How to find your Computer Name
Every device on campus owned by the College as an identification sticker, and adheres to a certain naming scheme. This not only provides security, but allows us to identify which computer is where, and who the primary user is.  How does one go about finding out the computer name if the sticker cannot be found?

For Windows Users:


Step 1)
Open your start menu by either hitting the Windows Key, or the Start Menu Icon.  

Step 2) Next, you are going to right click on "Computer". This will open the context menu.
The Windows Start Menu

Step 3) Next, in the context menu, you will select "Properties".

Step 4) Within the Properties Window, you will see Computer Name. It should look something like this : Utica-006653WDW

Picture of the Computer Name

For Mac Users:

Step 1) Click on the Apple Icon located in the upper left hand corner of the screen The Apple Icon

Step 2) Select "System Preferences".
Apple Start Menu


Step 3) Open the "Sharing" folder.
Sharing in Preference Window

Step 4) Within the Sharing Window, at the top of the window, you will see the name of your computer.
The Computer Name on a Mac


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