Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Decisions about the allocation of resources are guided by Utica College's strategic plan, Higher Aspirations, Greater Expectations: The 2020 Strategic Plan for Utica College, which was approved by the Board of Trustees in May 2011 and updated at its approximate midpoint in October 2016. The plan is structured around four strategic goals:

Academic Identity

Our programs will be of high quality, will be academically rigorous, and will challenge students to reach their full potential.

The Student Experience

We will offer students a transformative experience that ensures they acquire the skills, attitudes, and knowledge to lead fully enriched lives.

Institutional Strength

We will ensure the longā€term health and well-being of the institution.

Continuous Improvement

We will encourage a culture of continuous improvement, embracing practices and pursuing innovations that advance our mission, values, and vision.

Accompanying each strategic goal are a number of strategic objectives that describe the programmatic and cultural characteristics that will be present when the strategic goal is fully achieved.

The strategic plan also establishes several specific and measurable strategic targets that serve as benchmarks for the plan and help to inform annual planning.

Although the strategic plan is designed to support the College’s enduring mission and values, it is also designed to help achieve its vision for the future:

Utica College will be the nation’s most innovative small university, inspiring students to create a future beyond their imagining.
You can download a copy of Higher Aspirations, Greater Expectations: The 2020 Strategic Plan for Utica College.

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