Leading the Way

Leading the Way

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Exploring Key Issues

One of Utica College's most enjoyable traditions is the "Campus Theme," a year-long opportunity for all members of the College community to explore issues of great social importance from a variety of viewpoints. Events sponsored by other campus organizations, offices, or programs may all participate in and be recognized for "theme related" activities. The theme committee reviews proposals for theme sponsored events and contributes, as approved, to the funding of events that foster the campus theme. Faculty, staff, and students are invited to participate in and suggest:
  • Public events, including presentations by nationally recognized public figures
  • Classroom discussions
  • All-College forums

Campus Theme 2017-2019

At Utica College, we are known as the Pioneers, because we take initiative. We strongly encourage our students to become leaders in their professions and within their given industries. Our common mentality is that our students should not be the ones following, instead, we want our students to be the ones 'Leading The Way'. That way when professional colleagues ask what college they attended and they say Utica College, it shines a tremendously positive light on UC and this, in turn, makes our education more valuable. We want our students to be on the forefront of their given fields and an education from Utica College is their greatest weapon to achieve this goal. It is our hope that our students will transform and strengthen whichever industry they so choose. At Utica College, we are 'Leading The Way'!
-Aaron Mallace
M.S. Assistant Professor of Health Studies
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The Campus Theme Committee welcomes your ideas, and your energy. We are eager to support your programs as they bring a new understanding of what drives change both now and in the future.

SuggestionsIf you have ideas for a Campus Theme
or if you represent a student or other campus organization and wish to request funding for a campus theme event, use our convenient online suggestion form.

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Christopher M. Tingley, D.B.A.

Christopher M. Tingley, D.B.A.

Chair, Campus Theme Committee
(315) 792-4405

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