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Identity Theft News

TMJ4 , November 25, 2019

Identity theft threat heightens during the holidays

By Kristin Byrne

It's important to be mindful of identity theft all year, but especially during the holidays. An Experian report shows 43% of people who have had their identity stolen claim it happened while they were shopping online during the holidays. One of those reasons is people using the same password for multiple accounts. full article
Trussville Tribune , November 25, 2019

Moody man sentenced in identity theft, illegal gun possession case

By Erica Thomas

A federal judge sentenced a Moody man to 14 years in prison Monday for convictions for felon in possession of a firearm and aggravated identity theft. Greg Alan McDonald, 40, pleaded guilty to the charges in July. United States Attorney Jay E. Town said McDonald was known as a repeat offender. full article
Snopes , November 20, 2019

Did Police Warn That Facebook Quizzes Could Lead to Identity Theft?

A warning crops up periodically to avoid taking quizzes posted to Facebook.


On Nov. 18, 2019, WTMJ, a television news station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, reported that, “Facebook quizzes help identity thieves learn personal information, increasing people’s risk of being scammed.” The story has reemerged periodically since December 2017, when Sutton police in Massachusetts first issued the warning. At that time, ABC News picked up the story and published an article with the warning on Dec. 20, 2017. full article
The Grio , November 19, 2019

Atlanta woman pleads guilty in identity theft case involving $2.5M stolen from NBA Player

By Kia Morgan-Smith

Annie Ford, 51, of Atlanta admitted to stealing the identity of a former New Jersey-based ballplayer in 2013 to secure a $2.5 million loan — a federal crime. She subsequently pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud and one count of aggravated identity theft, according to the US Attorney Craig Carpenito’s office in a statement Friday. full article
Consumer Affairs , November 12, 2019

2019 Identity theft statistics

By Rob Douglas

A well presented document on the current trends of identity theft in 2019 The document goes over the increases and decreases of certain tactics. Along with where identity theft mostly takes place and what methods are most popular. The article brings up the concern of identity theft among member of the military. While deployed, active duty members of the armed services are particularly vulnerable to identity theft because they may not notice mistakes on their credit reports or receive calls from debt collectors regarding a fraudulent charge. According to FTC reports, military consumers are most affected by credit card and bank fraud. It is highly recommended to read through this article to learn more about the current state of identity theft. full article
WSPY News , November 11, 2019

Several Thefts, Identity Theft Reported in Oswego

Various thefts and identity thefts are under investigation in Oswego after reports were made over the weekend. None of the reports have been announced as being related. Oswego Police say they were called to the 300 block of Blue Grass Pkwy. on Saturday around 1:11 p.m. to take a report of an identity theft where police say a victim had over $85,000 in assets allegedly stolen. No arrests or suspects have been announced. full article
WTNH , November 11, 2019

Naugatuck police asking for public’s help in locating identity theft suspects

By Hector Ramirez II

Naugatuck police are asking for your help locating suspects of an identity theft case. Police say the two suspects ended up making $15,000 worth of fraudulent purchases with the victim’s identity. full article
Fairfield Citizen , November 11, 2019

Fairfield man charged in identity theft investigation

By Rachel Scharf

Tajh Wiley, a 23-year-old Fairfield man, was arrested after allegedly committing a series of financial crimes. According to Capt. Robert Kalamaras, the Fairfield Police Department conducted an extensive identity theft investigation throughout October and November. After developing Tajh Wiley as a suspect, police were granted an arrest warrant for Wiley on Nov. 6. full article
Daily Voice , November 10, 2019

Alert Issued For Long Island Woman Wanted For Identity Theft

By Zak Failla

Stephanie Bonilla, 33, is wanted by the Nassau County Court and Nassau County Police Department following her arrest for first-degree identity theft, after she allegedly assumed another's ID and caused a financial loss greater than $2,000. Investigators described Bonilla as 5-foot-6 weighing approximately 130 pounds with red hair and brown eyes. Anyone who comes into contact with her has been cautioned by police not to attempt to apprehend or detain her. full article
The News Star , November 8, 2019

