Human Resources - Volume 6

This volume contains policies and procedures related to academic and non-academic workplace issues. Subjects covered include equal opportunities, resolving employee concerns, recruitment, hiring, separation practices, and policies that affect College employees, including students and visiting professors.

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6.1 Employee Code of Conduct
6.2 Family and Medical Leave Act
6.3 Drug-Free Workplace
6.4 Uniformed Services Leave
6.6 Alternative Work Arrangements
Legacy Policies
L.01 Bias Related Crimes Policy
L.03 Hazing
L.04 Inclement Weather and Cancellations
L.05 Investigation of Violent Felony Offenses
L.07 Vacation Leave Policy for Exempt (Administrative) Employees
L.08 Vacation Leave Policy for Non-exempt (Hourly) Employees
L.09 Notice of Privacy Practices for Utica College
L.14 Bereavement Leave
L.15 Domestic Partner Policy