Program Details - Intensive English Language Program

Program Details - Intensive English Language Program

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Intensive English Language Program

Admission to IELP

Utica College studentsIf you are qualified for admission to Utica College on all criteria and have high intermediate or advanced proficiency in English, you are qualified to enroll in the IELP. The table below shows the scores required on the most commonly used international English proficiency tests to be admitted to the IELP.

Applicants for admission who score below 79 on the internet-based TOEFL (or equivalent on other TOEFL forms) or 6.0 on the IELTS are eligible for provisional admission to the Utica College and are enrolled in the IELP if they have achieved these minimum scores:

Minimum Scores Required for Admission to IELP


450 40 4.0  B1

Undergraduate students who wish to improve their English language proficiency while enrolled in a full time degree program may enroll in one or two IELP courses with the permission of the IELP Director and their advisor. Credit is not awarded for IELP courses.

Application Process

The application process for IELP students is the same as the process for UC undergraduate applicants. All international applicants will be considered candidates for IELP depending on the outcome of placement testing.  IELP applicants need to complete the same forms and submit the same application fee as international undergraduate applicants to UC. 

Placement Testing
Upon arrival you will take a placement test and be placed into IELP Level 1 or 2 based on your score.  You will receive letter grades in the IELP courses (A, B, C, etc.), and will be required to achieve an overall average of 80% (B-) or higher, with no individual course grade below 75% (C), to stay in the program.  Once you successfully complete the program, you are eligible to enroll in a degree program with no additional TOEFL or IELTS testing required.

Program Levels

There are two levels in the Intensive English Language Program: As a full-time IELP student, you will take all four courses at one level.  Graduate and undergraduate degree students may take individual IELP courses with the permission of the instructor, the program director, and their advisor.  IELP courses at different levels cannot be taken at the same time.


During the academic year, each level meets for 20 hours per week for one semester of 15 weeks.  In the summer, the shorter 13-week intensive program will meet for 23 hours per week.

Program Costs

IELP Semester Costs

Tuition & fees$6000
On-campus room & board (avg)$5655
Books, insurance, expenses (estimate)$1605

Click here to find out more about housing and meal costs.


We follow the on-campus calendar and offer courses year-round, with entry points in August, January, and May.  Plan on arriving about a week before classes start to recover from jet lag before orientation and placement testing.

Contact Us

Deborah Wilson-Allam, M.A.

Deborah Wilson-Allam, M.A.

Director, Intensive English Language Program
(315) 792-3259
(315) 792-3831 (fax)

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