Identity theft, forgery charges filed for Monroe woman with $33K theft history

By Ashley Mott

A Monroe woman who previously stole over $33,000 from the Salvation Army is facing new allegations including identity theft, forgery and fraudulently obtaining a credit card. According to an arrest warrant for Dana Hill, age 38, deputies received a complaint from a family member stating they believed Dan used her mother-in-law and deceased father-in-law’s identity to secure services including insurance and DirecTV as well as multiple credit cards. full article
Times Union , October 31, 2019

Coeymans woman turns herself in for alleged identity theft, larceny

A Coeymans woman who was wanted on identity theft and larceny charges turned herself into State Police Wednesday after seeing her mug shot on Facebook Samantha L. Bergdoll, 22, was accused of taking out loans and a line of credit in an associate's name. full article
New Las Vegas , October 30, 2019

Las Vegas man pleads guilty to identity-theft scheme targeting military members, veterans

By Cody Miller

The Department of Justice announced Wednesday that Las Vegas resident Fredrick Brown, 38, pleaded guilty to his role in a multi-million dollar identity theft and wire fraud scheme that targeted thousands of U.S. service members and veterans. According to the DOJ, Brown was a civilian medical records administrator for the U.S. Army stationed in South Korea. full article
Phoenix News Times , October 28, 2019

AZ Patriots Leader Arrested for Identity Theft, Tells Cops She's 'Above the Law'


Two months ago, a video went viral of Jennifer Harrison being laughed at while shouting "Respect our laws!" at a Tucson City Council meeting. Last week, the AZ Patriots founder was arrested on suspicion of identity theft — and she didn't go peacefully, police say. full article
News4Jax , October 8, 2019

How to protect your child from identity theft

Children are a target for identity theft scammers

By Ivanhoe Newswire

In 2017, more than one million children were victims of identity theft or fraud. Two-thirds of those affected were aged seven or younger. Simply obtaining a child’s Social Security number allows scammers to open new accounts or make big purchases and run up a lot of debt. The problem? You might not even know about it until years later. full article
Boing Boing , October 7, 2019

Identity theft's newest target: your face


According to the New York Daily News, Google contractors told these biometric test subjects that they were just going to play a “selfie game”, and they'd even get paid for it. Paid all of five bucks so that Google could use their identity to build more accurate facial recognition, holding onto their facial model forever. And it gets even worse, not only were contractors reportedly lying, but they also targeted the homeless and others in dire financial straits, hoping they were less likely to complain publicly. full article
MedicaNewsToday , September 29, 2019

Hospital data breaches could lead to identity theft, financial fraud

By Monica Beyer

For compromised medical information, the researchers placed specific diagnoses and treatment options in a "sensitive medical information" category. These included HIV status, sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse, mental health, and cancer. These had the potential for severe privacy violations for the people involved. full article
The Wabash Valley , August 14, 2019

Visitor to Rockville Correctional Facility arrested on identity theft charges

The Indiana Department of Correction says Tracy West of Chicago provided false identification and identified herself as that person both orally, and by signature, while trying to visit an inmate at the facility full article
U,S News and World Report , August 8, 2019

Credit Card Fraud vs. Identity Theft: What's the Difference?

The damage inflicted by identity theft versus credit card fraud can be miles apart.

By Ben Luthi

The terms credit card fraud and identity theft are often used interchangeably, but they're not the same. There are distinct differences in how fraud and identity theft are perpetrated, how they affect victims and what the recovery process looks like. full article
Claims Journal , August 5, 2019

Identity Theft Stings, But Hard to Pin on Specific Attacks

By Anick Jesdanun

Data breaches through hacking attacks are distressingly common these days, and personal details about you can lead to identity theft, such as credit cards and loans in your name. But it’s hard to pin the blame on any specific hack, as the most sophisticated criminals combine data from multiple attacks to better impersonate you. full article
Kiplinger , August 1, 2019

Capital One Data Breach: 5 Steps to Avoid Identity Theft, Fraud

Be proactive to protect your sensitive personal information from scammers.

