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10 Commandments of Communicating with People with Disabilities 26:00 VHS & DVD
Abortion and Divorce in Western Law (See: Marriages & Families) 14:00 VHS
Access (Dateline 9/97 w/John Hockenberry) VHS
Achieving Sexual Maturity (16mm) 16mm
Acid/Base Balance: Respiratory Alkalosis and Acidosis 27 minutes VHS
Acid/Base Balance: Ups and Downs of PH 15 minutes VHS
Acute Respiratory Care: Mechanical Ventilation 27 minutes VHS
Adoption Options: An insight into Adoption (See: Marriages & Families) 13:00 VHS
AIDS in the Healthcare Workplace VHS
Airway Management: Chest Tubes: Patient & System Management 27 minutes VHS
Airway Management: Suctioning: Nastroacheal, Oropharyngeal & Endotracheal Techniques 33 minutes VHS
Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq 57:00 DVD
Angels Don't Have Headlights 25 minutes VHS
Assessing the Mental Status of the Older Person 34 minutes VHS
Autism 28:00 VHS
Autism is a World 39:50 DVD
Autism: The Child Who Couldn't Play 46:00 DVD
Autism: The Musical 93:00 DVD
Back to Basics: Back Injury Prevention 20 minutes VHS
Back to the Table 4/7/88 (CMN) 3 tapes VHS
Beauty (16mm) 16mm
Brazelton Neonatal Assessment Scale 20 minutes each VHS
Pt. 1: Introduction  
Pt. 2: Variations in Normal Behavior  
Brilliant Madness 60:00 DVD
Bullied: A Student, a School and a Case that Made History 40:00 DVD
Business of Being Born 84:00 DVD
Changing Family & Its Implication (See: Marriages & Families) 12:00 VHS
Child and Adolescent Development 54:24 VHS
Child Development: Implications for Nursing Care: Preschool Years 17 minutes VHS
Child Development: Implications for Nursing Care: School Age Child 16 minutes VHS
Child's View of Grief VHS
Children of Divorce (See: Marriages & Families) 9:00 VHS
Christopher Reeves Interview with 20/20 20 minutes VHS
Clockwork Genes: Discoveries in Biological Time DVD
Code Gary: Ethical Delimmas in Nursing 26:00 DVD
Coma 102:00 DVD
Communicating With the Hearing Impaired Patient: Signing for Health Care Professionals 90 minutes VHS
Communications: Manager Relationships 21 minutes VHS
Communications: Nurse-Patient Relationships 24 minutes VHS
Concern (Faxton's Children's Hosp. & Rehabilitation Center) 32 minutes VHS
Cultural Competence 22:52 VHS
Dare To Be Different: Resisting Drug Related Pressures (on tape with Hard Facts) VHS
Darius Goes West 94:00 DVD
Dateline NBC: Head/Brain Injury VHS
Dealing With Death and Dying 45 minutes VHS
Demonstration of Scrubbing, Gowning & Gloving in the O.R. (UC) 12 minutes VHS
Denver II Screening Test 46 minutes VHS
Depression: Children, Adolescents & Elderly (PBS) 2/94 120 minutes VHS
Developing A Helping Relationship 25 minutes VHS
Developing Child #1: Study of the Child: Conception/Heredity 54 minutes VHS
Developing Child Module #1: Observation 39 minutes VHS
Diversity: Diversity and Communications (PT) VHS
Doctor 123:00 DVD
Door to Door 91:00 DVD
Dying to be Thin 60:00 DVD
Eating Disorders: Anorexia, Bulimia & Compulsive Eating (CMN) 3 tapes VHS
Eddie's Story (AIDS) 20 minutes VHS
Enable: People with Disabilities and Computers 45:00 VHS
Essentials of IV Therapy: Access & Medication Administration 28 minutes VHS
Every Day a Miracle 49 minutes VHS
Facing AIDS 20 minutes VHS
Family Guide to Individualized Family Service Plan (PT) 16 minutes VHS
Fast Food Survival Guide 22:00 DVD
Fatherless in America (See: Marriages & Families) 10:00 VHS
First Do No Harm 94:00 DVD
Fluids & Electrolysis: Fluid Balance 24 minutes VHS
Food, Inc. 94:00 DVD
For Women Only: What Women Can Do To Protect Themselves from AIDS (NYS Health Dept) 15 minutes VHS
Gestational Age Assessment 27 minutes VHS
Getting to Know Your Premature Baby From Head to Toe 28:39 VHS
Girl Interrupted 127:00 VHS
Handling and Care of the Cerebral Palsied Child in the Home (slide/tape) Slides w/Cass.
