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10 Commandments of Communicating with People with Disabilities 26:00 VHS & DVD
400 Blows 99:00 DVD
7 Effective Strategies for Secondary Inclusion 65:00 DVD
Abortion and Divorce in Western Law (See: Marriages & Families) 14:00 VHS
Abused Wives 30 minutes VHS
Addicted Kids 24:00 VHS
Adolescence: A Case Study 19 minutes VHS
Adoption Options: An insight into Adoption (See: Marriages & Families) 13:00 VHS
Albert Ellis 45 minutes VHS
Alive 127:00 DVD
Angels Don't Have Headlights 25 minutes VHS
Anorexia 18 minutes VHS
Art for the Blind (CBS News) 26 minutes VHS
Art Of Being Fully Human 58 minutes VHS
Arts as Therapy with Children 40:12 DVD
As Good As It Gets 139:00 DVD
Asperger Syndrome: Living Outside the Bell Curve (CC) 17:30 VHS
Assessment (National Inst. On Drug Abuse) VHS
Asylum: A History of the Mental Institution in America 60:00 DVD
Autism is a World 39:50 DVD
Autism: The Child Who Couldn't Play 46:00 DVD
B.F. Skinner: A Fresh Appraisal 40:00 VHS
Battered Wives VHS
Being Seen and Heard: The Needs of Children of Parents with Mental Illness 60:00 DVD
Beyond Killing Us Softly: The Strength to Resist 33 minutes VHS
Beyond Macho 26 minutes VHS
Beyond the ADD Myth: Classroom Strategies & Techniques VHS
Black, White & Brown: Brown vs the Board of Education - Topeka (DVD) 60 minutes DVD
Boozers and Users 30 minutes VHS
Bowling for Columbine 120:00 DVD
Brain Machine 26 minutes VHS
Brain Sex 50 minutes each VHS
#1: Sugar and Spice  
#2: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better  
#3: Love, Love Me Do  
Brain: Our Universe Within 90 minutes each VHS
1. Mind Over Matter  
2. Memory and Renewal  
3. Evolution and Perception  
Brief Life of Catherine (Anorexic's Tale) 80 minutes VHS
Brilliant Madness 60:00 DVD
Brokeback Mountain 135:00 DVD
Bulimia 28 minutes VHS
Bullied: A Student, a School and a Case that Made History 40:00 DVD
Care Through Parents (16mm) 16mm
Caring at the Endl of Life 45:00 DVD
Caring For Children: An Intro, To Child Care: Enhancing Self-Esteem Respecting Diversity 28 minutes VHS
Caring For Infants & Toddlers with HIV Infections 21 minutes VHS
Challenge of Change (Marlene Brown) 56 minutes VHS
Changing Family & Its Implication (See: Marriages & Families) 12:00 VHS
Changing the Face of Dying 49:20 DVD
Child and Adolescent Development 54:24 VHS
Child Centered Play Therapy 50:00 DVD
Child Development Theorists: Freud to Erikson to Spock...and Beyond 22:00 DVD
Child's Play 20 minutes VHS
Child's View of Grief VHS
Child-Adolescent Disorders VHS
Childhood-Adolescent Disorders: Simulated Evaluation 47 minutes VHS
Children In Pain: An Overview 30 minutes VHS
Children in War 110 minutes VHS
Children of Divorce (See: Marriages & Families) 9:00 VHS
Children of the Earth Series 14 minutes each VHS
Tape 1: Asia Close-Up (Japan & Cambodia)  
Tape 2: Asia Close-Up II (Thailand & Philippines)  
Tape 3: Caribbean Close-Up (Haiti & Dominican Republic)  
Tape 4: Central America Close-Up (Guatemala & El Salvador)  
Tape 5: Cuba Close-Up (Havana & Pinar del Rio)  
Tape 6: South America Close-Up (Peru & Brazil)  
Tape 7: Mexico Close-Up (Cuidad Juarez, Chihuahua & Acteal, Chiapas)  
Tape 8: North American Close-Up (Navajo Reservation, Arizona, USA & Chelalts Reserve, British Columbia, Canada  
Tape 9: Africa Close-Up (Egypt & Tanzania)  
Children With AIDS (UC Psych/Child-Life Presentation) 3/92 VHS