By Lisa Grestner

Just as consumers are starting to claim their share of the settlement for the 2017 Equifax data breach, Capital One has announced that the personal information of about 100 million Americans and 6 million Canadians was exposed in a hack that took place last March. Software engineer Paige Thompson has been charged with exploiting a vulnerability in Capital One’s network and gaining access to information on people as of the time they applied for a Capital One credit card, dating back to 2005. The data includes names, birth dates, mailing addresses, zip codes, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and self-reported income. full article
Chicago Tribune , July 29, 2019

Woman accused of stealing identity of ‘Empire’ star Taraji P. Henson

By William Lee

A pregnant mother of six trembled throughout a court hearing Sunday as prosecutors accused her of stealing the identities of several people, including a star of the Fox television show “Empire,” and collecting thousands of dollars in merchandise mailed to dummy addresses. full article
Click Orlando , July 24, 2019

Woman arrested in Volusia County identity theft ring

Two people still at large

By Gabrielle Nunez

Daytona Beach Shores police say they have arrested a key suspect behind an identity theft ring targeting people and businesses in Volusia County. The city's criminal investigation division arrested Nicole Yanine Siroky after a 10-month-long investigation. full article
ABC 30 , July 21, 2019

Four Arrested for Identity Theft Ring in Porterville

Porterville Police arrested four suspects in connection with an identity theft ring. full article
Q13 Fox , July 19, 2019

Help ID crook seen cashing checks stolen from identity theft victim’s storage unit

By David Rose

Depending on the level of security a storage facility has — they’re prime targets for thieves — and a woman in Mountlake Terrace knows this painfully too well. She’s going through financial hell after crooks stole checks from her storage unit and turned her into an identity theft victim – but Mountlake Terrace Police hope you can help give her some justice — by identifying a crook who cashed one of her checks on May 30th. full article
Search Engine Roundtable , July 19, 2019

Easy Google Knowledge Panel Identity Theft

By Barry Schwartz

Ari Roth from Five Blocks showed us how he was able to claim the knowledge graph profile of the American theatrical producer Ari Roth. In short, this is an issue with whomever at Google is manually reviewing this verification request of not doing their research and making a mistake. full article
WHNT News , June 23, 2019

Identity Theft Scammers Target Vacationers

By Elizabeth Garcia and Julia Cherry

As the warmer months approach, the need for a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation increases. According to the U.S. Travel Association, U.S. domestic travel increased 1.9 percent in 2018 to a total of 2.3 billion person-trips. As a vacation approaches, excitement heightens and all focus is dedicated to making sure all the essentials are packed and ready to go but what most people forget to do on vacation is be aware of their security. With an increased use of credit cards, public Wi-Fi, and tagging your location on social media, the risk of identity theft increases. full article
New York Post , June 21, 2019

Social media star Christian Aaron charged with identity theft

By Lorena Mongelli and Lia Eustachewich June 21, 2019 | 4:46pm | Updated

Christian Aaron, is accused of stealing a woman's identity and racking up $19,000 on an American Express card under her name full article
22 News - WWLP , June 14, 2019

Have you or anyone you know been a victim of identity theft?

By Syndey Snow

Many people have fallen victim to identity theft or know someone who has. If you suspect your identity has been stolen you need to act fast. Identity theft occurs when criminals gain access to your social security number, financial accounts or other personal information. The article goes over the steps that need to be taken if you feel as though you are a victim of identity theft, and ways that you can prevent future attacks against your personal information. full article
Fox6 News , June 14, 2019

2 from Michigan accused of identity theft; lost wallet leads to their arrest

By Angelica Sanchez

A man and woman from Michigan are accused of identity theft, but their alleged scheme landed them in custody at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport. The accused are Dallal Farha, 38, of Ann Arbor, Michigan and Robert Martin, 35, of Ypsilanti, Michigan. full article
Now This News , June 13, 2019

How to Avoid Identity Theft

Identity theft can impact your finances, emotional state, and a criminal record for years—here's how you avoid it. This link shows a short clip of the different ways that individuals can avoid becoming a victim of identity theft. full article
PINAC News , June 12, 2019

