The Applied Ethics Institute at Utica University - Ethics & Public Policy Newsletter - September 2013

The Applied Ethics Institute at Utica University - Ethics & Public Policy Newsletter - September 2013

Ethics & Public Policy Newsletter

Issue 3, September 2013

The Applied Ethics Institute at Utica College

  1. Introduction
  2. Upcoming Events at the Applied Ethics Institute at Utica College
  3. Upcoming Conferences
  4. Recent or Forthcoming Publications
  5. Journal Special Issues & Calls for Papers
  6. Fellowships and Courses


The Applied Ethics Institute at Utica College organizes an annual colloquium series, policy working groups, and conferences, under the direction of Christopher A. Riddle.

The Institute also produces a newsletter that is distributed thrice-annually, updating readers on recent developments in the field, of which this is the third issue.  The newsletter contains information about upcoming conferences, recent publications, journals, and related research programs. We hope that the newsletter will be of interest to anyone working in the field, whether in academia, the broader community, public service, or various non-governmental organizations. 

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The Applied Ethics Institute at Utica College will host a public Colloquium on Thursday, October 17th, 2013 at 7 pm in the Library Concourse at Utica College in Utica, NY.  Jeff McMahan, Professor of Philosophy, at Rutgers University will give a talk on the ethics of gun control.  For further details please visit here, or contact us at


Event: Social Complexes: Parts and Wholes: Perspectives from Ethics, Metaphysics and Philosophy of Action.
Host: Lund University (Sweden)
Speakers: Don Baxter, Marion Godman, and Johanna Seibt.

Event: International Conference on Applied Ethics.
Host: Center for Applied Ethics and Philosophy at Hokkaido University (Sapporo, Japan).
Speakers: John Kleinig, Paul Thompson, Peter-Paul Verbeek, and Timothy Murphy.
Date: 1-3 November, 2013

Event:  Conference on the issue of “Equality and Public Policy.”
Host: The George Washington Forum on American Ideas, Politics, and Institutions at Ohio University.
Speakers: Gerald Gaus, George Sher, Scott Winship, and Dierdre McCloskey.
Date: 14-16 November, 2013
Event: Ethics of Cyber Conflict
Host: University of Warwick
Date: 21-22 November, 2013
Event: Conference on the issue of “Facing Death.”
Host: Rhodes University (Grahamstown, South Africa).
Date: 27-29 November, 2013
Event: Research Workshop in Philosophy
Host: Universitat De Barcelona
CFP/CFA: A 2000-2500 word abstract is due by 15 October, 2013
Date: 16-17 January, 2014.

Event: International Society for Environmental Ethics, 2014 Central APA.
Host: Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, IL.
Date: 26 February-1 March, 2014

Event: 21st Century Theories of Literature: Essence, Fiction and Value
Host: University of Warwick
Speakers: Sergia Adadamo, Catherine Belsey, Gregory Currie, Peter Lamarque, and Stein Haugon Olsen.
CFP/CFA: A 500 word abstract is due by 30 November, 2013.
Date: 27-29 March, 2014

Event: Ethics and Moral Agency in Finance and the Financial Sector: Critical Perspectives
Host: University of Limerick (Ireland)
CFP/CFA: A 350 word abstract is due by 20 December, 2013.
Date: 23-25 April, 2014

Event: 2nd Annual Workshop on Food Justice: Bringing Theory and Practice Together
Host: Michigan State University
CFP/CFA: A 300 word abstract for individual presentations are due by 1 March, 2014.
Date: 23-25 May, 2014

Event: The Ethics of War in the 21st Century
Host: Stockholm University
Speakers: Frances Kamm, Seth Lazar, Gustaf Arrhenius, Cheyney Ryan, Christopher Heath Wellman, and Jeff McMahan.
CFP/CFA: A 5000 word paper due by 1 December, 2013.
Date: 24-25 May, 2014
Event: Existential and Phenomenological Theory and Culture
Host: Brock University
CFP/CFA: A 4500 paper is due by 15 January, 2014.
Date: 27-30 May, 2014
Event: 2014 McMaster Legal Philosophy Conference
Host: McMaster University
Speakers: Leslie Green, Richard Arneson, Connie Rosati and David Brink.
CFP/CFA: An 800-100 word abstract is due by 31 October, 2013.
Date: 30 May – 1 June, 2014

Event: The Humanitarian Question: Religion, Emotions and Humanitarianism in the Modern Age.
Host: University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany)
CFP/CFA: A 1-3 page paper is due by 1 November, 2013.
Date: 5-7 June, 2014

Event: Human Rights and Change
Host: Kadir Has Universitesi (Turkey)
CFP/CFA: A paper is due by 1 December, 2013.
Date: 16-18 June, 2014

41st International Hume Society Conference
Host: Portland State University
CFP/CFA: A 4000 word paper is due by 1 November, 2013.
Date: 22-26 July, 2014



Amerini, Fabrizio (2013). “Aquinas on the Beginning and End of Human Life”
(Harvard University Press). $29.95

Bell, Macalester (2013). “Hard Feelings: The Moral Psychology of Contempt”
(Oxford University Press). $49.95

Bellaby, Ross (2013). “Ethics and Intelligence Collection: A New Framework”
(Routledge). $135.00

Biggar, Nigel (2013). “In Defense of War” (Oxford University Press). $55.00

Bognar, Greg and Hirose, Iwao (2014). “The Ethics of Health Care Rationing:
An Introduction” (Routledge). $39.95

Boon, Marcus (2013). “In Praise of Copying” (Harvard University Press). $16.95

Boothroyd, Dave (2013). “Ethical Subjects in Contemporary Culture” (Columbia
University Press). $100.00

Boxer, K.E. (2013). “Rethinking Responsibility” (Oxford University Press). $55.00

Brennan, Jason (2014). “Why Not Capitalism?” (Routledge). $24.95

Brooks, Thom (2013). “Current Controversies in Political Philosophy”
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Burke, Anthony and Lee-Koo, Katrina (2014). “Ethics and Global Security”
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Campbell, Alastair (2013). “Bioethics: The Basics” (Routledge). $21.95

Chatterjee, Deen (2013). “The Ethics of Preventive War” (Cambridge
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Cherry, Mark & Iltis, Ana (2013). “Parental Obligations and Bioethics: The
Duties of a Creator” (Routledge). $125.00

Conly, Sarah (2013). “Against Autonomy” (Cambridge University Press).