Hard Facts: Speak Up, Speak Out: Learning to Say No to Drugs 56 minutes VHS
Having an Operation 16 minutes VHS
Head Trauma & Stroke (Umphred) VHS
Healing Sexual Abuse 60 minutes VHS
Hepatitis C Update (PBS Satellite) 10/95 120 minutes VHS
House of Fear: Domestic Violence (See: Marriages & Families) 13:00 VHS
Human Development: The First 2 1/2 Years VHS
Language Development 25 minutes  
Growth & Motor Development 19 minutes  
Emotional/Social Development 22 minutes  
Human Genome Project (vhs w/cd rom) 42:00 VHS
IEP Meeting: Roles & Responsibilities (PT) 23 minutes VHS
In the Womb 89:00 DVD
Infection Control in Child Care Settings 27 minutes VHS
Inside Out: Endless Questions 26:40 DVD
Interdisciplinary Team: A Collaborative Approach 31:00 VHS
Interracial Marriage (See: Marriages & Families) 10:00 VHS
Iris 19:00 DVD
It's In Every One of Us (PT) 5 minutes VHS
Jamie & Dawn 38 minutes VHS
Journey Through the Shadows (Suicide) 35 minutes VHS
Juno 96:00 DVD
Juno (Copy 2) 96:00 DVD
Karate Kid 127:00 DVD
Katie VHS
Keeper of the Kohn 65:00 DVD
Keys to Success in SCI Training DVD
King Gimp 50 minutes VHS
Life is for the Living 62:00 DVD
Life's Greatest Miracle 60:00 DVD
Life: The Forever Gift 25 minutes VHS
Lorenzo's Oil 136:00 DVD
Lost Prince 179:00 DVD
Loving Walter 128:00 DVD
Meaning From Data: Statistics Made Clear (24 Lectures) 30:00 ea DVD
Measuring Up: An Introduction to Research Methods DVD
Mind in Motion 52:00 DVD
Miracle of Life 60:00 DVD
Multiple Sclerosis 25:00 VHS
Murderball 86:00 DVD
Muscular Dystrophy 24:00 VHS
Neuro-Dev. Analysis of Normal Movement Patterns: VHS
0 - 3 Months 20 minutes  
4 - 7 Months 25 minutes  
8 - 12 Months 15 minutes  
Neuromotor Assessment of Cerebral Palsy: Athetosis VHS
Athetosis 46 minutes  
Athetosis: Four Year Follow-Up: Ellen 60 minutes  
Neuromotor Assessment of Cerebral Palsy: Spastic Quadriplegia VHS
Spastic Quadriplegia 50 minutes  
Spastic Quadriplegia-Four Year Follow-Up: Autumn 52 minutes  
Normal Hand Development: Birth to 15 Months 35 minutes VHS
Nursing in America: History of Social Reform (Satellite Conf.) VHS
One of Us: Four Stories of Inclusion 27:00 VHS
Ordinary People 124:00 DVD
Parkinson's Disease 28:00 VHS
Pediatric AIDS: A Time of Crisis 24 minutes VHS
Phantom Limb 28:00 DVD
Philadelphia 125:00 DVD
Polio and Post-Polio Syndrome 28:00 VHS
Post Acute Withdrawal VHS
Pt. 1: Recognition  
Pt. 2: Management  
Precautions for Feeding Dysphagic Patients 25 minutes VHS
Prematurely Yours 15 minutes VHS
Prisoners of Silence 56 minutes VHS
Problems of Working Women (See:Marriages & Families) 11:00 VHS
Psychiatric Intervention & Care: Dynamics of Treatment Planning 22 minutes VHS
Psychiatric Intervention & Care: Group Work: Fundamentals of Group Process 26 minutes VHS
Qualitative Research: Methods in the Social Sciences 21:00 DVD
Quantitative Research: Methods in the Social Sciences 20:00 DVD
Reflex Evaluation & Motor Assessment of a Spastic Diplegic Child Reproduction: Into the World 26 minutes VHS
Research Design: The Experiment 21:00 DVD
Research Paper Made Easy: From Assignment to Completion 55:00 DVD
Research Process: Research Design (Power Point) 21:00 DVD
Scientific Method 25:00 DVD
Sea Inside 125:00 DVD
Secondhand Lions 110:00 DVD
Sensational Baby: Part 2 23 minutes each VHS
Part 1  
Part 2  
Senses and Sensitivity 60:00 each each VHS
Sensory Transduction: Getting the Message  
The Science of Sight: Getting the Puicture  
The Science of Sound: How Hearing Happens  
Neural Processing: Making Sense of Sensory Information  
Sensory Integration in Psychiatry (4 audio cassettes) Audio Cass.
Sensory Integration: Research & Practice 45 minutes VHS
Sentimental Women Need Not Apply: A History of American Nursing 60:00 VHS
Sex and the Heart Patient (16mm) 16mm
Sex Determination: The Meaning o Sex: Genes & Gender DVD
Sicko 123:00 DVD
Society's Problems in Children's Live(See: Marriages & Families) 9:00 VHS
Someone You Love is Dying: How Do You Cope? VHS
Special Feeding Techniques for the Severely Involved Child (slides/tapes) VHS
Spinal Injuries: Recovery of Function 24 minutes VHS
Stroke (Umphred) VHS
Successfully Parenting Your Baby with Special Needs 57:06 DVD
Taking Charge of Asthma 17:05 VHS
Tell Me Something I Don't Know (College Binge Drinking) 24:00 DVD
Temple Grandin 109:00 DVD
Ten Things Every Child Needs for the Best Start in Life 60:00 DVD
The Baby Human Part 1 150:00 DVD
The Baby Human Part 2 155:00 DVD
The Miracle Worker 106:00 DVD
Touchpoints 132:00 DVD
Traumatic Brain Injuries w/Dr. Drudge (UC) 3/95 120 minutes VHS
Tubes,Tubes,Tubes VHS
Pt. 1 External Feeding Tubes 18 minutes  
Pt. 2 External Feeding Tubes 24 minutes  
Tuesdays With Morrie 89:00 VHS
Twelve Month Pregnancy 19 minutes VHS
Understanding Hearing Loss 17 minutes VHS
Unnatural Causes 4 Hours DVD
Unsafe Sex and Its Consequences (See: Marriages & Families) 13:00 VHS
Vicki (Umphred) VHS
West 47th Street 83:00 DVD
When Billy Broke His Head 57 minutes VHS
When I Say No I Feel Guilty 30 minutes VHS
Who Are They now? Brain Injury 32:06 VHS
Without Pity: A Film About Abilities 56:00 VHS
Woman With Half a Body 60:00 DVD
Working Through Your Grief VHS
Wretches & Jabberers 94:00 DVD
Writing Behavioral Objectives (Hill) (3/4”VC) VHS


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