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Identity Theft News , July 20, 2018

Former Alabama bank president pleads guilty to identity theft in $100,000 fraud scheme

By Carol Robinson

John Kevin Vann, former bank president, used his position to access to customer names, addresses and other personal information that he used to take out 31 fraudulent loans. He redirected the proceeds of the loans to himself, to businesses he controlled, or to his creditors. full article
lohud , July 16, 2018

Woman accused of identity theft to buy car from Westchester dealer

By Michael P. McKinney

Shamakia Walker has recently been accused of using someone else's identity to buy a Toyota SUV from a Mount Kisco dealership.Walker went to Mariano Rivera Toyota and used someone else's identifying information to secure a loan for a car. Walker used a fraudulent New Jersey driver's license and had knowledge of the person's employment history, according to authorities. full article
Daily Press , July 12, 2018

Brothers plead guilty in identity theft, fraud scheme that netted over $1.5 million

By Matt Jones

Two brothers have recently been convicted for stealing over $1.5 million from local businesses.The brothers used stolen identities to open accounts at local banks and retail stores. Using the fraudulent identification the brothers received thousands of dollars towards what officials say was used for personal use only. The brothers manipulated and stole from many people around them thus, allowing them to bring in the amount of money they did. full article
The Kansas City Star , July 10, 2018

Former NBA player sentenced in Kansas City to federal prison for fraud, identity theft

By Aaron Randle

Former NBA player Kermit Washington was sentenced to six years in federal prison without parole and ordered to pay $967,158 in restitution by U.S. District Judge Greg Kays after pleading guilty in November to two counts of filing a false tax return and one account of aggravated identity theft. Washington's charity, The Sixth Man Foundation, while operating as Project Contact Africa, used eBay and a PayPal account to facilitate more than $12 million in payments for items that included counterfeit software. Washington was found to have diverted the funds to an array of personal expenses including rent payments, vacation trips and plastic surgery for his girlfriend. full article , July 6, 2018

Stockton trio sentenced in massive identity theft case

By Roger Phillips

An alert cashier became suspicious when the store's check-cashing device rejected, a woman named Jeanne Mendoza's, check for $200.The store manager then followed her outside and snapped a photo with the license number of the rented U-Haul pickup she had departed in. After they had left, the manager placed a call to Ripon police, who located and arrested the trio of identity thieves. It has been reported that the trio had been making a living stealing mail, credit cards and packages, and writing bad checks on accounts that did not belong to them. In addition,the reported pickup contained things such as 1,100 pieces of mail stolen from 400 victims as well as more things that were not mentioned further from officials. full article
WCTV News , July 5, 2018

Caretaker Arrested, accused in Identity Theft Scheme

By WCTV Eye witness News

A man whose name was not listed has been arrested for allegedly stealing about $60,000 by pretending to be a caretaker. He used their personal information to obtain bank loans for reasons that were not disclosed. full article
CNN , June 30, 2018

Thieves Emptied the Bank Account of America's Oldest Living Veteran

By Nicole Chavez

Richard Overton, a 112 year old veteran, was recently robbed of all his money. Police say the criminal had used Overton's social security number and his checking account numbers to purchase several savings bonds containing everything in the bank account. The police so far have no suspects and are continuing to investigate the crime further. full article
Government Executive , June 29, 2018

Former ICE General Counsel Heads to Prison for Identity Theft

By Charles S. Clark

Raphael Sanchez, a former employee at the ICE office of Principal Legal Advisor, has been sentenced to 48 months in prison for wire fraud and identity theft. Sanchez, using the ICE computer database and his own computer had collected aliens personal information to use for his own benefit. He created credit lines, opened personal loans, made fraudulent licenses, and social security cards. These criminal actions not only put Sanchez in prison but has forced him to pay about $190,000 in restitution. full article
U.S. News , June 29, 2018

Former Fugitive Ex-Lawyer Pleads Guilty to U.S. Fraud Scheme

By Nate Raymond

Scott Wolas, a former litigator for Hunter & Williams, has recently been charged with wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. Wolas used his college roommates identity to defraud 20 investors of $1.7 million. After his first criminal act, Wolas continued his theft by stealing strangers identities and using them as his own so that he could continue to hide from Government officials and make sure his own identity was not compromised. full article
News Channel 2 , June 28, 2018



