalization process, receive coaching tips, and learn what to do the first day.

3.) Fulfill Coaching Responsibilities

 ·  Coaches must complete all required coaching hours. (Number varies depending on what class you are participating for)

·  Coaches are expected to complete reflection logs after every session.

* If you are participating in Project SHINE through a course please be aware that the Professors will be receiving an update of your coaching hours and copies of your reflection logs every two weeks.





Project SHINE staff with any questions


White Hall, Room 236
(315) 223-2550

Kimberly Perth & Meagan Manuele, Student Administrators


Project SHINE - Central New York 

Contact Us

Darlene Heian (Coordinator)

Darlene Heian (Coordinator)

Kimberly Perth (Student Admin)
Meagan Manuele (Student Admin)

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