Triple Club
Residence Life

Being a member of the Triple Club is a great way to:

  • make more friends in less time,
  • have a more rewarding experience on campus,
  • save money, and
  • receive an exclusiveTriple Club T-shirt!
Each student will have:

  • 1 bed
  • 1 desk
  • 1 desk chair
  • 1 3-drawer dresser
  • 1 2-door / 3-drawer closet

Top 10 Benefits of being in the Triple Club!

  1. You have something in common with a large population of the First-Year students at UC.
  2. It is the least expensive room rate on campus.
  3. You have two people to go to the dining halls with.
  4. Living on campus puts you at the center of campus life.
  5. You have less to bring to school by sharing items such as a TV, mini fridge, stereo, etc.
  6. You are invited to monthly programs exclusive to students who have been tripled.
  7. There is more frequent cleaning of the bathrooms in corridor style residence halls.
  8. Living in a triple helps you learn to better manage your time and resources.
  9. You have two people to study with.
  10. You have the chance to make two new friends right from the beginning of your college experience.

Tips for Being in the Triple Club:

  • Keep your belongings organized
  • Communication is key! Keep it open!
  • Be aware of your roommates' needs
  • Spend time outside of your room, join a club or two!
  • Invest in earplugs
  • Talk with your roommates about who will bring what
  • Let the little stuff go and learn to compromise

A Look Inside Triple Club

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Triple Room in North Hall

 Triple Room in North Hall
Triple Room in North Hall

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