Integrated Information Technology Services

Network and Internet Use

Legacy Policy


• Access to the Internet and the College network is managed by IITS Networking Services.

• Transmission of illegal material over the College network is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to copyrighted material, any other illegal activities, and activities that violate respectively the Code of Student Conduct, the Employee Handbook or the AAUP-UC Contract.

• In order to protect student privacy, college core business functions and the systems and software that operate core business functions, IITS will regularly monitor traffic to and from all file servers and to all data repositories housing these records. Monitoring traffic is not construed to mean reading content.

• IITS will not monitor the content of information transmitted over its network except where there is probable cause to believe it will be destructive as determined by IITS. If the danger to the system or system user is not imminent and the source of the danger is known, IITS will consult with the appropriate administrative office. Any such investigations will be conducted in a way so as to safeguard the privacy of all parties. Such investigations will be announced and revealed to the concerned parties when required.

• IITS may monitor the types of Internet traffic in order to discover misuse of Internet access or determine possible problems.

• Internet access is shared amongst the entire campus community. Uses of Internet access which prevent others from accessing the Internet or use an unreasonable amount of bandwidth are prohibited. These include but are not limited to file sharing applications, network scanning, and streaming of audio and video.

• The College assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages arising from the user’s connection to the Internet or campus network.

• Wireless Use: Wireless access requires a network login and in some cases compliance with the registration system and threat defense system. IITS computers are authorized to access wireless resources anywhere wireless is available. Faculty, staff and students possessing equipment capable of wireless internet access may only use the public portion of UC wireless network, named UC_Open.

• Viewing of pornographic materials is prohibited on College owned computers unless permission is granted for academic purposes.

• Internet access must not be used to spread any malicious software.


Covers all network and internet traffic into and out of the campus network. Includes any user using the campus network regardless of the computer or device they are using.


Prevent misuse of the network resources, and provide reliable internet access and access to internal services.


Networking will monitor network traffic as needed to determine problem areas and make changes to prevent problems. Notification of changes will be made when possible and necessary.


Enforcement of Utica College policies is the responsibility of the office or offices listed in the “Resources/Questions” section of each policy. The responsible office will contact the appropriate authority regarding faculty or staff members, students, vendors, or visitors who violate policies.

Utica College acknowledges that College policies may not anticipate every possible issue that may arise. The College therefore reserves the right to make reasonable and relevant decisions regarding the enforcement of this policy. All such decisions must be approved by an officer of the College (i.e. president, vice president for academic affairs, or vice president for financial affairs).


Direct any questions to the Director of IITS Operations.

Due to the rate at which technology changes, this policy may not anticipate every issue that may arise. As a result, IITS reserves the right to enact additional restrictions, or modify the existing restrictions as needed while approval of those changes are pending.

Please note that other Utica College policies may apply or be related to this policy. To search for related policies, use the Keyword Search function of the online policy manual.
Effective Date: Unknown
Date Last Revised: 02/08/2007

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