Clinical Vignettes (Vol. 1) 60 minutes VHS
Clinical Vignettes (Vol. 2) 60 minutes VHS
Clockwork Genes: Discoveries in Biological Time DVD
Co-dependency: Healing the Family Within 30 minutes VHS
Cognition, Creativity, and Behavior 30 minutes VHS
Communicating With Children: Supportive Interactions in Hospitals 120 minutes VHS
Community Voices 69 minutes DVD
Connecting Early Childhood Learning VHS
1. Infant Curriculum 20 minutes  
2. Toddler Curriculum 18 minutes  
3. Sharing Nature With Young Children 17 minutes  
4. Music Across the Curriculum 16 minutes  
Copyright 101: An Introduction to Copyright 43:00 DVD
Crash 122:00 DVD
Creative Curriculum 36 minutes VHS
Dare To Be Different: Resisting Drug Related Pressures (on tape with Hard Facts) VHS
Darius Goes West 94:00 DVD
Darius Goes West (Closed Caption Version) 94:00 DVD
Dealing With Death and Dying 45 minutes VHS
Dear Lisa: A Letter to My Sister 45 minutes VHS
Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father 95:00 DVD
Death & Dying: Physician's Perspective 29 minutes VHS
Death and Dying: A Teenage Class 11 minutes VHS
Decllining by Degrees: Higher Education at Risk 120:00 DVD
Depression: Children, Adolescents & the Elderly 120 minutes VHS
Developing Child #1: Study of the Child: Conception/Heredity 54 minutes VHS
Developing Child Module #28: Adolescent Growth & Development 25 minutes VHS
Developing Child Module #29: Cognitive & Moral Development 29 minutes VHS
Developing Child Module #30: Adolescent Social & Emotional Development 37 minutes VHS
Developing Child Module#1: Orientation 37 minutes VHS
Discovering Psychology Series (7Discs - 26 Programs) CC DVD
Diversity: Diversity and Communication: Early Childhood Training (PT) VHS
Diversity: Diversity, Independence & Individuality (Early Childhood Training) (PT) VHS
Domestic Violence Panel Presentation (UC/Psych-Child Life) 1995 VHS
Domestic Violence: Faces of Fear (PBS) 60 minutes VHS
Domestic Violence: Institutionalized Interventions VHS
Don't Say a Word 113:00 DVD
Door to Recovery: Community Drug Abuse Treatment 25 minutes VHS
Downfall: Sports and Drugs 28 minutes VHS
Dream Worlds II 56 minutes VHS
Dying Child VHS
Dying to be Thin 60:00 DVD
Dyslexia: Testing & Teaching 60:00 DVD
Early Misgivings 20 minutes VHS
Encouraging Communication and Play 20:00 DVD
Excellence in Teaching VHS
Tape 1: Creative Teaching Methods 28 minutes  
Tape 2: Cooperative Learning 41 minutes  
Tape 3: Lesson Planning 34 minutes  
Tape 4: Integrating Computers in the Curriculum 33 minutes  
Tape 5: Assigning Effective Homework 29 minutes  
Tape 6: Constructive Parent Conferences 28 minutes  
Tape 7: Keeping Control of the Class 28 minutes  
Tape 8: Managing Student Conflict 34 minutes  
Tape 9: Avoiding Burnout 33 minutes  
Tape 10: The Beauty of Teaching 27 minutes  
Explosion of Gang Violence in the U.S. 72 minutes VHS
Families We Choose (Lesbian Lives) 37 minutes VHS
Family Centered Care 38 minutes VHS
Family Gathering 58 minutes VHS
Fatherless in America (See: Marriages & Families) 10:00 VHS
Finding Forrester 136:00 DVD
First Do No Harm 94:00 DVD
Five P's Partnership: Transforming Educational Goals Into Realities 25 minutes VHS
For Love and For Life VHS
Forty-eight Hours: Going Too Far VHS
Foundations of Communications: Gender in Communications 30 minutes VHS
Four Lives: Portrait of Manic 60 minutes VHS
Fraulein and the Sandman 88:00 DVD
