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10 Days that Unexpectedly Changed America DVD
Massacre at Mystic; Shays' Rebellion; Gold Rush; Antietam 184:00  
The Hometead Strike; Murder at the Fair: Assassination of McKinley; Scopes: Battle Over America's Soul 138:00  
Einstein's Letter; When America Was Rocked; Freedom Summer 138:00  
30 Days 80:00 DVD
A Film Unfinished 90:00 DVD
Adirondacks 120:00 DVD
African American Lives 240:00 DVD
Africans 60 minutes each VHS
1. The Nature of a Continent  
2. A Legacy of Lifestyles  
3.New Gods  
4. Tools of Exploration  
5. New Conflicts  
6. In Search of Stability  
7. A Garden of Eden in Decay  
8. A Clash of Cultures  
9. Global Africa  
Age of Innocence 138:00 VHS
Aging in America: The Years Ahead 56:00 DVD
Alexander Nevsky 107 minutes VHS
Alexander the Great 60:00 DVD
Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq 57:00 DVD
Almost A Woman 120:00 VHS
Ambassador 93:00 DVD
Amen 130:00 DVD
America at a Crossroads: Faith Without Fear 60:00 DVD
America at a Crossroads: Homegrown: Islam in Prison 60:00 DVD
America at a Crossroads: Security Versus Liberty: The Other War 60:00 DVD
America at a Crossroads:The Muslim Americans 60:00 DVD
American Experience: LBJ 2 Pts. 120 minutes VHS
American Experience: The Pill 60:00 DVD
American History X 119:00 DVD
American Revolutioin 100:00 DVD
American's Multicultural Heritage 26 minutes VHS
Amish Portrait 24 minutes VHS
Amish: People of Preservation 52 minutes VHS
And the Home of the Brave 17 minutes VHS
Andrew Carnegie and the Age of Steel 50:00 DVD
Anne Frank Remembered 117:00 DVD
Apocalypse Now Redux 202:00 DVD
Apocalypto 138:00 DVD
Apollo Moon Landing 72:00 DVD
Arab World w/Bill Moyers 30 minutes each VHS
1. The Arabs: Who They Are, Who They Are Not  
2. The Historic Memory  
3. The Image of God  
4. The Bonds of Pride  
5. Arabs and the West  
Arranged Marriages 52:00 VHS
Assessment (National Inst. On Drug Abuse) VHS
Auschwitz Video VHS
Aztec Empire 50:00 DVD
Bandit Queen 119:00 DVD
Baseball (The Series) VHS
The First Inning: Our Game 115:00  
The Second Inning:: Something Like a War 107:00  
The Third Inning: The Faith of Fifty Million People 120:00  
The Fourth Inning: A National Heirloom 117:00  
The Fifth Inning: Shadow Ball 126:00  
The Sixth Inning: The National Pastime 151:00  
The Seventh Inning: The Capital of Baseball 134:00  
The Eighth Inning: A Whole New Ballgame 116:00  
The Ninth Inning: Home 148:00  
Battered Wives VHS
Battle of New Orleans: Chalmette VHS
Battle of the Bulge 90 minutes VHS
Becoming American 58 minutes VHS
Before the Fall (Napola) 110:00 DVD
Ben Gurion 50 minutes VHS
Beyond Macho 26 minutes VHS
Black Cat, White Cat (PAL) 135:00 DVD
Black Rain (Japanese w/English Subtitles) 123:00 VHS
Black Robe 101:00 DVD
Blood in the Face 78 minutes VHS
Book of the Dead 70:00 DVD
Booker T. Washington VHS
Boozers and Users 30 minutes VHS
Bounty 130:00 DVD
Bowling for Columbine 120:00 DVD
