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Identity Theft News

MSNBC , January 12, 2019

Shutdown blocks help for identity theft victims, as FTC goes dark

By Jon Schuppe

Identity theft services are one piece of the FTC's suspended operations. Its Do Not Call Registry is offline, as is the Consumer Sentinel Network, which helps law enforcement agents track identity fraud and other consumer complaints. While the FTC doesn't intervene on a victim's behalf directly, it offers step-by-step advice on how to handle their particular circumstance, and it allows them to file a complaint, which generates an affidavit they can use to alert credit agencies and financial institutions. full article
CBS , January 10, 2019

7 Arrested In Keller Related To Identity Theft Ring Investigation

Seven people were arrested in Keller Thursday morning as part of an identity theft ring investigation, police say. An investigation by authorities in Keller, Southlake, Colleyville, the Secret Service and the North Texas Financial Crimes Task Force led them to a house near Shady Grove Road and Buckner Lane in Keller in the early morning hours. full article
VC Star , December 15, 2018

Camarillo authorities arrest local business owner accused of identity theft

By Jeremy Childs

Camarillo authorities arrested a 44-year-old man after he was reported to have committed identity theft using information taken from a customer at his business. A person contacted police about being a victim of identity theft in April. Prior to the theft, the victim had their vehicle serviced at Elmer's King's Tire and Wheel, 2787 E. Daily Drive, according to authorities. full article
Yahoo news , December 14, 2018

2 Caught With Stash Of Fraudulent Debit Cards, Says Greenwich PD

A pair of Bridgeport residents were arrested on forgery, identity theft and related charges Wednesday afternoon following a motor vehicle stop where police found a stash of re-coded debit cards in their possession, according to Greenwich Police Lt. John Slusarz. full article
Clarion Ledger , December 13, 2018

Man gets 3 years for identity theft of veteran and benefits

Tierun Bush of Jackson serve 36 months in federal prison for stealing a U.S. military veteran's identity and using it to get over $133,603 in benefits. Senior U.S. District Judge Tom S. Lee also ordered Bush at his sentencing Thursday to pay full restitution to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. full article
Chicago Tribune , November 28, 2018

Man charged with stealing Deerfield resident's identity in credit card scheme

By Steve Sadin

Matthew T. Maciejewski, 35, of Chicago, was arrested by Deerfield police Nov. 13 and charged with identity theft and fraudulent use of a credit card. He was picked up in Harwood Heights on a warrant issued six months earlier by a Lake County Criminal Court judge, according to Deerfield police reports. full article
New York Post , November 28, 2018

Feds bust cybercrime ring that used fake websites to scam advertisers

By Emily Saul

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn dismantled two international cybercrime rings for defrauding digital advertisers out of more than $30 million -- arresting seven Russians and a Kazakh man for running the scheme. The crew of hackers are accused of using malware to artificially inflate the number of visitors to websites across the world in order to drive up web traffic on fake websites they owned and defraud advertisers for nonexistent business. full article
Stamford Advocate , November 23, 2018

Bridgeport man charged in identify theft, credit card fraud

By Jim Shay

A 28-year-old Bridgeport man has been arrested on fraudulent use of credit cards, larceny and identity theft charges. Jovan Boyd, of Worth Street, was arrested on a court warrant Tuesday charging him with third-degree identity theft, making a false statement to procure issuance of a credit card, credit card theft, fourth-degree larceny, embezzlement and four counts of conspiracy. full article
Your Central Valley , November 20, 2018

Car break-ins linked to identity theft crimes, investigators say

By Alexan Balekian

Identity theft crimes are on the rise all across the Central Valley, and experts believe car break-ins are a big reason why. When personal property and information is stolen out of parked cars it sets people up to become victims of identity theft and fraud. full article
Fox , November 20, 2018

Former Green Bay woman pleads guilty to filing false tax returns and identity theft

By FOX 11 News

-A former Green Bay woman accused of filing more than 50 false federal income tax returns has plead guilty. Alma Ramirez, 40, is charged with wire fraud, assisting in filing false tax returns, seeking fraudulent tax refunds and aggravated identity theft. full article
abc-7 , November 19, 2018

Don't let your kids' school release their personal data

Identity thieves love to steal children's identities, and you need to take the right steps to help prevent it

Identity thieves love to steal children's identities. Nobody thinks to check their child's credit report because there's no reason to expect them to have one. Criminals can exploit the stolen identity undetected for years, until the child grows up to find his or her credit ruined. full article
MarketWatch , November 14, 2018

EZShield Launches Mobile Defense Suite

EZShield, a portfolio company of The Wicks Group ("Wicks") and the leader in digital identity protection and resolution, today announced a breakthrough in protecting Personally Identifiable Info. full article
BizWoman , November 12, 2018

Beat cybercrime fears by shopping safely online

By Caitlin Mullen

Americans worry most about cybercrime: 71 percent are frequently or occasionally worried hackers will get their credit card or other personal information, while 67 percent worry frequently or occasionally about their identity being stolen. This article goes through varies statistics involving cyber-crimes. full article
Yahoo news , November 8, 2018

How to Prevent Identity Theft Online

Preventing identity theft is about creating obstacles that make it harder for criminals to breach your identity in the first place. Here are some ideas on how to protect yourself from identity theft. full article
Beta News , November 6, 2018

Consumers still reuse passwords despite knowing the risks

By Ian Barker

Despite almost half of US consumers (49 percent) believing their security habits make them vulnerable to information fraud or identity theft, 51 percent admit to reusing passwords and PINs across multiple accounts. full article
MarketWatch , November 1, 2018

EZShield + IdentityForce Provide Holiday Shopping Tips to Protect Consumers Against Identity Theft

By Maria Miller and Justine Schneider

EZShield and IdentityForce provide a few tips on how consumers can be safe during the holiday season by providing tips to help protect your identity. full article
KVUE ABC , October 29, 2018

Austin psychologists convicted in multiple charges after fraud investigation

Dr. William Dubin and his son, Dr. David Dubin, were found guilty in a fraud investigation involving Psychological A.R.T.S.

By Drew Knight

A jury has convicted Dr. William Joseph Dubin, 73, and his son, Dr. David Fox Dubin, 33 of one count of conspiracy to pay and receive health care kickbacks, and two counts of offering to pay and paying illegal kickback, while his son was found guilty of one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud, one count of health care fraud and aiding and abetting health care fraud, and one count of aggravated identity theft. full article
Slate , October 25, 2018

Why Facebook Isn't Helping Its Users Who Got Hacked

Because in big corporate data breaches, the law and the courts aren't on victims' side.


Last month, Facebook announced that hackers had stolen the private data of some 30 million users, exploiting a series of bugs in the company's login system. The victims are now vulnerable to all kinds of fraud, from phishing attempts to identity theft to attempts to gain access to their other online accounts. Facebook is not helping the victims of this breech since it is not required by law. full article
CNBC , October 17, 2018

People in this state are at the highest risk for identity theft

By Darla Mercado

According to a study by WalletHub, Nevada ranks number one in the country for the most cases of Identity theft. Last year Nevada had about 128 identity theft complaints per capita. The average amount of money lost due to online identity theft was about $13,500. full article
Argus Leader , August 10, 2018

Man sentenced for identity theft of 'hundreds of victims' across Midwest

By Trevor Mitchell

A Maryland man has been sentenced for his role in an identity theft scheme causing approximately $60,000 in losses for local credit unions and banks across the Midwest. full article
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