Florida Cop Arrested for Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud

By Keith Palmer

A Jasper, Fl police officer has been arrested on theft charges, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) announced on Wednesday. FDLE says 56-year-old Jasper Police Department Officer Reginald Akins was taken into custody and is facing charges of identity theft, credit card fraud and grand theft. full article
Daily Herald: Suburban Chicago's Information Source , June 6, 2019

Riverwoods businessman indicted on bank fraud and identity theft charges

By Henry Redman

"A 44-year-old Riverwoods businessman was indicted Wednesday on 11 counts of bank fraud and two counts of aggravated identity theft by a federal grand jury in Chicago, according to the U.S. attorney's office." full article
Fox 31 , June 5, 2019

Scammers heat up identity theft efforts as summer approaches

By Shaul Turner

Crooks are throwing some heat into their game as the summer season approaches. Rev. Tommy Richardson says he answered a threatening call from a person named “Donald” who said he was from the Social Security Administration. The article shows an interview with Richardson and how he handled the situation. full article
9to5mac , June 5, 2019

$19 million worth of iPhones stolen in massive identity theft scam

By Ben Lovejoy

Quartz reports that it was a large-scale identity theft operation: Over the past seven years, a New York City-based fraud ring allegedly stole more than $19 million worth of iPhones by posing as cellphone subscribers to get new devices at little or no cost. The six people authorities say ran the ring would then sell the stolen phones on the black market, getting away with the scam for years. As stated by the article, the massive scam has finally been put to rest, as the individuals involved have been caught. full article
Comparitech , June 4, 2019

Lottery Scams – How Do They Work?


An updated article from 2009, that deals with the different types of lottery scams that take place. full article
NBC , April 10, 2019

Dark web monitoring: Useful way to fight identity theft or marketing hype?

Many consumers are confused about what ‘dark web monitoring’ can really do, survey finds.

By Herb Weisbaum

Many people are making false assumptions about that, according to a new survey by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA). The survey found that: 36 percent of those who’d seen ads for dark web monitoring incorrectly believed identity theft services can remove their personal information from the dark web. (They can’t.) 37 percent mistakenly believe these services can prevent stolen information sold on the dark web from being used. (They can’t.) The reality is: No one can erase the data that winds up in this underground cyber-marketplace or prevent it from being sold, exchanged or used. full article
Enterprise Record , April 9, 2019

Stolen mail leads to identity theft | Scam of the Week


The Sheriff’s Office warns people to remain vigilant with their personal identifying information. People should gather their mail as soon as possible, and also make sure retailers check identification when using ATM and credit cards, or when writing checks. full article
WFLA , April 9, 2019

Protect yourself from identity theft, attend Shred-A-Thon

By Shannon Behnken

One in three Floridians have been the victim of identity theft in the past two years. Millions of Americans had personal information stolen in breaches. You never know when those crooks will strike. But in other cases, you yourself may hand over your private information without even realizing it. That's why AAA is teaming up with News Channel 8 for Saturday's annual Shred-A-Thon. You can bring up to 8 boxes of personal documents including paper and even electronic devices. We accept personal documents, no businesses. And remember, no metal binders and no cardboard full article
CBN , April 9, 2019

Credit Monitoring Vs. Identity Theft Protection: How Credit Alerts and Identity Alerts Differ

By MoneyTips

most credit monitoring and identity theft protection services are reactive, not proactive. They let you know when suspicious activity has occurred, but they can't prevent it from happening. You can supplement either service by using common-sense proactive tactics. Use strong passwords on all your accounts and change them often. Shred any sensitive information before discarding it. Protect all electronic devices with up-to-date anti-virus software. Avoid e-mail scams and suspicious requests for information. Store your personal information in as few places as possible. Check your credit frequently, and consider a credit freeze on your accounts to prevent thieves from opening fraudulent accounts in your name. full article
AccountingToday , April 8, 2019

IRS sees progress in identity theft battle

By Michael Cohn

The Internal Revenue Service said Monday that the number of taxpayers who reported they were victims of identity theft fell 71 percent between 2015 and 2018, thanks to coordination between the IRS and its Security Summit partners in the tax profession, the tax prep software industry and state tax authorities. full article
AccountingToday , April 8, 2019

