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Movie Title Length Format
Aguirre: The Wrath of God 94 minutes VHS
Ay, Carmela! 105:00 VHS
Brazil: Heart of South America 55 minutes VHS
Buried Mirror Series 59 minutes each VHS
1. The Virgin and the Bull  
2. Conflict of the Gods  
3. The Age of Gold  
4. The Price of Freedom  
5. Unfinished Business  
Caballos Salvajes 122:00 DVD
Camila 105 minutes DVD
Carmen (Ballet) 99 minutes VHS
Centinelas Del Silencio 18 minutes VHS
Christians, Jews and Moslems in Medieval Spain 52 minutes VHS
Cria! The Secret of Anna 60 minutes VHS
Cyrano DeBergerac Pts. 1 & 2 176 minutes VHS
Danzas Folkloricans Mexicans VHS
Dark Habits 115:00 DVD
Death of a Bureaucrat 87:00 VHS
Destinos (Parts 1 & 2) (DVD) 52 Episodes DVD
Don Juan, My Love 96 minutes VHS
El Dorado (International Format) 143:00 DVD
El Fantasma De Barberegra (Blackbeard’s Ghost) 93 minutes VHS
El Mariachi 81 minutes VHS
El Norte 140:00 DVD
El Rey Leon VHS
Erendira 103 minutes VHS
Espana (Vol. 1-8) 45 minutes each VHS
Espejo De Escritores VHS
Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Magic and Reality 60 minutes VHS
Guantanamera VHS
Heroes Hispanos VHS
I Don't Want to Talk About It 102:00 VHS
I, The Worst of All 107 minutes VHS
Inca: Lost Civilization VHS
Juarez 139:00 VHS
La Alhambra Pts. 1 & 2 (filmstrip w/cass.) Filmstrip w/Cass.
La Colmena 108:00 DVD
Let's Visit South America (filmstrip w/R/R tape) Filmstrip w/R/R Tape
Let's Visit Spain (filmstrip w/R/R tape) Filmstrip w/R/R Tape
Like Water for Chocolate 105 minutes VHS
Lilja 4-Ever (International DVD) 104:00 DVD
Madrid 30 minutes VHS
Maria Full of Grace 101:00 DVD
Maya: Lost Civilization VHS
Mi Amigo El Dragon (Pete's Dragon) 106 minutes VHS
Moderato Cantabile 90 minutes VHS
Motorcycle Diaries 127:00 DVD
Night of the Iguana 117:00 DVD
Official Story 112 minutes VHS
Operacion Cupido (Parent Trap) 95 minutes VHS
Panorama Musical 33 minutes VHS
Peru: A Golden Treasure 53 minutes VHS
Picasso: War, Peace, & Love 51 minutes VHS
Portrait of Teresa 103:00 VHS
Rufino Tamayo 56 minutes VHS
Sea Inside (Copy 2) 125:00 DVD
Solo Mia (Spanish with English Subtitles) 100:00 DVD
Spain: North American Holiday (16mm film) 16mm
Tunnel 99:00 VHS
US in Latin America 50 minutes VHS
Vida O Meurte (Life and Death-AIDS) 20 minutes VHS
Yo Soy Boricua 85:00 DVD


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