Freedom Machines 76:00 DVD
Freedom Writers 122:00 DVD
Freud: Hidden Nature of Man 28 minutes VHS
Frida (DVD) 123:00 DVD
Gender: The Enduring Paradox 58 minutes VHS
Going to the Hospital (Mr. Rogers) 19 minutes VHS
Great Debaters (Denzel Washington) 124:00 DVD
Great Ideas of Philosophy, Vol 1 & 2 30 min. each - 60 programs DVD
Grief in America VHS
Growing Up Gay & Lesbian 56 minutes VHS
Grown Up Tears: Adults Grieving the Death of a Parent 28:00 DVD
Growth and Development of Eating Disorders 120 minutes VHS
Half the People (Women Unite & Fight for Equality) 60 minutes VHS
Hard Facts: Speak Up, Speak Out: Learning to Say No to Drugs 56 minutes VHS
Having an Operation 16 minutes VHS
Healing Sexual Abuse 60 minutes VHS
Heart of America 87:00 DVD
Here For a Brief Moment 29 minutes VHS
Hey, What About Me? 25 minutes VHS
Hidden Alcoholics: Why is Mommy Sick? 22 minutes VHS
His Own Best Subject: A Visit to Skinner''s Basement 20:00 VHS
Homosexuality 26 minutes VHS
Hospital Adventures of Jimmy, Judy & AC 16 minutes VHS
House of Fear: Domestic Violence (See: Marriages & Families) 13:00 VHS
How Difficult Can This Be? 70:00 DVD
How to Read & Understand a Research Study 24:00 DVD
If These Walls Could Talk 97:00 VHS
If You Label It This, It Can't Be That 13:00 DVD
Imaginative Medicine 70 minutes VHS
In the Womb 89:00 DVD
Inclusion Classics: Kids Belong Together 24:00 DVD
Inclusion Classics: With a Little Help From My Friends 59:00 DVD
Infant Development: 1st Year Guide to Growth & Development 43 minutes VHS
Infant Health Care 54 minutes VHS
Infantest: Training Video for Fagan Test of Infant Intelligence VHS
Infection Control in Child Care Settings 27 minutes VHS
Information Processing 28 minutes VHS
Inside Out: Endless Questions 26:40 DVD
Inside Story: Baby Beauty Queens 50 minutes VHS
Insomnia 118:00 DVD
Interracial Marriage (See: Marriages & Families) 10:00 VHS
It Won't Happen To Me VHS
Jack 113:00 DVD
John Q 112:00 DVD
John: Aged 17 Months, For 9 Days in a Residential Nursery 45 minutes VHS
Journey Through the Shadows (Suicide) 35 minutes VHS
Juveniles and the Death Penalty 38 minutes VHS
Keeper of the Kohn 65:00 DVD
Kids For Sale: A Look at Commercial Television 22 minutes VHS
Kinsey 118:00 DVD
League of Their Own (Documentary) 30 minutes VHS
Lean on Me (See: Stand and Deliver) 109:00 DVD
Learning Disabilities w/Tina Passalacqua 1995 VHS
Lesbian Tongues 60 minutes VHS
Let's Get a Move On 25 minutes VHS
Life Support Decisions 50 minutes VHS
Like Any Child 22:31 VHS
Little Respect (Gay, Lesbian & Bisexuals on Campus) 30 minutes VHS
Living With Grief (PBS) ‘97 VHS
Living With Grief After Sudden Loss 150 minutes VHS
Living With Grief: Children Mourning, Mourning Children 150 minutes VHS
Looking Good 52 minutes VHS
Lost Children of Rochdale County (PBS-Frontline) 90 minutes VHS
Lost Prince 179:00 DVD
Loving Walter 128:00 DVD
Mad Hot Ballroom 105:00 DVD
Madness: A History 51:00 DVD
Magdalene Sisters 120:00 DVD
Make a Difference 16:00 VHS
Man Oh Man 18 minutes VHS
Meaning From Data: Statistics Made Clear (24 Lectures) 30:00 ea DVD
Measuring Up: An Introduction to Research Methods DVD
Memory 30 minutes VHS
Methodology: The Psychologist & The Experiment 31 minutes VHS
Mind in Motion 52:00 DVD
Mother Wove the Morning 135 minutes VHS
Mother's Search (CBS 48 Hours) 45:00 VHS
Mr. Rogers Talks With Parents About Divorce 60 minutes VHS
Narcotic Farm 55:00 DVD