Boys Don't Cry 116:00 DVD
Brazil: Heart of South America 55 minutes VHS
Bridgeman 141:00 DVD
Brief Life of Catherine (Anorexic's Tale) 80 minutes VHS
Brokeback Mountain 135:00 DVD
Buddhism: Footprint of the Buddha - India 52:00 VHS
Bulimia 28 minutes VHS
Business of Being Born 84:00 DVD
Business of Fancydancing 103:00 DVD
But I'm a Cheerleader 86:00 DVD
Cabaret 124:00 DVD
Cabaret 124:00 DVD
California's Lost Tribers 55:00 DVD
Cats of Mirikitani 53:30 DVD
Century (ABC News Series) VHS
1. The Beginning: The '20s 135 minutes  
2. The '30s 90 minutes  
3. The '40s 160 minutes  
4. The '50s & '60s 135 minutes  
5. The '70s 90 minutes  
6. The '80s & '90s 90 minutes  
Chac: The Rain God 94:00 DVD
Challenge of Change: County Government Prepares for the 21st Century 20 minutes VHS
Children of Chabannes 93:00 DVD
Chimpanzee 78:00 DVD
China and the Forbidden City 60 minutes VHS
China's Lost Girls (DVD) 40:00 DVD
China: A Curtain Raiser 50 minutes VHS
Chinua Achebe 30 minutes VHS
Chocolate Country 30:00 DVD
City of Life 116:00 DVD
Civil War Series 11 hours DVD
Civil War Series 60 minutes each VHS
1. The Cause - 1861  
2. A Very Bloody Affair - 1862  
3. Forever Free - 1862  
4. Simply Murder - 1863  
5. The Universe of Battle - 1863  
6. Valley of the Shadow - 1864  
7. Hallowed Ground - 1864  
8. War Is All Hell - 1865  
9. The Better Angels  
Class Apart: A Mexican American Civil Rights Story 60:00 DVD
Clinton/Gore: The Man From Hope 10 minutes VHS
Closer Walk 85:00 DVD
Cold War (CNN) - The Complete Series 6 DVDS 50 min. each part each DVD
Comrades: 1917-1945; Iron Curtain: 1945-1947; Marshall Plan: 1947-1952; Berlin: 19458-1949  
Korea: 1949-1953; Reds: 1947-1953; After Stalin: 1953-1956; Sputnik: 1949-1961  
The Wall: 1958-1963; Cuba: 1959-1962; Vietnam: 1954-1968; MAO: 1960-1972  
Make Love Not War: The 1960s; Red Spring: The 1960s; China: 1949-1972; Detente; 1969-1975  
GoodGuys, Bad Guys:1967-1978; Backyard: 1954-1990; Freeze: 1977-1981; Soldiers of God 1975-1988  
Spies: 1944-1994; Star Wars: 1980-1988; The Wall Comes Down: 1989; Conclusion: 1989-1991  
Cold Water (Intercultural Adjustment of Foreign Students at American Universities) VHS
Colonel Redl (German w/English Subtitles 142:00 VHS
Colonial House (DVD) 8 hours on 2 DVDs DVD
Congress 90 minutes VHS
Conquest of America 180:00 DVD
Conspiracy 96:00 VHS
Contrary Warriors: A Film of the Crow Tribe 60 minutes VHS
Crisis in Iran: Death of the Shah 50:00 DVD
Crusades 200:00 DVD
Crusades DVD
Pilgrims in Arms & Jerusalem 100;00  
Jihad & Destruction 100:00  
Cry Freedom VHS
Dadi's Family VHS
Darfur Diaries 55:00 DVD
Daughter from Danang (DVD) 83:00 DVD
Day on the Grand Canal with the Emperor of China 47:00 VHS
Day the Universe Changed: Factory & Marketplace Revolution 54:00 DVD
Dead Man Walking 122:00 DVD
Dear Lisa: A Letter to My Sister 45 minutes VHS
Death of Mr. Lazarescu 153:00 DVD
Decisive Battles: Birth of the Roman Empire 25:00 DVD
