Campus Theme 2006-07: Science and Society

Campus Theme 2006-07: Science and Society

Campus Theme 2006-07

Science and Society

Campus Theme 2006-07: Science and SocietyVision behind this theme

In recognition of the significant and complex interactions of science in contemporary society, Utica College dedicated the 2006-07 academic year to exploring the multi-disciplinary facets of science and its connections to human endeavor. Themes explored during this year included:
  • the promotion of scientific literacy;
  • the centrality of science and technology in understanding current global issues;
  • the distinguishing of science and pseudoscience;
  • the role of the modern media;
  • the nature of science and aesthetics; and
  • the public's role in the shaping of scientific policy.

The examination of these and other interdisciplinary relationships between science and society offered opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogues which Utica College invited the academic community and the public at large to join and participate.

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Christopher M. Tingley, D.B.A.

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