Instructions for Banner Self-Service for Students

Instructions for Banner Self-Service for Students

Instructions for Banner Self-Service for Students

As part of its project to put more information into an accessible electronic format, Utica College has opened up the Banner Self-Service for Students application. Banner Self-Service for Students is a web-based application that gives you access to a wide array of your College academic and administrative information, including your academic transcript and grades.

Final Grades

Because this system is now operating, the College will not be sending paper grade reports to you at your home address. Instead, grades will be available through Banner Self-Service for Students.

Getting Started on Banner Self-Service for Students

Banner Self-Service for Students can be found on the web at: To log on you will need your login ID and password. Your login ID and password are the same as your Utica College e-mail ID and password.

To get your password go to, the same website you use to activate and reset passwords for your email, WebCT, and network accounts. Enter your student ID number, last four digits of your social security number, and date of birth. Remember to include all four numbers in the year of your birth. Click "Activate/Reset Account."

Once you have both your ID and password go to the Banner Self-Service for Students homepage at: and click on "Enter Secure Area."

If you have any trouble obtaining the password or logging into Banner Self-Service for Students, contact the computer help desk immediately at 792-3115.

Once you are logged in, the "Student Services & Financial Aid" link will give you access to:
  • View Holds which shows any judicial or financial holds that may have been placed on your student record
  • View Mid-Term Grades allows you to see any mid-semester grades entered by faculty teaching your classes
  • View Final Grades allows you to see your final grades as they are entered into the system by faculty teaching your classes
  • View Academic Transcript allows you to see your academic transcript for your entire time at Utica College
  • View Banner General Student Record shows your major, class, advisor, degree and other personal information
  • View Week-At-A-Glance shows your class schedule for the current semester in a calendar format
  • View Active Registrations shows information about all the classes for which you are currently registered.
If you feel any of your information is incorrect, contact your academic adviser or the office of your academic division.

There is a lot of personal information on this system. DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORD WITH ANYONE. If you feel your password has been compromised you may reset it at

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