Health Literacy

Health Literacy

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Definition the ability to read and understand the literal text on a medicine bottle or a doctor's spoken instructions partnered with the ability to access and navigate the healthcare system.


Objectives of the MetLife Foundation

Health literacy Initiative

  1. Increase the ability of elder immigrants to communicate with health care providers and access health care.
  2. Increase opportunities for ocllege students from diverse backgrounds to learn about and address the ehlath literacy needs of immigrant elders.
  3. Increase the cultural competency of future health care professionals.
  4. Develop culturally appropriate health litreacy curriculum geared to the literacy abilities of  elder immigrants
  5. Build the capacity of university students, ESL instructors and adult education administrators serving immigrant elders to incorporate health literayc topics into their classes and educational programs.


How Student Coaches Participate............


  • Tutoring immigrants and refugees about Health Care using specifically outlined units
Units Include
  • The Doctors Office
  • The Hospital
  • Managing Illness
  • Healthy Aging
  • Taking Medications

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  •  Participate in a Health Fair, held on the Utica College Campus each spring.


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  •   Students prepare informative presentations relating to a healthcare concern. 
  • Leaners from the different community sites are bused to the Utica College Campus to tour the different displays and listen to the presentations
  • Topics at the Spring 2007 Health Fair Included:
  1. Dental Care-complete with a sampeling of different mouth wash
  2. Protecting Skin from the Sun
  3. Risks and Hazards associated with Smoking
  4. Heart Health-complete with a reading of the learners blood pressure
  5. Healthy Snacks
  6. First Aid
  7. How to administer CPR-Adult and Child Presentations with a dummy


Students do not just service the learner, they service the learner's families.  By servicing the learner's families, student coaches service the greater community.








MetLife Foundation Health Literacy Initiative

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Darlene Heian (Coordinator)

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