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Meet Brian Gleitsmann

Brian Gleitsmann

Brian Gleitsmann '09

Brian Gleitsmann '09

Senior Associate Director of Admissions

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New York Counties

Hamilton, Herkimer, Madison, Nassau, Oneida, Suffolk



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Advice to Students
Keep an open mind. College is all about trying new things, meeting new people, and figuring out how to be successful on your own. Where you go to college will shape the experiences you'll have, and the types of people you'll meet. Decide what's important to you, and make a list. This could be anything like a specific major or program, a sports team, an internship, or even a place you'd like to live. Then start looking at schools that have what you're interested in, and visit as many of them as you can. Every college campus has its own atmosphere. It's something you will feel right away. While you're there don't forget get to ask lots of questions. The answers you get will be informative, but they will also tell you about the kind of people you'll be around for the next several years. The important thing is to find a college where you feel comfortable being yourself. If you're feeling unsure about what you're looking for, don't worry. When you find it, you will know.


Advice to Parents
Be supportive. Help your son or daughter make an informed decision. Your child will need guidance. For most people, graduating high school and moving onto college is the biggest change they've ever had to make. It's a big change for students, and for the parents. Work together with your child to stay organized (there is a lot of information to remember!), and on track to meet deadlines. Encourage your child to take an active role in choosing a college by having them ask the questions. Once they get on campus, you won't be there to ask for them. Ultimately, there are three questions you need to answer: 1. Will this school prepare my child to be successful in the professional world? 2. Does this school fit within our budget? 3. Does my child feel comfortable at this school?


What's the Best Thing About UC?
The people. From the students, to the faculty and the staff, Utica College is a place where you will meet new people and form lifelong relationships. The student body is enthusiastic, motivated, and fun. As an alumnus of Utica College I can attest to the knowledge and dedication of the faculty. The professors know you by name. They are approachable, and always willing to help. As a UC employee I discovered even more just how much everyone here is committed to helping our students achieve their goals from the offices that are in direct contact with students to the offices that work behind the scenes. Everyone works for the students. The people here are what keep me coming back every day.

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Office of Admissions

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