IRS sees progress in identity theft battle

By Michael Cohn

The Internal Revenue Service said Monday that the number of taxpayers who reported they were victims of identity theft fell 71 percent between 2015 and 2018, thanks to coordination between the IRS and its Security Summit partners in the tax profession, the tax prep software industry and state tax authorities. full article
WFMZ , April 2, 2019

Berks County police investigating 'large scale' identity theft

By Tom Rader

The Central Berks Regional Police Department reports that investigators executed a search warrant at a home in the first block of Maci Way in Saint Lawrence on Monday. Residents reported seeing police officers at the home about 3 p.m. full article
CBS , April 2, 2019

Permanent Fix In Works After EDD Put Millions At Risk Of Identity Theft

By Julie Watts

, a permanent fix is finally in the works to prevent state agencies from mailing your social security number. This follows a state audit of the Employment Development Department (EDD) that found the agency has been putting millions of Californians at risk of identity theft. full article
AJC , April 2, 2019

Former campus watchman at Florida high school accused of identity theft

By Bob D'Angelo

Christopher Corey Barker, 34, of Lauderdale Lakes, was charged with unlawful possession of the personal identification information of another five or more people, according to his arrest affidavit. He was arrested March 15 at South Plantation High School. full article
NextGov , April 1, 2019

Identity Theft Services Inefficient at Addressing Data Breach Risks, Watchdog Says

By Brandi Vincent

The Government Accountability Office is doubling down on its recommendation that Congress reconsider the identity theft insurance it requires federal agencies to offer after data breaches. GAO reviewed documentation and conducted interviews with academic, consumer, government and industry experts to “evaluate issues related to consumers’ options” to address potential harm from data breaches. The agency found that there’s limited information around actually assessing said options. full article
Detroit Free Press , March 21, 2019

No, you can't pay to remove ID from the dark web. Here's what to do

By Susan Tompor

Not many people understand how the dark web work and may easily be fooled into thinking that purchasing identity theft protection can make sure that any data of you on the dark web will be erased. However, that is not the case. People must be careful and not fall for scams that may promise that service. full article
NBC , March 21, 2019

Identity Theft Suspect Had Profiles of Over 20,000 People

Two men have been arrested in Claremont on suspicion of identity theft after officers pulled them over and found stolen mail, credit cards, phony drivers licenses and a key used to open community mailboxes, police said Wednesday. full article
CEOworld , March 20, 2019

Six Questions To Ask Your Identity Theft Protection Company

By Alexandra Dimitropoulou

A series of questions that can be asked to your identity theft protection company to ensure that you are receiving the best protection you can. These questions can also you understand how these companies attempt to protect your data. full article
MoneyTips , March 20, 2019

Utility Scams And Identity Theft

How to Protect Yourself From These Scammers

This article touches on a scam that has a person impersonating a utility to worker to trick people in handing over money and other personal information. Utility companies don't make threats requiring immediate payment to avoid shutoff. They will send at least one disconnection notice by mail and provide several payment options to avoid shutoff by a certain time. full article
Fox , March 19, 2019

How to protect your child from identity theft

By Linda Bell

Javelin Strategy Research Opens a New Window. says more than one million children were victims of identity fraud in 2017. Experian Opens a New Window. says child identity fraud or theft will affect 25 percent of kids before turning 18. Bart McDonough, author of Cyber Smart knows first-hand about child identity theft. His youngest daughter had a tax return filed in her name when she was much younger. full article
KDLT , March 18, 2019

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Identity Theft Case

By Associated Press

The Supreme Court has agreed to take up a case that could make it more difficult for states to prosecute identity theft and other crimes. full article
Eurweb , March 4, 2019



An article discussing the statistics of the amount of identity theft taking place. About seven million people are affected by identity theft every year. The article goes in depth about the importance of keeping documents secured that could be used to steal one's identity. full article
KXNET , March 1, 2019

Fraud Expert Shares Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Identity Theft