Needle Play 11:00 DVD
No Child Left Behind 120:00 DVD
No Country for Old Men 122:00 DVD
No Fears, No Tears 28 minutes VHS
Not All Parents Are Straight 58 minutes VHS
Obedience 45:00 DVD
Objects and Memory 62:00 DVD
Observing Young Children: Learning to Look, Looking to Learn 28 minutes VHS
Ordinary People 124:00 DVD
Orientation Film 60 minutes VHS
Otto: A Study in Abnormal Psychology 28 minutes VHS
Otto: Behavioral Perspectives 27 minutes VHS
Otto: Phenomenological Perspective 28 minutes VHS
Otto: Psychoanalytical Perspective 28 minutes VHS
Otto: Social Perspective 27 minutes VHS
Ourselves, Our Bodies: The Feminist Movement and the Battle Over Abortion 50:00 DVD
Pandora's Bottle 60 minutes VHS
Pavlov: The Conditioned Reflex 25 minutes VHS
Pediatric AIDS: A Time of Crisis 24 minutes VHS
Persona 83:00 DVD
Phantom Limb 28:00 DVD
Pieces of Silence (Alcoholism) 57 minutes VHS
Portrait of Grandpa Doc 28 minutes VHS
Power of 2 172:75 DVD
Prejudice Film 30 minutes VHS
Prejudice: Causes, Consequences and Cures 24 minutes VHS
Prematurely Yours 15 minutes VHS
Preschool Experience-Four Programs 22 minutes VHS
Prick Up Your Ears 110 minutes VHS
Private Victories (Drugs) 120 minutes VHS
Probation 28 minutes VHS
Problems of Working Women (See:Marriages & Families) 11:00 VHS
Professionals Working Together to Support Our Children 4/94 (UC Psych/Child-Life Program) VHS
Professor Erik Erikson 50 minutes VHS
Psychiatric Intervention & Care: Group Work: Fundamentals of Group Process 26 minutes VHS
Psychological Maltreatment of Children: Assault on the Psyche 19 minutes VHS
Qualitative Research: Methods in the Social Sciences 21:00 DVD
Quantitative Research: Methods in the Social Sciences 20:00 DVD
Quiet Rage: The Stanford Prison Experiment 50:00 DVD
Rape By Any Name 58 minutes VHS
Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder 60 minutes VHS
Rational Emotive Therapy 30:00 VHS
Read Me Differenly 56:00 DVD
Recovering Bodies: Overcoming Eating Disorders 34 minutes VHS
Recovery & Relapse (4 tapes) VHS
1. Bio. Psych-Social Model of Addictive Disease  
2. The Development Model of Recovery  
3. The Relapse Process  
4. Occupational Relapse Prevention Planning  
Reporting child Abuse: A Personal Responsibility 28:00 VHS
Research Design: The Experiment 21:00 DVD
Research Paper Made Easy: From Assignment to Completion 55:00 DVD
Research Process: Research Design (Power Point) 21:00 DVD
Rivers and Tides: Working With Time 90:00 DVD
Room of One's Own 55 minutes VHS
RTI Tackles the LD Explosiion (Learning Disabilities) 31:00 DVD
Scared Silent 60 minutes VHS
Schizophrenia: Symptomatology 31 minutes VHS
Scientific Method 25:00 DVD
Seasons of Caring 40 minutes VHS
Seasons of Life 60 minutes each VHS & DVD
1. Infancy and Early Childhood  
2. Childhood and Adolescence  
3. Early Adulthood  
4. Middle Adulthood  
5. Later Adulthood  
Secret Life of the Brain 60:00 each VHS
The Baby's Brain: Wider Than The Sky  
The Child's Brain: Syllable From Sound  
The Teenage Brain: A World of Their Own  
The Adult Brain: To Think By Feeling  
The Aging Brain: Through Many Lives  
See What I'm Saying 31 minutes VHS
Self-Image and Your Career 38 minutes VHS
Senses and Sensitivity 60:00 each each VHS
Sensory Transduction: Getting the Message  
The Science of Sight: Getting the Puicture  
The Science of Sound: How Hearing Happens  
Neural Processing: Making Sense of Sensory Information  
