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10 Commandments of Communicating with People with Disabilities 26:00 VHS & DVD
Aging in America: Dignity or Despair? 180 minutes VHS
Aging in America: The Years Ahead 56:00 DVD
Aging in Rural America 23 minutes VHS
Aging...A Shared Experience 19 minutes VHS
All of Our Lives 28 minutes VHS
Alzheime'rs Disease: Caregivers Dilemma 64 minutes VHS
Alzheimer's Update: Translating Theory Into Practice (UC Production) 10/30/87 VHS
And the Home of the Brave 17 minutes VHS
Assessing Older Persons for Assistive Devices & Environmental Interventions 14 minutes VHS
Assessing the Mental Status of the Older Person 34 minutes VHS
Assistive Technology and Older Persons With Physical/Sensory Disabilities 61 minutes VHS
Back to Basics: Back Injury Prevention 20 minutes VHS
Batteries Not Included 107:00 VHS
Blue Cross/Blue Shield - Speaker Dr. John Health, SUNY Health Science (Geriatric Program) 3/28/89 VHS
Calendar Girls 108:00 DVD
Caregivers: Giving Care, Taking Care 26 minutes VHS
Caregiving With Grace 39 minutes VHS
Choice is Yours: Housing Options for Seniors Today 43 minutes VHS
Close Harmony 29 minutes VHS
Code Gary: Ethical Delimmas in Nursing 26:00 DVD
Complex Carbohydrates Simplified 15 minutes VHS
Concepts in Nutrition: Cultural Foundations of Diet 15 minutes VHS
Depression: Children, Adolescents & the Elderly 120 minutes VHS
Designing the Environment for Persons With Dementia 20 minutes VHS
Diet and Health 14 minutes VHS
Driving Miss Daisy (DVD) 99:00 DVD
Drugs: From Research to Your Patient 30 minutes VHS
Energy Expenditure and Caloric Needs 23 minutes VHS
Expensive Lessons: Why You Need Long Term Insurance 35 minutes VHS
Finding Forrester 136:00 DVD
Gerontology: Challenges of Aging: Change & Loss 14 minutes VHS
Gerontology: Meeting Mobility, Sexual & Nutritional Needs 34 minutes VHS
Grace 58 minutes VHS
Growing Older in America 60 minutes VHS
Human Body: Symptoms of Aging 28 minutes VHS
Indian Mainstream 30 minutes VHS
Iris 19:00 DVD
Keeper of the Kohn 65:00 DVD
Look Out for Annie 27 minutes VHS
Low Fat Cooking 24 minutes VHS
Medicating the Geriatric Patient 23 minutes VHS
Medicating the Patient: Nursing Responsibilities 20 minutes VHS
Medicating the Patient: Preparing Medications 20 minutes VHS
Medications & Elders: A Delicate Balance 34 minutes VHS
Memories of Love: Caring for the Caregiver 15 minutes VHS
Mental Health Players Gerontology Seminar 7/28/87 VHS
My Mother, My Father VHS
My Mother, My Father, Seven Years Later 42 minutes VHS
New Food Guide Pyramid 27 minutes VHS
No Boundaries (Peter Matthiessen) 57:00 DVD
Nobody''s Fool (DVD) 110:00 DVD
On Golden Pond (DVD) 105:00 DVD
On My Own, Daisy Turner 28 minutes VHS
One True Thing (DVD) 128:00 DVD
Problems of the Elderly: The Choice is Yours 14 minutes VHS
Quilts in Women's Lives 28 minutes VHS
Right to Die: The Choice is Yours 14 minutes VHS
Rose By Any Other Name 15 minutes VHS
Rumor of Angels 94:00 DVD
Rumor of Angels (DVD) 94:00 DVD
Secondhand Lions 110:00 DVD
Seven Days A Week 30 minutes VHS
Sicko 123:00 DVD
Steel Magnolias (DVD) 119:00 DVD
Thousand Tomorrows: Intimacy, Sexuality & Alzheimer's 31 minutes VHS
To Dance With the White Dog 98:00 VHS
Understanding the Mysteries of Memory 53 minutes VHS
Use of Assistive Devices: Devices by Older Persons With Disabilities 6 minutes VHS
Wild Goose 19 minutes VHS
Women of Hudson 28 minutes VHS
Young at Heart 28 minutes VHS


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