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Academic Standards Committee

From the Faculty Senate By-Laws

The Academic Standards Committee shall review and recommend on matters related to academic standards, including but not limited to, academic credit, grading, and academic standing of students.  The Faculty Senate may establish a separate committee to review and recommend on matters related to graduate academic standards, including but not limited to, academic credit, grading, and academic standing of students.

Specific Function and Authority: shall initiate, review, and report and recommend to the Faculty Senate admissions standards and procedures, standards governing the transfer of credit from other institutions, standards for honors and probation, regulations affecting any aspect of academic standing such as, but not limited to, attendance, withdrawal, eligibility and advanced credit; review the records of, and take appropriate action on, students having academic deficiencies; review and take action on instances of academic or intellectual dishonesty; and receive, study and/or initiate action in regard to any academic or pedagogical matters that are of concern to the College.  

Membership:  shall consist of five (5) faculty or professional librarians elected by members of the Faculty Senate; two (2) students selected by the Student Senate; and one (1) graduate student appointed by the Graduate Studies Committee.  The Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs, (or a representative of the Provost), the Registrar, and the Executive Director for Student Success shall be non-voting members.

Officers:  shall elect a chair and a secretary.

Meeting Times
Academic Standards Committee meets from 11:30 – 12:30 on Wednesdays during the semester. Meetings to consider probations and dismissals are held after the end of the Fall and Spring Semester and before the start of Winter or Summer classes. Meetings to consider appeals are customarily held one week later.    

Academic Standards Committee Policies and Procedures Manual

Academic Integrity

For resources on defining and avoiding academic misconduct see the academic integrity page.

Academic Dishonesty

For faculty resources on defining or dealing with academic dishonesty see the academic dishonesty page.

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