Campus Phone Instructions

Campus Phone Instructions

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Telephone Keys and Features

Missed Call Indication: Indicates the number of missed calls, to clear, delete calls in missed call log.
Message Lamp/Ringing Indicator: On- Indicates new message in your voice mail box, flashing indicates a ringing call.
Display: Shows call information, details on system features and call appearance keys.
Call Appearance Keys: Allow you to handle multiple calls. Used to Make or Receive calls.
Feature Keys: Features and menus accessed by pressing these keys.
Soft Key Labels: Appear on the display to indicate features that can be activated by pressing the keys.
Soft Keys: Appear below the Soft Key labels on display and access features displayed on the label above them. These features change based on the current state of the phone. Ex: Active or idle calls.
  • Answer: Answers a ringing call on hands free or answers a page call, turning it into a normal call.
  • Callback: Set an automatic callback on the user set that you have called. When you next end a call, the telephone system will call you and when you answer, automatically make a call to the user.
  • Complete: Completes the Transfer of a held call.
  • Cancel: Cancels the completion of a Transfer and returns you to caller.
  • Conference: Puts your current call on hold and presents dial tone to add another party to a conference
  • Dir: Accesses the directories (personal and shared) allowing to dial from them.
  • Drop: Ends the current call.
  • Feature: If programmed, displays a list of available features, you can scroll through list and select applicable feature.
  • Hold: Places a call on hold.
  • Ignore: Quiets the ringer for current ringing calls. Calls will continue to flash until answered or goes to voice mail.
  • Pickup: Answers a held call or answers the call of another user if programmed in a group.
  • Redial: Displays a list of outgoing numbers from you call log allowing you to dial from that list.
  • Transfer: Puts your current call on hold and presents dial tone so you can transfer the call to another extension.
  • To VM: Sends a ringing call to voice mail.
Navigation Keys: Scrolls through Call Appearance, Feature Keys, menus, call logs, and speed dial lists.
OK Key: Confirms menu choices.
Phone: Used to exit any menu, or return display to main screen.
Message Key: Access your mailbox.
Contacts: Used to display personal and shared directories.
Home: Used to access a menu for phone settings and information.
History: Displays a record of most recent answered, missed, and outgoing calls. The key is illuminated when you have new missed calls.
Headset: Switches calls from handset to headset. Key is lit when headset is active.
Speaker: Used to make or answer any call without lifting the handset. Key is lit when active.
Volume Keys: Controls Ringer, Speaker, and Incoming voice levels over handset and headset
Mute Key: Turns the microphone off and on when you are on a call. Lamp is lit when in use and caller cannot hear you.

Call Processing

To Answer Incoming Call: Phone rings- Indicator flashes slow. Lift handset or press Speaker or Headset.
To Answer Second Call: Press Call Appearance Key of new call (first call automatically holds).
To Place a Call: Lift Handset, press Speaker or press Headset.
Internal: Enter the extension.
External: Press 9 then the number.
To Place a Second Call: Press available Appearance key. Enter 9 and number.

Speaker: Press to make or answer any call without lifting handset.
To switch to speaker from headset/handset: Press the Speaker key and replace handset in cradle.
To resume privacy: Lift Handset or press Headset.
To end speakerphone call: Press Speaker key.
: Turns off your microphone (Speaker, Handset and Headset) to allow you to speak privately.

To use: Press Mute key. When Mute key is lit, you can speak privately.
To resume conversation: Press Mute key again.

Hold: Press Hold softkey. Indicator lamp will flash rapidly.

To return to call: Highlight Appearance Key with the fast flashing lamp or press the Up key followed by OK.
Automatic Hold: When you select another Call Appearance key, or use certain Features, the line that you are already speaking on will be placed on hold.

Additional Features

: Allows you to connect your call to someone else. Press Transfer softkey then enter the extension number.
Blind Transfer: Press Complete softkey.
Announced: Wait for party to answer and speak privately. To complete the transfer, press the Complete softkey.
Transfer to Voice Mail: Sends a caller directly to voice mail without the phone to ringing.
Press the Transfer softkey (Call is automatically held)
Enter # sign and the Extension number
Press Complete softkey
 Conference: Allows multi-call Conferencing (With call on line)
Press Conference softkey (First call automatically holds, you hear dial tone)
Enter second number (wait for answer)
Press Conference softkey (all parties are connected)
  • To add additional parties, repeat the steps above.
  • To drop yourself, hang up.
  • To drop a party member press: Details, scroll to the party member's name then press the Drop softkey.
If called party does not answer: Press Call Appearance key of the held line.
 Do Not Disturb: Stops ALL tones and ringing.
Call Forwarding: Programs your phone to ring at another Extension or External number.

Panic: Dials Campus Security  from any telephone. Just press the Panic key.

Redial: displays the last 10 numbers dialed.
To Use: Press Redial softkey
Display shows last numbered dialed
Use Up/Down arrow keys to display additional numbers
Press Details softkey
Use Up/Down arrow keys to scroll through details about call
Press Call softkey
To Redial last number dialed: Press Redial twice or press Redial then press the Call softkey.

Mailbox Information
Mailbox number is your extension.


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Technical Support

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