Diploma Name Policy

Diploma Name Policy

Original Diplomas:

(See below for information about names on replacement diplomas)

The name you select to be printed on your diploma must match the name that have been registered with Utica University (see below for detailed rules about middle names and suffixes).

If you request a name for your diploma that does not match your registered name with the University and do not submit the name change prior to the diploma printing, your registered name in Banner will be printed on your diploma.

If the name being requested for the diploma differs from the name on the official student record, a name change request must be submitted to the University Registrar, 122 White Hall (registrar@utica.edu).

Middle Names:

If your middle initial is recorded in Banner, you have three choices:

  1. You may opt to include the middle initial exactly as it is recorded in Banner.
  2. You may opt to exclude your middle initial.
  3. You may opt to spell out your middle name, but your middle name must match the initial we have listed in Banner. (That is, if your middle initial in Banner is “A,” you wish to spell out "Ann" for your diploma, you may do so without any special documentation.)

If you wish to include your middle name or initial, but it is not listed in Banner:

You must submit legal documentation that includes your middle name or initial. This can be a birth certificate, marriage license, driver's license, etc.

Suffixes (Junior, Senior, etc):

If we do not have a record of a suffix on your student record (such as Jr, Sr, III, IV, etc), you must provide proof that your legal name includes such a suffix before we will add it to your diploma name.


No additional titles, such as Fr., Esq., Dr., Mrs., etc, will be permitted on the diploma under any circumstances.

Errors on Diploma:

Diplomas issued with errors will be replaced free of charge provided that the Registrar’s office is notified within one year of conferral date. The original diploma must be returned before the reprinted one will be sent out.

Replacement Diplomas:

Replacement Diploma Request Form

The name printed on the replacement will be the name from your original diploma.

If you have legally changed your name, please order your replacement diploma using the paper form and send it in with a copy of the documentation verifying your name change, and we will print the replacement diploma with your new name.

All information submitted on the replacement diploma form must be verified by the Registrar before we order the document.

Only the student may order a replacement diploma.

Diploma Styles:

Replacement diplomas are printed in the current style of Utica University diplomas with current signatures. The word “Replacement” is printed at the bottom of the document with the month and year the replacement was printed.

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