Research Grant

Research Grant

Campus Theme Research GrantLearning in UC's Gannett Library

The Campus Theme Committee is proud to announce the opportunity for Utica College members to receive a $500 grant for applied research projects that are of direct benefit to Utica College campus or campus communities!

The deadline for applying is March 1, 2018.

The following criteria must be fulfilled:

1.) The research has to have appropriate proof of approval or exemption from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of Utica College for research involving human beings.

2.) The research has to be in line with our current campus theme “Leading the Way.”

3.) The research has to have direct implications that could be linked to improving a certain aspect of campus living and/or educational environment(s), facilities, workplace design, psycho-social aspects of the communities, etc.

Students, faculty and staff are welcome to apply.

Learning in UC's Computer Forensics Research and Development Center
To apply, please submit a one-page summary of details including: description of the nature of your research, names and program/department of involved researchers, how your research ties into the campus theme, estimated cost list of any supplies/payments, and IRB approval/exemptions.
Committee members will use a voting process to select the winner for the Campus Theme Research Grant. Winner will be announced by mid April 2018.  Such grant money can be spent on any research related costs such as: printing, copying, transportation, related travel or dissemination of research findings.  The theme committee will reimburse grant recipient(s) for research-related expenses not to exceed $500, pending grant appropriation and receipts.

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Christopher M. Tingley, D.B.A.

Christopher M. Tingley, D.B.A.

Chair, Campus Theme Committee
(315) 792-4405

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