Institutional Efffectiveness Committee

Institutional Efffectiveness Committee

About This Committee

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) at Utica University fosters a culture of continuous improvement by documenting the extent to which the institution fulfills its educational mission ad strategic goals. The IEC is responsible for 

  • Integrating the University's planning processes in support of the institution's mission, vision, and strategic priorities; 
  • Demonstrating the alignment between strategic planning priorities and resource allocations;
  • Steering the University's Middle States accreditation, to include monitoring compliance with the MSCHE Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation; 
  • Reviewing administrative departments' assessment processes with respect to how well results are used for continuous improvement; 
  • Promoting the University's ability to tell its story to diverse stakeholders, both internal and external. 
The Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) reports to the University President on a semi-annual basis and, at the President's request, may report to the Board of Trustees and the larger University community. 

Fall 2023 Report to the University President
Fall 2022 Report to the University President 
Spring 2023 Report to the University President 


Standing members on the IEC include the Senior Associate Provost (Chair) and the Assistant Vice President for Financial Planning & Analysis. The remaining members represent various units at the University. Since "institutional effectiveness" refers to how well the institution is achieving its educational mission, at last 50% of the members must represent the faculty. 

Members serve by invitation of the committee after consultation with the President and appropriate vice presidents/department heads. Members serve for 3-year terms with a 2-term limit. 

2023 - 2024 IEC Members
Andrew Carr 
Ann Damiano, Chair
Deanna Errico
Ariel Gratch
Kristin Haag
Annemarie Kinsella
Erin Knight
Amy Lindner 
Kira Maddox
Terri Provost
Patricia Swan

Contact Us

Ann E. Damiano

Ann E. Damiano

Senior Associate Provost
201 DePerno Hall
(315) 223-2568

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