Decisive Battles: Cannae 25:00 DVD
Decisive Battles: Gaugamela 25:00 DVD
Decisive Battles: Hail Caesar! 25:00 DVD
Decisive Battles: Marathon 25:00 DVD
Decisive Battles: Ramsas II 25:00 DVD
Decisive Battles: Termopylae 26:00 DVD
Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge 179:00 DVD
Discovering Ardi 120:00 DVD
Discovering China and Tibet 52 minutes VHS
Doctor 123:00 DVD
Downfall (German w/Eng. Subtitle) 155:00 DVD
Dream Worlds II 56 minutes VHS
Dreamkeeper (DVD) 180:00 DVD
Dreamworlds 3 54:00 DVD
Drums Along the Mohawk 104:00 DVD
Egalite for All: Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution 60:00 DVD
Egypt: From Christianity to Nassar VHS
Egypt: The Sands of Time VHS
El-Hajj Mailikel Shabazz (Malcolm X) 55 minutes VHS
Elizabeth: The Queen Who Shaped An Age 26 minutes VHS
Enola Gay and the Atomic Bombing of Japan 75 minutes VHS
Ethnic Notions 57 minutes VHS
Europa, Europa 115 minutes VHS
Eyes of the Prize Series I 60 minutes each VHS
1. Awakenings  
2. Fighting Back 1957-62  
3. Ain't Scared of Your Jails  
4. No Easy Walk 1962-66  
5. Bridge to Freedom 1965  
Eyes on the Prize on 3 DVDs 360:00 DVD
Eyes on the Prize Series II 60 minutes each VHS
1. The Time Has Come  
2. Two Societies  
3. Power  
4. Promised Land  
5. Ain't Gonna Shuffle No More  
6. A Nation of Laws  
7. Keys to the Kingdom  
8. Back to the Movement  
Faces of the Enemy DVD
Fall of the Romanov Dynasty 90 minutes VHS
Family Focus Series VHS
1. Data Collections  
2. Data Analysis  
3. Functional Assessment  
Family Matters VHS
Fascism 48 minutes VHS
Fast Runner 161:00 DVD
Fateless 140:00 DVD
Feast Amid Famine: The World Food Paradox 60 minutes VHS
Female Circumcision: Human Rites 41 minutes VHS
Femmes Aux Yeux Ouverts (Women with Open Eyes) 52:00 DVD
Fight Club 139:00 DVD
Film Unfinished 90:00 DVD
Finland 50 minutes VHS
Fire on the Track: The Steve Prefontaine Story 58:00 VHS
First Do No Harm 94:00 DVD
Five Points VHS
Fly Girls 56:00 DVD
Flyers in Search of a Dream 60:00 DVD
For Us the Living (Medgar Evers) 90 minutes VHS
Forbidden City: The Great Within 50:00 VHS
Forgotten War: The Struggle for North America 56:00 DVD
Founding Brothers 200:00 DVD
Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt 27 minutes VHS
Frederic Douglass: An American Life 30 minutes VHS
Freedom Writers 122:00 DVD
From a Different Shore: The Japanese-American Experience 50 minutes VHS
Frontline: The Madoff Affair 60:00 DVD
Gangs of New York 167:00 DVD
Gender & Communication: She Talks, He Talks 22 minutes VHS
Genius of Charles Darwin 139:00 DVD
Germans: Portrait of a New Nation 58 minutes VHS
Ghosts of Abu Ghraib 78:00 DVD
Global Villages: The Globalization of Ethnic Display 59:00 DVD
Glory 124:00 DVD
God Grew Tired of Us 90:00 DVD
God's Warriors DVD
Jewish Warriors  
Muslim Warriors  
Christian Warriors  
Gods Must Be Crazy DVD
Part I 109:00  
Part II 98:00  
Gone With the Wind 238:00 DVD
Good Hair 95:00 DVD
Greece: Fountainhead of America VHS
