Annual Planning
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Annual Planning

While the strategic plan charts the general direction for the institution as a whole, it is annual planning that determines the role that academic and administrative units (divisions, schools, departments, programs) will play in achieving the strategic plan’s goals, objectives, and targets.

Each year, the President of the College confers with the institution’s senior leadership to set priorities that inform divisions’ annual goals and help to ensure that the appropriate financial and human resources are allocated. Planning at the school and departmental level follows the setting of divisional goals.

Annual planning at the divisional level begins shortly before or after the first of the calendar year, at which time the senior administration assesses progress toward the current year’s goals. Institutional priorities and divisional goals are finalized by the start of the new academic and fiscal year (June 1) and communicated to the College community at the start of the fall semester.

2018-19 Institutional Priorities and Divisional Goals

2017-18 Institutional Priorities and Divisional Goals - End of Year Report


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