Policy Process

Policy Process

Policy Process

The process of developing, reviewing, approving, and revising policies is overseen by Utica College's Policy Advisory Group (PAG). To ensure that the perspectives of the College's various constituencies are represented, the PAG's membership is broad and includes:

  • Vice President for Financial Affairs
  • Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Executive Assistant to the President
  • President's Office Graduate Assistant

The PAG is responsible for all institutional policies, defined as policies that broadly affect members of the College community. Institutional policies must originate from and be championed by a vice president, who submits a Policy Proposal Form to the President's Cabinet. Once the proposal has been approved, the policy is assigned to a responsible office, typically the office that will have responsibility for implementing the policy.

The responsible office drafts the policy, which is then submitted to the PAG for review. An iterative process of reviewing and revising ensues, with the responsible office periodically checking back with representative stakeholders.

Once the PAG is satisfied that the draft policy is complete, it goes to the College's governance groups - Faculty Senate, Student Senate, Administrative Staff Advisory Council, and Secretarial, Technical, Clerical Staff Advisory Council - for review. The draft is revised as appropriate, and is then submitted to the President's Cabinet for final review. Once the document is finalized, the president of the College signs the policy, it is posted to the online policy manual, and a notice is sent to the College community with a link to the appropriate Web page.

The process for developing, reviewing, approving, and revising policies is meant to be a participatory one, and the PAG invites comments, suggestions, and questions, which can be directed to:

Kim Lambert
Senior Executive Assistant to the President
(315) 792-3222

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