Greece: Secrets of the Past 45:00 DVD
Greeks: Crucible of Civilization 140:00 DVD
Green Mile 188:00 DVD
Guns, Germs and Steel 165:00 DVD
Half the People (Women Unite & Fight for Equality) 60 minutes VHS
Hamsun 154:00 DVD
Hapsburgs: Between Empire and Nation 53:00 VHS
Hapsburgs: Jewel in the Crown 53:00 VHS
Head-On (German w/English Subtitles) 118:00 DVD
Healing Sexual Abuse 60 minutes VHS
Hearts & Minds 112:00 DVD
Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl 30:00 DVD
Hedwig and the Angry Inch 91 DVD
Hero's Journey (Joseph Campbell) 57:00 DVD
Hidden People of China 26:00 DVD
Hiroshima: Decision to Drop the Bomb 75 minutes VHS
History of Christianity 180:00 DVD
Hitler: A Career 135:00 DVD
Holy Land Hardball DVD
Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World 60 minutes VHS
Hotel Rwanda 122:00 DVD
How to Start a Revolution 87:00 DVD
Human Family Tree (National Geographic) 96:00 DVD
Hunt for Red October 135:00 VHS
Hutterites: To Care or Not To Care 58 minutes VHS
I Was Born, But...(SEE SILENT OZU) (Japanese w/Eng. Subtitles) 90:00 DVD
I Will Fight No More Forever 109 minutes VHS
Iceman 60 minutes VHS
Il Duce 20 minutes VHS
Immigrant Experience: Long, Long Journey 30 minutes VHS
In Her Own Time (The Final Fieldwork of Barbara Myerhoff) 60:00 VHS
In Search of History: Rome's Glorious Cities 50:00 DVD
In Search of Human Origins: Surviving in Africa 60:00 VHS
In Search of Human Origins: The Creative Revolution 60:00 VHS
In the Land of the War Canoes 43:00 DVD
In the Name of the Emperor: The Raoe of Nanjing 52:00 VHS
Industrial Revolution 50:00 VHS
Inside Out: Endless Questions 26:40 DVD
Inside Pol Pot's Secret Prison 50:00 DVD
Iran-Contra Scandal 50:00 DVD
Irish in America 100:00 DVD
Irish in America: Long Journey Home VHS
The Great Hunger  
All Across America  
Up From City Streets  
Japan 50 minutes VHS
Japan Invades China: Crisis in the Far East 30 minutes VHS
Jewish Americans 6 hours DVD
John Adams 501:00 DVD
Juarez 139:00 VHS
Juno 96:00 DVD
Juno (Copy 2) 96:00 DVD
Kamikaze Girls 103:00 DVD
Key Constitutional Concepts DVD
Kikujiro 116:00 DVD
Killing Fields 142 minutes VHS
King of Masks 101:00 DVD
King Tut Secrets Revealed 50:00 DVD
Korea: War, Prosperity & Democracy 38 minutes each VHS
1. The Korean War Revisited  
2. Korea '95  
3. The Open World, The Open Future  
4. Seoul Olympic Arts Festival  
Krippendorf's Tribe 94:00 DVD
Kwaidan (Japanese w/Engllish subtitles) 161:00 DVD
Ladies Room 42 minutes VHS
Latcho Drom 103:00 VHS
Latcho Drom - PAL 97:00 DVD
Lawrence of Arabia 217:00 DVD
League of Their Own (Documentary) 30 minutes VHS
Legends of Rita (German w/English Subtitles) 103:00 VHS
Liberty March (the Battle of Oriskany) 56:00 VHS
Liberty: The American Revolution 360:00 DVD
Life of Buddha 140:00 DVD
Life Support Decisions 50 minutes VHS
Light That Failed VHS
Lincoln 60 minutes each VHS
1. The Making of a President 1860-62  
2. The Pivotal Year 1863  
