IITS User Services

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! Technology Training (recommended for new employees)
Account Activation For Employees
Adobe Premier Video Editing Basics (4 minute video tutorial) Windows Logo
Android Email Setup
Annotating Slides in PowerPoint (4 minute video tutorial) Windows Logo
Annotating Slides in PowerPoint (PPT File) Windows Logo
Argos Reference Material
Argos Training Videos
Arrange Multiple Monitors - macOS Apple Logo
Arrange Multiple Monitors - Windows Windows Logo
Attendance Tracking (Full Guide)
Attendance Tracking (Quick Guide)
Avaya Voicemail Instructions
Avaya VOIP Phone Instructions
Avaya Workplace SoftPhone Windows LogoApple Logo
Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, Downloading Software
Banner Introduction Video
BannerWeb Proxy User Setup and Use
BannerWeb Tutorial Video
Best Practices for Mobile Device Security
Best Practices for Scheduling Meetings in Google Calendar
Best Security Practices for Researchers
Change Audio Output In Zoom
Change Google Chrome to Save PDFs
Choosing a screen / lecture capture software Windows LogoApple Logo
Class Roster Lookup in Banner (non-faculty)
Class Roster Lookup in Bannerweb and Emailing Your Class
Clearing Your Browser Cache Windows Logo
Comprehensive PDF Guide
Creating a Windows Virtual Machine (MAC) Apple Logo
Disabling Private or Static DNS
Duo - Changing Default Device or Renaming a Device
Duo - Enrollment at First Login
Duo - Enrollment by Invite
Duo - Enrollment by Invite (Video 4 minutes)
Duo - MacOS Logins Apple Logo
Duo - Replacing or Adding A Device
Duo - Windows Offline Setup Windows Logo
Email Class from BannerWeb (Setup Using Chrome) Windows LogoApple Logo
Email Class from BannerWeb (Setup Using Firefox) Windows LogoApple Logo
Email Merge in Google Sheets and Google Mail
Email Signature - Google Email Windows LogoApple Logo
Email Signature - non-Google platforms Windows LogoApple Logo
Email Tutorial Video
EMS (Room Booking) Tutorial Video
EMS: Basics
EMS: Booking Multiple Rooms
EMS: Booking Recurring Meetings
EMS: Searching For Available Rooms
EMS: Viewing Your Events
Enabling Zoom Captioning
Epson V300/V330 Scanning Slides or Film
Exporting PowerPoint as a Video Windows Logo
File Storage Decision Chart
Finding Your Computer Name Windows LogoApple Logo
Getting Started with Google Drive Windows LogoApple Logo
Getting Started with Google Email Windows LogoApple Logo
Getting Started with Google Shared Drive Windows LogoApple Logo
Getting Started wtih Google Keep Windows LogoApple Logo
Google - Power Searching (self paced video course) Windows LogoApple LogoUC Lab Logo
Google 2-Step Verification
Google Account Email Forwarding Windows LogoApple Logo
Google Calendar Appointments
Google Calendar Instructions
Google Calendar Tutorial Video
Google Chat
Google Chat (formerly Hangouts) used for text chat
Google Chrome Doesn't Load PDFs
Google Display Name Change
Google Drive Introduction Video
Google Email - Blocking a Sender
Google Email - Using Filters
Google Email Changes - Fall 2018
Google Email Delegation (share an account with another person) Windows LogoApple Logo
Google Meet (video conferencing)
Google Recommended Settings Windows LogoApple Logo
Google Suite Learning Center
Google Takeout - Download your Google Files
Google Takeout - Transfer your Google Email
Grade Entry for Faculty
IITS Requests - AV/Events
IITS Requests - Tickets
iPad / iPhone / iOS Google Email Setup
iPad / iPhone HEIC Photos Instructions
Killing a Task Using Task Manager for Windows Windows Logo
Kofax PowerPDF Training
Microsoft Teams - Video Meetings Windows Logo
Microsoft Word Reference Manager Windows LogoUC Lab Logo
Network Drives
Office 365 for Students Windows LogoApple Logo
Online Registration Windows LogoApple LogoUC Lab Logo
Open Broadcast Studio (OBS) Instructions Windows LogoApple Logo
Opening and Returning Toners
Outlook for Email Merges Windows Logo
Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN Setup Instructions - Aux Staff
Panopto - Uploading Video Files
Panopto in Engage
Panopto Tutorials
Pinning and Unpinning Apps From the Taskbar in Windows Windows Logo
Printing Tips to Save Paper UC Lab Logo
Provision an Engage course for Panopto
Remove Browser Extensions
Scheduling Zoom Meetings
Screen Capture using PowerPoint (1 minute video tutorial) Windows Logo
Screen Capture using Quicktime (2 minute video tutorial) Apple Logo
Screen Capture with ActivePresenter (4 minute video tutorial) Windows Logo
Screenshot / Snipping Tool for Windows 11
Share a Document Camera With Zoom
Share a DVD With Zoom
SpectrumU Access for AppleTV
SpectrumU Access for Roku
SpectrumU Access on Computer
SpectrumU App for Android
SpectrumU App for iOS (iPhone, iPad)
Steps to Take After A Potential Account Compromise Windows LogoApple Logo
Stopping Unwanted Chrome Popup Notifications Windows Logo
Streaming Your Campus Based Courses Using Zoom from Inside Engage
SUNY Upstate Medical Center MyChart System Sign Up
Table of Contents in Word Windows LogoApple Logo
Tips for Cleaning Up Google Drive Storage
Using Microsoft Outlook for Utica Email Windows Logo
Using Utica Avaya Phones
VoiceThread - Annotating your own slides (3 minute video)
VoiceThread - Assignment Builder
VoiceThread - Changing Your Profile Picture
VoiceThread - How to Comment
VoiceThread - How to Create a Narrated Presentation
VoiceThread - Uploading a PowerPoint and Sharing
What is New in Office 2021 Windows LogoApple Logo
Windows 10 - Arranging Windows and Using Multiple Desktops Windows Logo
Windows 10 - Changing Defaults Windows Logo
Windows 10 - Exploring Windows Windows Logo
Windows 10 - Keyboard Shortcuts Windows Logo
Windows 10 - Organizing Your Start Menu Windows Logo
Windows 10 - The Login Screen Windows Logo
Windows 10 - The Taskbar and Desktop Windows Logo
Windows 10 - Uninstalling an App/Program Windows Logo
Windows 10 - Windows + P to change Projector / Multi screen settings Windows Logo
Windows 10 Advanced: Virtual Desktops Windows Logo
Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM) - Getting Started
Zoom Recordings - What to Expect and How to Use with Panopto

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