Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Housing Policies and Procedures

UC's goal is to offer students diversity in housing while maintaining the College's resident student population at a level that permits UC to maximize student services. The following housing policies have been adopted to achieve that aim. Under normal circumstances, these policies will be respected in the assignment of residence hall space:

UC's Bell Hall1. Housing assignments for returning residential students are processed on a seniority basis by academic class standing. A $200 room deposit is required prior to the room selection process. The schedule for housing is established by the Student Living and College Engagement Office including deadlines for deposits. All returning residential students may apply for housing during the month of April provided their room deposits have been paid.

2. Returning students may apply to the College's on-campus apartment complex, Alumni Hall, to the suite-style Boehlert Hall, or cluster style buildings, Bell and Tower Halls, in groups. Selection is based not only on a seniority basis, but also on academic performance and disciplinary history. A limited number of single rooms are available in North and South Hall Complexes. Rooms in Burrstone House are assigned primarily to two students. Each of these accommodations will be assigned on a seniority basis. Double occupancy rooms are the most common housing accommodations available at Utica College.

3. When a vacancy occurs in an apartment, in a suite, or in a double room, a student has the following options:
  • The Student Living and College Engagement (SLCE) Office will assign or assist the student in finding a compatible roommate to fill the vacancy.
  • The student may move to another room to fill an existing vacancy.
4. Exceptions to the above procedures may be granted by the Executive Director of Student Living and College Engagement.

5. Students desiring to withdraw from the College's student housing must give notice of their intent to withdraw to the College's SLCE Office by filling out the Housing Release Application. Notice of withdrawal must be given no less than seven days prior to the intended withdrawal date. Housing contracts are binding for an entire academic year. Exceptions are granted by the Executive Director of Student Living and College Engagement.

Room and board are contracted for two semesters except for seniors graduating mid-year or students leaving for affiliations or internships. All incoming first year students are required to live in College residence for their first two years, unless residing at home with their legal parent or guardian who live within a 30 mile radius. All transfer students are required to have lived on a campus for 4 semesters. This means incoming second year transfers are required to reside on campus unless residing at home with their legal parent or guardian.

Students who live in the residence halls are required to contract for both room and board.

Students who reside on campus beyond the second week remain responsible for the payment of all rent until the end of the occupancy term, with exception to first-time students as outlined under the federal pro-rata refund policy, if applicable. Charges for board will be on a pro-rated basis through the ninth week of each semester, with exception to the federal pro-rata refund policy.

The College reserves all rights concerning assignment of rooms, termination of occupancy, and the alteration of charges when necessary. The Assistant Director of Student Living assigns new students' rooms based on the MooseMatch system, an online network designed to assist first-year students in finding roommates. 

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