3. I Want To Finish This Job 1864  
4. Now He Belongs to the Ages 1865  
Little Big Man 139:00 DVD
Living with New York Black Bears 60:00 DVD
Loose Change Final Cut 128:00 DVD
Lorenzo's Oil 136:00 DVD
Lost Prince 179:00 DVD
Luther 124:00 DVD
Mahatma Gandhi: Pilgrim of Peace 50:00 DVD
Malcolm X 202:00 DVD
Man Oh Man 18 minutes VHS
Mandate: The President and the People DVD
Mao: The Real Man 54:36 VHS
Marcus Garvey: Look for Me in the Whirlwind 90:00 DVD
Margaret Mead: Taking Note 60:00 DVD
Marie Antoinette 123:00 DVD
Marie Antoinette: The Tragic Queen 50:00 DVD
Marriage of Maria Braun (German w/English Subtitles) 120:00 VHS
Martin Luther King, Jr. 24 minutes VHS
Massachusetts 54th Colored Infantry (American Experience) 56:00 DVD
Maya Lin 83:00 DVD
Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision 83:00 DVD
McCarthy: Death of a Witch Hunter VHS
Meaning From Data: Statistics Made Clear (24 Lectures) 30:00 ea DVD
Measuring Up: An Introduction to Research Methods DVD
Men Who Tread on Tiger's Tail 60:00 VHS
Mexico Close-Up (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua & Acteal, Chiapas 14 minutes VHS
Mill Times 60 minutes VHS
Modern Marvels: Doomsday Tech 1 50:00 DVD
Modern Marvels: More Doomsday Tech 50:00 DVD
Modern Marvels: Panama Canal 50:00 DVD
Moliere 120:00 DVD
Molly Maquires 124:00 DVD
Monster's Ball 112:00 DVD
Moonchild 50 minutes VHS
Moscow on the Hudson 117:00 DVD
Mother Wove the Morning 135 minutes VHS
Mummies and the wonders of Ancient Egypt 200:00 DVD
Munich 2 hrs. 45 min. DVD
N'ai!: Story of a Kung Woman 59 minutes VHS
N/um Tchai: The Ceremonial Dance of the Kung Bushman 20:00 VHS
Nacht fiel uber Gotenhafen (in German w/German subtitles) 94:00 DVD
Narcotic Farm 55:00 DVD
National Parks: America's Best Idea DVD
Scripture of Nature - 1851-1890 116:00  
The Last Refuge - 1890-1915 131:00  
The Empire of Grandeur - 1915-1919 114:00  
Going Home - 1920-1933 117:00  
Great Nature - 1933 - 1945 116:00  
The Morning of Creation - 1946-1980 116:00  
Nature: Gorilla King DVD
New York: A Documentary 120 minutes each VHS
1. The Country and the City (1609-1825)  
2. Order and Disorder (1825-1865)  
3. Sunshine and Shadow (1865-1898)  
4. The Power and the People (1898-1918)  
5. Cosmo-Polis (1919-1931)  
6. City of Tomorrow (1929-1941)  
7. The City and the World (1948- Present)  
Not All Parents Are Straight 58 minutes VHS
Nuremberg Trials 60:00 DVD
Objects and Memory 62:00 DVD
Ogre 117:00 DVD
One Day in September 97:00 DVD
One Woman, One Vote 106 minutes DVD
Orangutans with Julia Roberts (In the Wild) 60:00 VHS
Ordinary People 124:00 DVD
Our Constitution: A Conversation DVD
Our National Parks - A Seasonal Tour 30 minutes VHS
Ourselves, Our Bodies: The Feminist Movement and the Battle Over Abortion 50:00 DVD
Outskirts of Hope 54 minutes VHS
Outsourced 103:00 DVD
Paper Clips 84:00 DVD
Paradise Bent 50:00 DVD
Passing Fancy (SEE: SILENT OZU) (Japanese w/Eng. subtitles) 100:00 DVD
