Utica College Policies and Procedures

Welcome to Utica College's Online Policies and Procedures Manual. Here you will find standardized policies that have been systematically reviewed by the College's constituencies and approved by the President of the College.

Utica College's Online Policies and Procedures Manual is maintained by the Office of the President, which also notifies the College community when new or revised policies are put into place. All policies and procedures have been reviewed by the College's Policy Advisory Group.

If you have any questions or concerns about the policies on this Web site, please call the Office of the President at (315) 792-3222.

New Policies:

Interpersonal Violence and Sexual Misconduct Effective 06/23/2015

Recently Revised Policies:


Disclaimer: Utica College reserves the right to amend or revoke its policies at any time. The policies found at this Web site are not conditions of employment, and do not create a contract between the College and its employees.