Sesame Street (Mr. Hooper's Death) 60 minutes VHS
Sex Determination: The Meaning o Sex: Genes & Gender DVD
Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance 120:00 DVD
Shaking, Hitting, Spanking: What To Do Instead 30 minutes VHS
Shall We Dance 119:00 DVD
Shameless: The Art of Disability 49:00 DVD
Shattered Dreams 23 minutes VHS
Shortchanging Girls, Shortchanging America 18 minutes VHS
Sigmund Freud: His Office and Home, Vienna, 1938 17 minutes VHS
Signs of Life 40:00 DVD
Silent Witness: The Kitty Genoves Murder 50:00 DVD
Simulated Intelligence 26 minutes VHS
Social Psychology 32 minutes VHS
Society's Problems in Children's Live(See: Marriages & Families) 9:00 VHS
Solo Mia (Spanish with English Subtitles) 100:00 DVD
Somatic Therapies 60 minutes VHS
Someone You Love is Dying: How Do You Cope? VHS
Speech and Language Delays: What Do They Mean for Your Child? 12:57 VHS
Stand and Deliver 103:00 DVD
Start Seeing Diversity 52 minutes VHS
Straight At Ya 50 minutes VHS
Straight Talk 19 minutes VHS
Straight Up 90 minutes VHS
Struggle For Intimacy 30 minutes VHS
Successfully Parenting Your Baby with Special Needs 57:06 DVD
Taxi Driver 114:00 DVD
Techniques of Play Therapy 50:00 DVD
Teenage Parents 12 minutes VHS
Teenage Suicide VHS
Teenage Suicide: What To Do 27 minutes VHS
Temple Grandin 109:00 DVD
Ten Things Every Child Needs for the Best Start in Life 60:00 DVD
Testing, Testing, Testing 60 minutes VHS
The Baby Human Part 1 150:00 DVD
The Baby Human Part 2 155:00 DVD
Thin 102:00 DVD
This Emotional Life 6 hrs on 3 DVDs DVD
Three Approaches to Psychotherapy: Dr. Lazarus 46 minutes VHS
Three Approaches to Psychotherapy: Dr. Rogers 44 minutes VHS
Timmy - Broken Femur (St. Elizabeth Hospital) VHS
To Tame The Hurt 7 minutes VHS
Torch Song Trilogy 120 minutes VHS
Touch Film with Dr. Jessie Porter 22 minutes VHS
Touching the Void 107:00 DVD
Touchpoints 132:00 DVD
Turtle Shell Teens 30 minutes VHS
Understanding Death 10:00 DVD
Understanding Hearing Loss 17 minutes VHS
Understanding the Defiant Child 35:00 VHS
Understanding the Mysteries of Memory 53 minutes VHS
Understanding the System and the New Law: A New Idea for Special Education VHS
Unforgotten: Twenty-Five Years After Willowbrook 57:00 DVD
Unsafe Sex and Its Consequences (See: Marriages & Families) 13:00 VHS
Using What We Know: Applying Piaget's Developmental Theory in Primary Classrooms 35:00 DVD
Valuing Diversity: Multicultural Communications 19 minutes VHS
Visual Thinking of a Person with Autism 27:00 VHS
Voices 34 minutes VHS
Vulnerable Young Child: Child Maltreatment VHS
1. Neglect and Sexual Abuse  
2. Psychological & Physical Abuse 26 minutes  
3. Context of Vulnerability 30 minutes  
4. Effects of Divorce 20 minutes  
Wearing a Cast (Mr. Rogers) 16 minutes VHS
West 47th Street 83:00 DVD
What About Me? 30 minutes VHS
What Do I Tell My Children? 30 minutes VHS
Where Do the Children Play? 57:00 DVD
Where Is Dead? 19 minutes VHS
William James: The Psyhology of Possibility 40:00 DVD
Winds of Change: A Matter of Change 60 minutes VHS
Witches of Salem 35 minutes VHS
Woman's Health 57 minutes VHS
Women and Islam 30 minutes VHS
Women at Work 51 minutes VHS
Women Will...Wanawake Watatunzza 30 minutes VHS
Working Through Your Grief VHS
World Population Problems 16 minutes VHS
World Song 15 minutes VHS
You and Your Child in Pediatric ICU 17 minutes VHS


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