Campus Phone Voice Mail

Campus Phone Voice Mail

Campus Phone Voicemail Cheat Sheet

NOTICE: On January 4th 2020 the voicemail system is getting an upgrade that will reset all voicemail pins and greetings. After this date you must setup your mailbox to get voice messages, including if you receive voice messages as attachments to your email. Follow the steps immediately below to setup the mailbox for the first time.   

First Time Mailbox Setup
To Create Your Password (REQUIRED):
  • Press Message Key on your phone or dial *17
  • Enter mailbox number (your extension) and press #
  • Your password is initially "blank".  When prompted for password simply press #
  • Enter a new 6 digit voicemail password of your choosing and press #
    • Note that this cannot be sequential or repeating numbers such as 111111 or 123456.
  • Enter the new password again and press #
Stay on the Line, you'll be prompted to record your name:
  • Speak your name
  • Press 1
  • Press #
  • Press 1
To Record and Activate your Greetings:
  • Press 3 to access greeting menu
  • Press 1
  • Enter Greeting Number (1-5, 9)
    • 1 = All Calls (recommended)
    • 2 = Internal (optional)
    • 3 = External (optional)
    • 4 = Busy (optional)
    • 5 = No Reply (optional)
    • 9 = Temporary (recommended for when you'll be away)
  • Begin speaking after tone
  • Press 1 to end recording
  • Press 23 to listen
    • If you don't like the greeting press *3 to delete
    • Press 1 to rerecord
  • Press # to approve your greeting

Access Your Mailbox
Log In To Mailbox:
From Desk:
  • Press Message key
  • Press #
  • Enter your voicemail password
  • Press #
From Another Location:
  • Dial your full phone number
  • Press *7 when you hear your voicemail greeting
  • Enter you mailbox number (extension) and press #
  • Enter your voicemail password
  • Press #

Changing Your Recorded Name
These steps may be required if you inhereted your number from another person and the name was not reset.
  • Login to voicemail.
  • Press 5, then 5 again to access your name recording.
  • Follow the prompts, 1 to record, 1 to review, # to accept.

General Information
Mailbox Number: Your Extension is your mailbox number
Password: No password is initially provided. You will be forced to create one the first time you log in. Your new password must be between 6 and 12 numbers and it must be secure. (You cannot use 1234, your extension or repeated numbers like 1111).
Recorded Name: Your name is played as a confirmation when you log in to your mailbox. It is also used for other system announcements including the company directory search feature.  You'll be prompted to set this the first time you access the mailbox.
Greetings: By default callers who reach your mailbox hear the system greeting: "Your call is being answered by IP Office (Name) is not available. To leave a message, wait for the tone". You can replace this greeting with one that you record. You can record a library of up to 9 different personal greetings.  If you do not record a greeting for a certain type, it will not be used.

Greeting  Types
All Call: Plays to all callers and overrides other greeting types except temporary.  This is generally what people use for everyday use.
Internal: Plays to callers from inside your organization (optional).
External: Plays to callers outside your organization (optional).
Busy: Plays when all extensions are busy (optional).
No Reply: Plays when you do not answer (optional).
Default: System greeting.
Temporary: This will play when you set it to override the others.  It is useful to set for when you'll be on vacation or otherwise not planning on answering your phone.  When activating the temporary greeting you'll be prompted for a number of days you wish to use it, after which the system will turn it off automatically.

Navigating the System:
Log In: You must log in to retrieve and send messages, change password, record name and greetings.
Help: To receive help at any time, press *H or *4.
Commands: Commands are activated by pressing Numbers and Signs on the dial pad.
Prompts: A synthesized voice summarizes your Mailbox, gives available commands and options.

Contact Us

Technical Support

Technical Support

Lower Level, Gannett Library L120
8:30am to 5:00pm Weekdays
Phone: (315) 792-3115

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