Fahrudin Omerovic the man who has been recognized by, the one who threatened Utica College, has recently been indicted for felony identity theft and misdemeanor petit larceny. Omerovic was caught using someone else's credit card to purchase two vacuum cleaners, totaling $564.18, which he then had delivered to the Utica College bookstore under his name. full article
CNN , February 16, 2018

Californian man pleads guilty to identity fraud connected to Russian interference in presidential election

By Katelyn Polantz

A California man pleaded guilty to identity fraud in a second case unsealed Friday by special counsel Robert Mueller in his investigation into Russian interference in the US presidential election. full article
Capital Gazette , February 11, 2018

Covering the Bases: New Medicare cards will offer safety against identity theft

By Amy Rubino

Take a look at your Medicare card and you will notice that Medicare uses a Social Security number (plus a letter) as your Medicare number. Look at this sample Medicare card and you can easily identify John Doe's Social Security number as 123-45-6789. Please don't worry, this example is not a real Social Security number. full article
DW , February 8, 2018

Infraud: US takes down international identity theft ring

By Reuters

Tens of thousands of users of the Infraud network reportedly ripped off consumers for $530 million over seven years. US authorities have already arrested 13 of the group's ringleaders. full article
NewStatesman , February 8, 2018

The ongoing identity theft of Kylie Jenner's week old baby

By Amelia Tait

It wouldn't be surprising if seven-day old Stormi had an Instagram account. As the newest member of reality TV's most famous family, the fact she's a baby should be no barrier to Stormi's social media success. When her mother Kylie Jenner posted a picture of the new-born to the site yesterday, it took just a few hours before it became Instagram's most-liked post ever. full article
CBS News , February 6, 2018

Identity theft has never been more rampant

By Kathy Kristof

Identity theft hit a record high in 2017. And if that's not disturbing enough on its own, the latest data on ID crimes found that the crooks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, gaining toeholds into poorly secured accounts as a way to access more important segments of the victim's financial life, according to a just-released annual survey. full article
NBC News , November 14, 2017

Not Just a Financial Toll: Some Victims of Identity Theft Consider Suicide


Identity theft can be more than a hassle -- replacing credit cards, closing bank accounts, or changing passwords. But for some victims, it can be a life-altering experience that also causes serious emotional problems and can even drive some to consider suicide. full article
The Sacramento Bee , November 7, 2017

Sacramento man headed to prison for bank fraud, identity theft

By Cathy Locke

A Sacramento man who pleaded guilty to bank fraud and identity theft has been sentenced to three years in federal prison. Raleigh Rana Figueras, 36, was sentenced Thursday by U.S. District Judge Morrison C. England Jr., according to a U.S. Attorney's Office news release. He pleaded guilty in February to bank fraud, aggravated identity theft, possession of stolen U.S. mail, and unlawful possession of five or more identification documents. full article
Huffington Post , November 6, 2017

Seattle Woman Says Her Identity Has Been Stolen 15 Times Since Equifax Data Breach

By Dominique Mosbergen

A Seattle woman says her identity has been stolen more than a dozen times since the massive Equifax security breach earlier this year. Katie Van Fleet told local news outlets she's speaking out as a warning to others. "I want to share my story and make people aware that this can happen to anybody," she told KOMO-TV last week. full article
thedailystar , November 1, 2017

REAL ID licenses to launch in New York

By Joe Mahoney

ALBANY -- New York motorists will get a new option for a driver's license Oct. 30 when state and county motor vehicle agencies begin making available REAL ID documents that the federal government has been pushing states to offer since 2005. full article
BillyPenn , October 31, 2017

Why there's so much confusion about REAL ID and PA driver's licenses at airports

By Mark Dent

Don't worry too much about the signs in airports warning how a Pennsylvania ID won't get you onto an airplane in January 2018. For one thing, Pennsylvania just got another extension Thursday. Your Pennsylvania ID will work for at least another year. full article
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