Coons, Christian & Weber, Michael (2013). “Paternalism: Theory and
Practice” (Cambridge University Press). $29.99

Cunningham, Anthony (2013). “Modern Honor: A Philosophical Defense”
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Dawes, James (2013). “Evil Men” (Harvard University Press). $25.95

Doyle, Thomas (2014). “The Ethics of Nuclear Proliferation” (Routledge).

Enemark, Christian (2013). “Armed Drones and the Ethics of War: Military
Virtue in a Post-Heroic Age” (Routledge). $135.00

Enoch, David (2013). “Taking Morality Seriously” (Oxford University Press).

Filelfo, Francesco (2013). “On Exile” (Harvard University Press). $29.95

Fleming, James & McClain, Linda (2013). “Ordered Liberty: Rights
Responsibilities, and Virtues” (Harvard University Press). $49.95

Forst, Rainer (2013). “Toleration in Conflict: Past and Present” (Cambridge
University Press). $110.00

Freyenhagen, Fabian (2013). “Adorno’s Practical Philosophy” (Cambridge
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Ganeri, Jonardon (2013). “The Concealed Art of the Soul: Theories of the Self
and Practices of Truth in Indian Ethics and Epistemology” (Oxford University
Press). $35.00

Garcia, Frank (2013). “Global Justice and International Economic Law: Three
Takes” (Cambridge University Press). $99.00

Gilson, Erinn (2013). “The Ethics of Vulnerability: A Feminist Analysis of
Social Life and Practice” (Routledge). $125.00

Goldberg, Daniel (2014). “The Bioethics of Pain Management” (Routledge).

Goldhammer, Arthur and Rosanvallon, Pierre (2013). “The Society of Equals”
(Harvard University Press). $35.00

Hare, Caspar (2013). “The Limits of Kindness” (Oxford University Press).

Hirst, Martin and Patching, Roger (2014). “Journalism Ethics” (Routledge).

Huffer, Lynne (2013). “Are the Lips a Grave?: A Queer Feminist on the Ethics
of Sex” (Columbia University Press). $30.00

Hoffmann, Tobias (2014). “Aquinas and the Nicomachean Ethics” (Cambridge
University Press). $95.00

Ingram, James (2013). “Radical Cosmopolitics: The Ethics and Politics of
Democratic Universalism” (Columbia University Press). $35.00

Kolodny, Niko and Scheffler, Samuel (2013). “Death and the Afterlife”
(Oxford University Press). $29.95

Lichtenberg, Judith (2013). “Distant Strangers: Ethics, Psychology, and Global
Poverty” (Cambridge University Press). $29.99

Maclean, Alasdair (2013). “Autonomy, Informed Consent and Medical Law”
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May, Larry (2013). “Morality, Jus Post Bellum, and International Law”
(Cambridge University Press). $34.99

Nussbaum, Martha (2013). “Political Emotions: Why Love Matters for Justice”
(Harvard University Press). $35.00

Rengger, Nicholas (2013). “Just War and International Order” (Cambridge
University Press). $29.99

Rovane, Carol (2013). “The Metaphysics and Ethics of Relativism” (Harvard
University Press). $39.95

Smith, Kiah (2014). “Ethical Trade, Gender and Sustainable Livelihoods:
Women Smallholders and Ethicality in Kenya” (Routledge). $145.00

Sreedhar, Susanne (2013). “Hobbes on Resistance” (Cambridge University
Press). $29.99

Strawser, Bradley & McMahan, Jeff (2013). “Killing by Remote Control: The
Ethics of an Unmanned Military” (Oxford University Press). $49.95

Väyrynen, Pekka (2013). “The Lewd, the Rude and the Nasty” (Oxford University Press). $49.95


Journal: The Human Rights Journal
Issue: The Age of Rights
Deadline: 1 November, 2013
Journal: Review of Philosophy and Psychology
Issue: Mental Actions and Mental Agency
Deadline: 1 February, 2014
Journal: Polish Journal of Philosophy.
Issue: Slavery and Emancipation.
Deadline: The special issue is expected to be published within one calendar year. The journal is requesting submissions that do not exceed 8,000 words.
Submit to:


On 10-14 March 2014, the Dutch Research School of Philosophy will be offering a course aimed at PhD students on “Ethical Theory & Applied Ethics.” The course will take place in Barchem, The Netherlands at Woodbrooke Hotel; applications are due by 1 November, 2013. For more information, visit:


If you would like to announce a new research project, publication, call for papers, or upcoming conference in a future issue of this newsletter, please contact us at, or you can write to Christopher A. Riddle, The Applied Ethics Institute / Department of Philosophy, Utica College, 1600 Burrstone Rd., Utica, NY 13502, USA. Fax: 315-792-3831.

Special thanks to Adam Brooks for research assistance.

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