By Renee Cooper

A short article that revolves around securing and monitoring your bank account to limit the damage that could occur during an identity theft attack. full article
PYMNTS , February 28, 2019

Equifax Chief Hit By Identity Theft Three Times

Equifax CEO Mark Begor has been the victim of identity theft three times in the past 10 years. Begor made the confession after U.S. Representative Katie Porter asked the CEO to share his Social Security Number, birth date, and address at the public hearing during an exchange about security and privacy concerns. full article
KSBY , February 24, 2019

Lompoc man arrested for several identity theft related charges

By Kelsey McFarland

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office says 54-year-old Arvan Washington III was found to be in possession of numerous suspected fraudulent checks, credit and debit cards, counterfeiting equipment, federal income tax documents, and social security cards. full article
ZDNet , February 23, 2019

Less than one in 10 Americans take necessary steps to prevent identity theft

Most Americans think they will be victims of cyber crime -– yet not many are concerned about it

By Eileen Brown

A detailed article that goes through multiple identity theft statistics and focuses on how few people defend themselves because they are not well informed on how these crimes occur. full article , February 21, 2019

How to use a credit freeze to combat identity theft


Article goes through the steps of how to freeze your bank account when you suspect that your identity has been stolen. It provides information on how it can be beneficial to know how to freeze your accounts. full article
CBS , February 12, 2019

Identity Theft Suspect Caught With Stolen Mail, W-2s And Drugs In Arlington

A man was arrested when he was caught dumpster diving for personal identification information. This is a way for people to obtain information that can help them steal somebodies identity by searching through their garbage. It is important to always dispose of documents with personal information on it responsibly full article
NASDAQ , February 11, 2019

How Blockchain Can Fight Fraud Based on Know-Your-Customer Data

An article which goes into the detail of Blockchain technology and how it can help fight fraud for businesses. This will help lower the chances of a business getting breached and having their customer's person information stolen. full article
AJC , February 2, 2019

Police: Tennessee man charged with ID theft kept victim's wallet in fanny pack

By Bob D'Angelo

Julian R. Mitchell, 20, was booked into the Davidson County Jail after the Thursday incident, the television station reported. Mitchell tried to use the victim's card, but a fraud alert determined that the card was either lost or stolen. full article
Cointelegraph , February 2, 2019

Crypto Thief Indicted in New York's First SIM Swapping Prosecution

By Adrian Zmudzinski

Dawson Bakies, has been accused of stealing the identities of over 50 victims in the United States, and also stealing funds from some of them. The 20-year-old man has been charged with identity theft, grand larceny, computer tampering and scheme to defraud among other charges in a New York State Supreme Court indictment. full article
NBC , January 28, 2019

How to identify tax identity theft

Goes over what to look for that may indicate that you are a victim of identity theft. Examples of suspicious activity include receiving tax-related documents that you did not request and should not receive, including receiving a bogus refund. Occasionally, information meant to be delivered to the thief will be sent to you by mistake. full article , January 26, 2019

Solutions for identity theft victims during the government shutdown


Various tips on how to keep yourself safe and how to deal with identity theft during the government shutdown. full article
MSNBC , January 12, 2019

Shutdown blocks help for identity theft victims, as FTC goes dark

By Jon Schuppe

Identity theft services are one piece of the FTC's suspended operations. Its Do Not Call Registry is offline, as is the Consumer Sentinel Network, which helps law enforcement agents track identity fraud and other consumer complaints. While the FTC doesn't intervene on a victim's behalf directly, it offers step-by-step advice on how to handle their particular circumstance, and it allows them to file a complaint, which generates an affidavit they can use to alert credit agencies and financial institutions. full article
CBS , January 10, 2019

7 Arrested In Keller Related To Identity Theft Ring Investigation

Seven people were arrested in Keller Thursday morning as part of an identity theft ring investigation, police say. An investigation by authorities in Keller, Southlake, Colleyville, the Secret Service and the North Texas Financial Crimes Task Force led them to a house near Shady Grove Road and Buckner Lane in Keller in the early morning hours. full article
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