Peace Has Not Been Made VHS
People vs. Larry Flint VHS
Perspectives on Politics w/Jerry Brown (SUNY) 3/92 45 minutes VHS
Peru: A Golden Treasure 53 minutes VHS
Philadelphia 125:00 DVD
Pieces of Silence (Alcoholism) 57 minutes VHS
Pilgrims in Arms: The Roots of the First Crusade 50:00 VHS
Platoon 120:00 DVD
Playing Unfair: The Media Image of the Female Athlete 30:00 DVD
Portrait of Grandpa Doc 28 minutes VHS
Pow Wow Highway 87:00 DVD
Power Game: The Congress 58 minutes VHS
Precious 109:00 DVD
Presidency in the 90's 115 minutes VHS
President and the Constitution 60 minutes each VHS
President Nixon  
President Ford  
President Carter  
President Reagan  
Prick Up Your Ears 110 minutes VHS
Priscilla: Queen of the Desert 103:00 DVD
Private Victories (Drugs) 120 minutes VHS
Qualitative Research: Methods in the Social Sciences 21:00 DVD
Rabbit-Proof Fence 94:00 DVD
Raccoon & Crawfish (with Book) 11:26 DVD
Racism: A History: The Color of Money: Colonialism and the Slave Trade 50:00 DVD
Ran 160:00 DVD
Real Scorpion King 100:00 DVD
Red Beard (Japanese w/English Subtitles) 185:00 DVD
Red Tsar 20 minutes VHS
Renaissance: The Prince 55 minutes VHS
Renaissance: The Scientist 55 minutes VHS
Research Design: The Experiment 21:00 DVD
Research Paper Made Easy: From Assignment to Completion 55:00 DVD
Research Process: Research Design (Power Point) 21:00 DVD
Revolution: Revisited 115:00 DVD
Rhapsody in August (Japanese w/Engllish Subtitles) 107:00 VHS
Right Stuff 193:00 DVD
Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union 2 Parts 120 minutes VHS
Rise and Fall of the Spartans 200:00 DVD
River Runs Through It 124:00 DVD
Road to Independence 40 minutes VHS
Rome: Engineering an Empire 100:00 DVD
Roots 573:00 DVD
Roots (DVD) 573 minutes DVD
Rosa Luxenburg (German & Polish w/English subtitles) 122:00 VHS
Rosenstrasse 136:00 DVD
Sankofa 125:00 VHS
Saturday Night Fever 118:00 DVD
Save Our History: Voices of Civil Rights 50:00 DVD
Saving Face 97:00 DVD
Schindler's List 3 hours 16 min. DVD
Scientific Method 25:00 DVD
Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe 120:00 VHS
Searchers 119:00 DVD
See You in Oneida County 10 minutes VHS
Seeing Red 100 minutes VHS
Shake Hands With the Devil 91:00 DVD
Shakers: Hands to Work, Hearts to God 58 minutes VHS
Shaman's Apprentice 54:00 DVD
Shenandoah 106 minutes VHS
Sixties: The Years That Shaped a Generation 120:00 VHS
Skins 87:00 DVD
Slave Island: New York's Hidden History 49:00 DVD
Slavery and the Making of America 60:00 each DVD
The Downward Spiral  
Liberty in the Air  
Seeds of Destruction  
The Challenge of Freedom  
Sleepy Hollow 105:00 DVD
Smoke Signals 89:00 DVD
Smoke Signals 89:00 DVD
Snow white & The Huntsman 128:00 DVD
Songs from the Heart of the Adirondacks 120:00 VHS
Sophie Scholl 117:00 DVD
South of the Border 78:00 DVD
Spanish American War: Birth of a Superpower 100:00 DVD
Spartans 180:00 DVD
Specialist (German w/English Subtitles) 128:00 VHS
Spellbound 97:00 DVD
