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• Users must follow copyright laws, trademark standards, software license agreements, and patent information governing software they use. University-owned software may not be illegally copied.

• Personally purchased software, or “home software” brought onto campus may not be installed or used on Utica University computers without consultation with, and permission of IITS.

• Questions of software use or agreement violation must be referred to IITS.

• Users of shareware must abide by the shareware agreement accompanying the software. Users should arrange for payment within a reasonable time. Employees may request that their department pay this fee. Shareware may not be installed without permission of IITS.

• Software may not be uploaded or downloaded without consulting IITS since it may create system conflicts, overcrowding, be at variance with licensing agreements, or other problems. This includes, but is not limited to, screensavers, games, utilities, and desktop theme software (i.e. Webshots or Weatherbug).

• IITS will not modify, or reprogram, any software.

• IITS is not responsible for any problems caused by third party software or user installation of software. If this software was approved, IITS may assist you in finding a solution or may authorize you to contact the vendor as the main contact for information and support.

• Due to the number of software programs used not all software related problems can be fully supported. IITS employees will attempt to support software to the best of their ability.


“Software” is defined as the programs used to direct the operation of a computer, as well as documentation giving instructions on how to use them. This policy applies to all individuals who use computers which are property of Utica University.


This policy is to insure the security and consistency of computers which are owned by Utica University and to comply with all applicable state and Federal laws.


Any breach of this policy should be reported to the Director of IITS Operations immediately. Actions will be taken promptly to remedy any effects a breach of this policy might incur on Utica University or property belonging to Utica University. If the degree to which the software is altered is severe, based on the discretion of IITS, the individual will be reported to their direct supervisor for disciplinary actions. Furthermore, users may have to be held legally responsible if a violation of New York State Law or Federal Law was committed.


It is the responsibility of any individual using computers owned by Utica University to observe this and follow this policy. It is also essential for the maintenance of property owned by Utica University and consistency of those computers for this policy to be observed. It is the responsibility of any person aware of a breach in this policy to report it to the Director of IITS Operations immediately.


Enforcement of Utica University policies is the responsibility of the office or offices listed in the “Resources/Questions” section of each policy. The responsible office will contact the appropriate authority regarding faculty or staff members, students, vendors, or visitors who violate policies.

Utica University acknowledges that University policies may not anticipate every possible issue that may arise. The University therefore reserves the right to make reasonable and relevant decisions regarding the enforcement of this policy. All such decisions must be approved by an officer of the University (i.e. president, vice president for academic affairs, or vice president for financial affairs).


Direct any questions to the Director of IITS Operations.

Due to the rate at which technology changes, this policy may not anticipate every issue that may arise concerning software. As a result, IITS reserves the right to enact additional restrictions, or modify the existing restrictions as needed while approval of those changes are pending.

Please note that other Utica University policies may apply or be related to this policy. To search for related policies, use the Keyword Search function of the online policy manual.
Effective Date: Unknown
Date Last Revised: 12/20/2007

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