Packing Guide
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Packing Guide

The following is a guide of what students should and should not have in their residence hall rooms. You should spend some time thinking about what to bring but do not have to bring every item listed.  Make sure you reach out and talk with your roommate(s) so you can plan what to bring together.
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No matter how many forecasts you watch, there is no way you can predict the weather in Central New York. The walk from the residence halls to the classrooms will seem much longer if you are not dressed for the weather. Be sure to pack for all conditions. Snow is inevitable here in Utica, so be prepared.

There are also many functions where 'dressy' attire will be needed as well. You may need to "spiff up" for formal gatherings and group functions, so be sure to bring clothes for special occasions.

Room Décor

All residential rooms are an "eggshell" color so your room has a lot of potential. Beds, desks, bureaus, curtains, and a ceiling light are provided for your convenience. You may want to bring desk lamps, a spare lamp, a carpet or throw rugs, plants, and posters or pictures, which can brighten the room and make it more comfortable.


  • Bell Hall, Boehlert Hall, Burrstone House and Tower Hall are air-conditioned.
  • You are responsible for all items left in your room during the academic year. You are not allowed to leave items in your room during the summer break. Be sure to check your parents' homeowners' insurance policy for details regarding coverage for your belongings.
Items you may want to bring
Items better left at home

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