Split Horn: Life of a Hmong Shaman in America 56:00 DVD
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring (Korean w/English Subtitles) 102:00 DVD
St. Patrick: Apostle of Ireland 46:00 DVD
Stalemate (World War I) 45 minutes VHS
Star Trek: Measure of a Man 46 minutes VHS
States of Unbelonging 63:00 DVD
Stonewall 99:00 DVD
Sunshine (Eng. Subtitles) 180:00 DVD
Survivors of the Holocaust 70 minutes VHS
Taking Action...Making Change 15:42 VHS
Tales of the Taira Clan Saga 103 minutes VHS
Tampopo (Japanese w/English Subtitles) 114:00 DVD
Taste of Fish 116:00 DVD
The Battle of Algiers 121:00 DVD
The French Revolution (History Channel) 100:00 DVD
The Oak (see Le Chene) 100:00 VHS
Thelma & Louise 129:00 DVD
Thin 102:00 DVD
Third Generation (German w/English Subtitles) 127:00 DVD
Tibetan Medicine 29 minutes VHS
Tiger at the Gate (Hitler) 20 minutes VHS
Time Team America: Fort Raleigh, NC 56:00 DVD
Time Team America: Topper, SC 56:00 DVD
To Live (DVD) 133 minutes DVD
To Wong Foo, Tahnks for Everything Julie Newmar 109:00 DVD
Tokyo Chorus (SEE: SILENT OZU) (Japanese w/Eng. Subtitles) 90:00 DVD
Torch Song Trilogy 120 minutes VHS
TR (Theodore Roosevelt) 225:00 DVD
TR, The Story of Theodore Roosevelt 240:00 VHS
Traces of the Trade (w/Public Performance Rights) 86:00 DVD
Trance and Dance in Bali (16mm) 20 minutes 16mm
Triumph of the Will 120:00 DVD
Triumph of the Will 110 minutes VHS
Troy 162:00 DVD
True Story of Alexander the Great 150:00 DVD
True Story of Hannibal 100:00 VHS
Turkey: West Coast of Turkey & Central Turkey 52 minutes VHS
Under the Bombs 98:00 DVD
Understanding Race 52:00 DVD
Unforgotten: Twenty-Five Years After Willowbrook 57:00 DVD
Up South 30:00 DVD
War Comes to Pearl Harbor VHS
War Don Don 85:00 DVD
War of 1812 280:00 DVD
War Tapes 97:00 DVD
War That Made America 240:00 DVD
Water and Hunger 24 minutes VHS
We Shall Remain 90:00 each DVD
Wounded Knee  
Tecumseh's Vision  
Trail of Tears  
After the Mayflower  
Welcome to Amish America 55:00 DVD
Whale Rider (DVD) 101:00 DVD
Where Do You Stand? Stories From an American Mill 60:00 DVD
Why We Fight (Frank Capra's WWII) DVD
Preluce to War 52:00  
The Nazis Strike 41:00  
Divide & Conquer 56:00  
Battle of Britain 52:00  
Battle of Russia 82:00  
Battle of China 62:00  
War Comes To America 65:00  
The Negro Soldier 40:00  
Wild West Tech: Civil War in the West 50:00 DVD
Wild West Tech: Native American Tech 50:00 DVD
Wings of Defeat 53:00 DVD
Witches of Salem 35 minutes VHS
Wizard of Oz 101:00 DVD
Wole Soyinka: A Voice of Africa 16 minutes VHS
Women and Islam 30 minutes VHS
Women at Work 51 minutes VHS
World Population Problems 16 minutes VHS
World Song 15 minutes VHS
World Without Fathers or Husbands 52:00 DVD
Xiu Xiu (The Sent Down Girl) (DVD) 100 minutes DVD
XY Factor 50:00 DVD
Yo Soy Boricua 85:00 DVD
Yojimbo (DVD) 110 minutes DVD
Zen Buddhism (Korean w/Engish Subtitles) 62:00 DVD


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