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Academic Appeals

Overview and Procedure

The college recognizes that disputes about academic matters do arise. In order to resolve issues as efficiently as possible, the College requires the parties involved resolve the conflict informally whenever possible. Students should first address the issue with the relevant faculty member and, if necessary, the department chair or school dean. If these informal processes do not provide resolution, students may appeal to the Academic Standards Committee, a committee made up of faculty, staff, and students.

Academic appeals are petitions to change a decision rendered about an academic matter. Grounds for appeal of an academic decision include that an action by a faculty member was unfair, arbitrary, or capricious, or that the College's academic policies were applied incorrectly.

In order to file an academic appeal, log in to the academic appeals form and complete the necessary information.

Students will not be penalized or retaliated against in any way by the College community for participating in this appeal procedure.


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