Human Capital Management Seminar

Human Capital Management Seminar

Seminar for HR Leaders, Managers, and Professionals

Program Overview

SkylineHR leaders and professionals are constantly searching for ways to bring greater value to their organizations. However, busy with day-to-day HR operations and supporting other functions in building and retaining their teams, it’s not always easy to find the right approach.

The good news is that in today’s ultra-competitive global business environment, where technology, geography, and the availability of process management tools level the playing field, the best option for a long-term sustainable advantage is our human capital. For this reason, the future of HR is in helping organizations mobilize their people as tangible assets through Human Capital Management, an organizational practice whereby the human capital assets of an organization are collectively leveraged for the purpose of gaining a competitive advantage.

To be relevant, HR managers and professionals need to:
  • redefine their roles in the organization,
  • learn how to effectively lead human capital initiatives, and
  • align/integrate the right tools and programs to support the organization’s business strategy.

Who Should Attend

HR leaders, managers, and professionals who have the desire to bring a higher level of added value to the HR function, are interested in learning how to leverage their people as a competitive advantage through the concepts of Human Capital Management, and are committed to their own personal career development and growth.

Program Benefits

You will learn how to guide your organization to fully leverage the people in your organization by implementing the core elements of Human Capital Management System, including how to:
  • Enhance and add greater value in HR’s ability to contribute to the organization’s business strategy.
  • Build and align your organization’s values and culture more effectively.
  • Combine and integrate the most critical components of the organization that enable companies to differentiate themselves through their people.
  • Select the right HR programs and initiatives for your organization to pursue.
  • Articulate and justify HR related investments and expenditures.
  • Develop a Talent Utilization approach that will increase the organizational effectiveness of your workforce.
  • Develop skills and capabilities that will enable you to grow and increase your marketability in your professional career.

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